Baby B’Air Toddler Flight Vest – Red

Baby B’Air Toddler Flight Vest – Red

Simple to use, very comfortable for Parent and Child. Products a safe holding vest for infants/toddlers during Airline or Bus Flights

Main features

  • Made of soft impact-absorbing foam
  • Made in US
  • Simple to use, Hands free for parents during flights, Baby Safety

Verified reviews


Why would you discourage child safety with mis-information??

This IS approved for flight according to 14CFR part 21. Even though there are still dangers of having a child in your lap, like the baby getting compressed on impact, a baby being jolted out of a parents arms is much more deadly. The 2009 or older reviews should be ignored anyway. Buy this and visit the website for more info on how to ensure airline staff that it is approved for cruising altitude (not take off or landing which is not clearly explained WHY). Best scenario is to have a separate seat for baby with a child fit harness, but for those who insist on a lap baby…buy this.

Sheree Niagara University, NY

Great idea & functionality but poor quality

My wife and I took our 10 month old son on his first vacation earlier this month and purcahsed this item for his to and from flights. The toddler size fit him perfectly (he currently wears 12 month clothes). It functioned great, locking him down to either of our seat belts but still giving him a good amount of mobility to crawl around our laps and investigate the seats and other items around him and we sat in 1st class so he had plenty of room to area to cover. I’m not sure about the regulations that others mentioned in their reviews but none of the attendents on either AA flight told us we could not use it during takeoff and landing or had us use any other type of security device. Their only mention was that the vest was cute.The big issue with this item is its poor construction. It seemed solid at first but after first wash it completely fell apart at the seams and we washed it on gentle with line dry as stated on the label. It seems usable again but all the seams are hanging out and need to be trimmed. It doesn’t seem like it will last too many more flights or another wash.

Sydney Bunnlevel, NC

Good for peice of mind, but not needed

i bought it for my daughter for a night flight & it was good for my piece of mind, but i didn’t even use it on the day flight back, because she was moving around so much that it would have just made her mad to be strapped to me..good for the night flight though since she slept so much..but i still didn’t sleep at all really…

Brooke Seadrift, TX

Not very useful

This was not very useful for us. We ended up nursing baby throughout our flight (nursing is recommended since this helps with baby’s ears’ popping), and the strap on this flight vest is not long enough for baby to lie on my knees while i nurse her. So that meant we didn’t use this vest at all!

Noemi Bradford, IN

Good for peace of mind.

My son was 9 months old and we took a 2 hour flight to visit my inlaws. Since he was on my lap I wanted something to secure him since he was not buckled in.I read that some flight attendants will make you take this off during take off and landing. They let me keep it on my son and didn’t say anything during our flights (they probably didn’t notice).I would suggest putting the vest on before you get on the plane. It is so cramped on the plane and it made it a little tricky to get the vest on him. I was afraid they would see it and make me take it off of him. You can always put on a zip up sweater over the vest.The vest is very soft and easy to use and wash.I was thankful that I got it because when we were about to land at our destination, the pilot had to pull the plane back up. There was wind shear while we were landing and if you don’t pull the plane back up, you can crash (great huh). So there is an alarm that goes off in the cockpit. It was very scary since we were ready to land and then all of a sudden we are going right back into the sky. It was very very bumpy.I didn’t lose my grip on my son, but if we didn’t pull back up, who knows,, I could have.bottom line: it is woth the peace of mind.

Lavonne Earlham, IA

Sizing is wrong

The vest seems to be of good quality though I haven’t tried it yet. The sizing is way off. The description says for 6-24 months, but I cannot fathom a 6-month-old that could possibly be large enough to wear this. I bought it for my 10-month-old and his entire body fits right through the neck opening easily. It’s enormous. I could fit it on my 5 y/o on the small setting. Normally it would not be a problem, but I’m very upset now because I purchased the item on sale and they would not exchange the item for the smaller size even though they were the same price. So now not only did I miss out on the sale price because I had to cancel the order and order another one, I had to pay to have another one shipped out to me. Unless your child is huge or near the end of the age limit, get the smaller size.

Joyce Black Creek, NY

Works great if the airlines let you use it

I absolutely love the product. It gave me great peace of mind and helped control our little wiggle worm. Unfortunately, Northwest Airlines gave us quite a bit of grief on half our flights with them. They wouldn’t let us use it and threatened to have us removed from the plane if we tried! This was even after we showed the card that specified FAA allowed its use during the inflight portion (not cruise and takeoff). So, buy and use with caution!!!

Keri Mitchell, GA

great during turbulence

Very well made, thick to keep baby warm during flight without having to put bulky sweaters, jackets or blankets.Easily attaches to adult seat belt. Large neck opening doesn’t bother baby. Completely adjustable to child’s height/length and weight.

Kristi Canyonville, OR


I succumbed and bought this thing out of fear but turns out there’s no way my toddler will sit still in my lap for this long and since you can’t use it during take off or landing, not sure what the point is. 🙁

Pamala Millbury, OH

Great vest overall

Was exactly what I was looking for. Worked well. Quilted vest was a little heavy, though. The baby had on a blanket sleeper so I wouldn’t have to worry about lost socks or shoes on the way. He got pretty hot with the sleeper and the vest on before the plane took off since the air wasn’t flowing well and we were all packed in tight.

Whitney Monroeville, NJ

Worked for us

We used this for our very busy 18 month old son. It was really helpful and served its purpose – made life a little easier for my husband and me as we were also trying to care for our 3 year old on the flight.

Gale Norwood, NY

Flight Vest

I like it, it kept him secure… except when the strap slid along the seatbelt and unfastned it. This is more a flaw with the design of airplane seatbelts then the vest though.

Katheryn Mason, KY

Essential for air travel if you have a lap baby

Flying business class they do not allow car seats, so the only choice is to have our baby as a lap child. We were so happy to find this simple vest that keeps our baby from becoming injured during severe turbulence. Make sure to get the right size, pay attention to the neck opening size on the vest and measure your baby’s head circumference.

Tanisha Rumson, NJ