Baby Aspen, Baby M.D. Three-Piece Layette Set in “Doctor’s Bag” Gift Box, 0-6 Months

Baby Aspen, Baby M.D. Three-Piece Layette Set in “Doctor’s Bag” Gift Box, 0-6 Months

Calling all newborn medical professionals, STAT Baby Aspen introduces Baby MD, a whimsically c ounce y doctor’s outfit for your own aspiring MD. Complete with a toasty warm surgical cap and “hospital booties”, this soft, green sleeper sports a stethoscope graphic casually slung around the neck, and an embroidered pocket with pen to write those teeny tiny prescriptions. Features and facts:Made of 100% lusciously soft cotton in soft sea foam green and white Toes stay warm inside the mock hospital booties, a newborn size 0 6 month sleeper comes with a cradle soft “surgical cap”. Legs have secure snap closure for easy changes between “operations” Fully opened, the exclusive packaging design creates its own unique showcase. A cleverly designed “first aid” box unfolds to display product hanging from a sturdy, custom designed hanger. A folded up, the box creates its own gift wrap suitcase. Box measures 9.25″w x 6″t x 2″ d folded, opening to a display size of 9.25″w x 15″t x 2″d with sturdy custom hanger.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Fits 0-6 months
  • Includes a cradle-soft surgical cap
  • 100% cotton bodysuit features secure snap closure for easy changes
  • Doctor’s bag-inspired gift box measures  9.25″ x 6″ x 2″
  • Toes stay warm inside the mock hospital booties
  • Includes a cradle-soft “surgical cap”

Verified reviews


Cut, but Questionable Sizing

My son is the spitting image of his doctor father, so this was an obvious purchase. I thought it was cute it’s even the same color as his father’s scrubs, everyone loved this. The problems with this outfit are the overall quality and sizing. My son is 4 months, 15 pounds, and wears size 3 months in Carter’s stuff. The sleeves are too long, the legs and body are too short. The body is really wide and has the biggest neck hole. The booties are a joke and the hat’s still too big, but he won’t be wearing this outfit again.Baby Aspen has come out with some awesome looking clothes, but they suffer big time in sizing and fabric quality. A little time spent figuring it out, and maybe offering a couple of sizes instead of trying to make everything one size fits all would really do a lot for the brand. If they used a softer cotton and made real sizes I would totally buy again. But the way things stand I’ll never purchase from this company again and that’s a shame.

Ingrid Gibson, TN


Gave this Baby Aspen product to my daughter at her baby shower. Her baby is now here. She put this item on when he was less than 1 day old in the hospital. She had his first professional picture taken in the outfit. It was so cute! After the picture taking was over, I held him. He seemed quite content in the outfit and went to sleep and slept for a long time. My husband checked on his diaper twice and that was really easy to do with the snaps. I high recommend Baby Aspen and this outfit to anyone who wants a cute baby item. The scrubs color is also pretty unique in baby outfits for boys.

Tori Monroe, AR

Love IT!!!

I dressed my son up in this for halloween. Everyone loved the costume and wanted to know where I got it from. My son is 13.5 pounds and it fit him perfectly! I am a Dr, so I put on my green scrubs and we had pictures taken. Everyone loved it!! The outfit is of good quality, easy on/off. The only criticism I have it the booties would not stay on his feet for more than a few seconds.

Lily Granton, WI


I got this outfit for my babies first halloween. I wanted to do something out of the predictable fairy princess line of girl costumes. Being in the medical profession myself I couldn’t pass up dressing her in this little surgeon outfit with the booties and the surgical cap. It is too cute for words and made for some adorable pictures. The best part about the outfit is its a softy sleeper set that can be used any day! Love it!

Anne Florahome, FL

Super cute baby doctor

Worked out great for babies first halloween. It was a bit snug on my big baby boy at 2 and half months but still fit good. He took several naps in it. The material is nice and soft. The box is cute that it came in as it looks like a doctor bag. This will make for great storage.

Lynette Urbana, IN

So cute!

We used this as a costume for my 5 month old son and it fit him perfectly- he was about 15 pounds at the time, and pretty average height. Would also fit a smaller baby, might be tight if your baby is any bigger so just be aware. But super adorable, love the elastic booties that stayed on fairly well, and cute hat. So happy I bought this 🙂

Bianca York, PA

Good quality

Good quality clothes, good fabric, the size is right. I highly recommend it, for the price it is a very good bargain

Estela Chebanse, IL

Runs big

Good quality it just runs really big, my baby is four months old and is still no where near fitting into so the 0-6 months means more like 6+ in my case

Rosella Whittington, IL

PERFECT Baby’s First Halloween!

Couldn’t have asked for a better Baby’s First Halloween Costumer! I’ll always keep it in our memory box. Fit wonderfully.

Sally Brunswick, MD

Precious – but fit is a little wonky

We bought this for our twins and completely love it. They are 4 months old and weigh 13 & 16+ lbs. I’m not sure why they list this as 0-6 months and had I bought it for a newborn, I probably would have been upset with the fitting, but it fits fairly well now. The neck is a too big on my 13lbs girl and a little bit big on my 16+lb boy. After 2 washings, the legs are a little too short for both (was fine 2 weeks prior). That said, it provided countless giggles and a record "like" on facebook.. 🙂 If I get around to it, I can probably sew something in the back of the neck to make it fit better.

Fanny Martindale, TX

great for the little doctor

we got this for our son to wear to the hospital on the day he had 1 of his major surgeries. the doctors loved it as well as the nursesfits true to size obviously quite the size range it could fit.

Socorro Waverley, MA

Paging Dr Baby!

I got this for my son for his first Halloween. It was super cute and everyone was very impressed that he graduated medical school already! The outfit is pretty darling and comes with a surgical cap and booties (which fall off constantly). The cap was a little tight and my son has a fairly small head. It probably wouldn’t fit on a larger than average headed baby. The size was 0-6 months, but fit more like 6 mos. My son is very long and lean, so it fit him around easily but the sleeves and legs were a little short, but that is the case with most of his clothes. He was almost 6 mos at Halloween. He was a pretty big baby when he was born, and there is really no way this would have fit him then. It’s really more of a 3-6 mos costume.The quality was decent enough that we continued using the onsie as a jammie since it was a kind of spendy costume for him to wear for a couple hours.

Leticia Coulterville, CA

Buy Buy Buy This!! It is so precious!

I let my son wear this to the Dr.’s office for one of his well visits. He had the scrub hat on and the shoe covers, and the one piece. He looked like a DR. The nurses went crazy over him in this! One thing about it, it shrinks up alot in the first wash and dry. I wish I wouldn’t have dried it. He didn’t get to wear it many times for the money. So, I would buy a bigger size because it will shrink. It is a very soft material and the cap fit really good.

Ericka Evergreen, AL

Truly adorable.

Seems like sturdy and comfortable material, quality product with a cute design. My mother-in-law is a nurse, so I can’t wait to dress up our newborn when she arrives to introduce her to my husband’s family. Also predict the doctors & nurses at the hospital will coo with delight as well. 🙂

Sophie Westfield, PA

nice print but thin textile

I like the print and it looks good on my baby but the textile is thin and sewn poorly. I think it is expensive for the quality it has.

Cherry Breeding, KY

So freaking cute!!

This outfit looked so cute on my son. He is a big guy, about 14 lbs at 2 months old and it fits him perfectly. I’m not sure a 6 month old would fit in this outfit unless he is a little guy. This cute doctors outfit comes in a gift box that looks like a medical kit and it’s absolutely adorable!

Francisca Middletown, VA