Baby Aspen, Snug As a Bug Ladybug Snuggle Sack, 0-6 Months

Baby Aspen, Snug As a Bug Ladybug Snuggle Sack, 0-6 Months

When cuteness, comfort and c ounce iness count, this leaf loving ladybug always comes through. Your new little lady will sleep safe and sound in our “Snug as a Bug” Snuggle Sack, and she’ll look adorable doing it. Just another beautiful Baby Aspen baby gift that leaves a memorable impression.

Main features

  • Shell: 100% Polyester; Lining: 100% Cotton; Fiberfill: 100% Polyeser
  • Sweet, ladybug-inspired snuggle sack and cap with plush fabric and comfy-cozy 100% cotton lining
  • Features “Snug as a Bug” applique
  • Easy open-and-close snaps at the shoulders and zipper on the bottom for quick access
  • Matching cap has playful antennae accents with a pom-pom at each end
  • Includes a leafy branch-shaped cardboard hanger with little ladybug accents

Verified reviews


Best Sleeper

We have several sleep-sacks and this one is by far the best quality, the warmest and the cutest. I only wish they made it in more sizes. My daughter is 5 months and she has almost outgrown it.

Carly Clifford, ND

Won’t comfortably fit a 6 month old.

I bought this when my child was 3 months old thinking I would get some cute photos, but I procrastinated. Now she is 2 weeks shy of 7 months and this does not fit. The body is ok, but I jammed the hat on her head and snapped some shots. Of course she was crying in all the photos…Bottom line: this is a super cute outfit, just know that the hat will be ultra uncomfortably snug at 6 months.

Casandra Waukesha, WI

snug sack

really loved the product, was just perfect on my daughter, looked good and felt even better. made her look so cute in the sackwill always recommend buying from this store

Rebecca Bedford, IA

very cute.. wish there were bigger sizes!

So cute and soft. Baby is 10 mo old and still wearing it (usually with nothing undet it bc it’s pretty warm) & I wish there was a bigger size I could order!

Eileen Sidney, MT

Waste of money

I purchased this for the same reason everyone does: it’s cute and makes diaper changing easier cause don’t gotta put their legs in pants.Sadly this is probably the worse purchase I ever made. It zips in the bottom and has button straps. At first before LO was born I thought it was a great idea. Until I actually used it on her. Putting it on her was horrible! She hates it. I have to put this over her head and it’s so thick that it just covers I too if her face! It doesn’t even scrunch under her head like how her body suits and other sleep sacks do. She hated it! And then when I finally get it down it’s too small!!It says for 0-6 months! my LO is only 2 months! LO wears size 3 months clothing so she’s not one of those extra big babies. This has a design flaw. It would be so much more useful if the zipper was down the middle like the Carter’s sell sacks instead than have it only at the bottom. It also made changing uncomfortable for her because we have to roll the sack up and it causes a big bulge under her lower back.Total waste of my money because LO couldn’t use it at all!

Fern Davis Junction, IL

Very cute set, would make a great shower gift!

Considering these little sleep sacks can run in the hundreds, this thing is a steal! I love it, and it’s too cute for words- even better looking in person!Would make an excellent present.

Brandie Blue Mounds, WI

Super Cute, High Quality, Zippered Bottom for Easy Diaper Changing!

This exceeded my expectations! The fabric is very luxurious and soft. I love the textures. It is also lined with a jersey type fabric inside so it is warm. It is adorable on my little girl and is great to put her to bed in as we keep our house pretty cool. I don’t even need to put a blanket on her so I feel this is not only a super cute outfit, but a safer sleeping option too. It also has a zipper at the bottom for easy diaper changing which I love. None of her swaddle me’s or Halo’s have this and having to unwrap her completely to change her is kind’ve a pain so I love having the ability to just unzip it and change her and yet still keep her warm.The only thing I am unsure of is the size as it says it is 0-6 mo., but my daughter is 11wks old, 11lbs, and 22 1/2 inches and it seems to fit her pretty perfectly now. The Doctor said she is approx. in the 30th percentile so she is kinda on the small side too. I am unsure if it will really last her til 6 months. Also, the top fit pretty snugly as far as that it comes up under her arms. I love this feature as it will keep her from being able to wiggle out of it and also helps keep her warm, but again I am unsure how long it will last for her size wise. I love it so much though that I recommend it anyway and plan to buy another.

Lorene Chelsea, AL

Cute as a bug!

Like many of the items I received, I found this for WAY more at a boutique and wanted to double check the Amazon price first. Sure enough it was 1/2 the price here and just as cute. This little bug sack is so much cuter in person, if you can imagine that. I was hoping to had this for my 1mo old for Halloween. When the tag says 0-6 they aren’t lying, this sack is long! It’s great b/c baby will get lot of use out of it.

Terri Lemont, IL


This little sack is cute. The hat was on the small side for my daughter. She was 2 months old at the time of use for Halloween and the hat kept slipping off. The sack fit well though.

Sue Bluffton, TX

Keeps her warm

I really love this snuggle sack. It’s keeps my baby warm and we were able to use it for Halloween as well. It’s very soft and she is comfortable in it. Really was a great buy.

Jeanine Woodston, KS

Love this!

Love this! My baby loves it. It’s so soft and warm. Wish it wasn’t so expensive or I would buy more.

Bessie Gretna, NE

Very sweet

Adorable and nice quality. Probably too warm for sleep with SIDS risk with overheating but we use it with just a onsie on cold nights occasionally. Would make a nice gift.

Alice Sherrard, IL