Baby AIO Cloth Diapers Washable Reusable Adjustable Boy One Size Cover , 12 pcs + 12 Inserts

Baby AIO Cloth Diapers Washable Reusable Adjustable Boy One Size Cover , 12 pcs + 12 Inserts


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Inserts are worthless.

The microfiber inserts that come with these are terrible. My two month old would wet straight through the diaper in a half hour. I still gave the product 4 stars because having read other reviews I expected to throw away the inserts. It’s still a great deal. I just stuff the pockets with flats. Slightly bulkier but the pockets work great. There was a small tear in one of my diapers but their customer service was awesome and sent me a replacement. After two months of constant use the inside lining is slightly piling which is to be expected but they still look great.

Lorena Kenosha, WI

Waterproof, great price, easy to use

These are great pocket diapers! I have tried all in ones, prefolds and various other brands of pocket diapers. These are my favorite for their ease of use and price. I usually just pre stuff them so they are just ready to grab and go. My husband doesn’t mind these and my not so keen on cloth diapering parents are warming up to changing my daughter when she is wearing her cloth. They are so inexpensive compared to other name brands, are waterproof and I love that they are one size fits all. I will have 2 in diapers soon so that will come in handy.

Josephine Ulm, MT

Great brand. Customer service good also

Love these diapers. There are an economical pocket diaper that actually lives up to being a diaper! Make sure you do three wash/drys (as with all cloth) or they don’t abosorb. Also, use two inserts (or a pre fold works also) for larger babies (and those who wet a lot). Minor issue in shipping, only shipped one set (ordered two) and the set was missing a diaper. Was afraid customer service would be horrible, but turn out GReAT!! Company was very helpful in trying to find where second order went (to this day carrier still says they delivered it, just don’t know where) finally just resending it and the diaper that was missing from the first. They were very quick to respond also (I was the hold up as I don’t check email everyday). Also, shipping says it will take a month, but only took just over a week to get both times. Over all: love the diapers and the customer service was very good.

Maria Massapequa Park, NY

Don’t waste your money

They are not worth the money. I think they look very cute which is why I gave 2 stars but they leak every time I put them on. I even tried other inserts but they still leak. I also received 8 instead of 12 and I am still waiting for the other 4. Contacted the seller weeks ago and they said they were going to send the missing diapers but I still have not received them. Bad business practice and bad product. I’d rather have 3 more bum genius diapers than 12 of these.

Alyson North Bay, NY

Decent quality for a great price

A lot better than I expected. They fit nice and are absorbent. I have had a few leaks, but they were from leaving the diapers on longer than typical (long car trips, extended naps, etc).

Marsha Wappingers Falls, NY