Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush, Toddler

Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush, Toddler

The flexible toddler baby banana brush was created by a mom hygienist and is the ideal toothbrush for toddlers ready to graduate to their first real toothbrush. This the fun banana shape and soft silicone make brushing a fun experience and promote good oral hygiene habits at a young age. It is made of the highest quality grade silicone and is compliant with the strictest government standards. The unique flexibility is much safer than traditional toothbrushes and decreases risk of mouth injury. The unique c shape curve allows for easy access for difficult to reach back teeth. The baby banana brush is dishwasher and freezer safe. Parental supervision recommended.

Main features

  • Safer than hard plastic toothbrushes
  • Bendable and soft
  • Develops good oral hygiene early, preventing cavities latter
  • Non allergenic 100% highest quality silicone
  • Dishwasher and freezer friendly

Verified reviews


Be careful with this product

I bought this product just as an alternative to the one with handle (bought that first and loved it), when baby was about 5-6 mo. It worked good at first (except that it doesn’t have handles, but it’s fine with my boy), but when my boy started to be able to pull himself to sit, here came the problem. You know baby falls down easily when they are trying to sit up and stand up. and sometimes they love to hold the teething toy at the same time – so there’s one time that he was chewing on that, and trying to stand up, but fell down facing down on the playmat. He started to cry (he rarely cries when he fell becoz the mat is soft on carpet, and I’m always sitting not far away watching him), then I noticed the banana was in the mouth. I think the banana might have hit him inside the mouth or on the gum. but I think it could be scary if it hit his throat!!! So I would not recommend this product to parents who has infant who can sit up/stand up by themselves. And I do think this is a design flaw, when it comes to baby, they should think about all possibilities.

Carey Johnson, KS


The bristles break off of this TWELVE DOLLAR (what I paid for it) toothbrush. Ridiculous! My son almost INHALED one of the bristles! Not practical, not safe, not inexpensive, not worth it. I bought a toothbrush at target for $1.89 at target that works beautifully and he loves. He chews on it, the bristles stay in and it has a cool suction cup on the bottom for a built in storage.

Lina Everettville, WV

Not a toothbrush. More an expensive teether

It has the same problem I have with the baby banana toothbrush. THe bristles are thick robbers and set far apart from each other. It’s impossible to clean teeth. The other reviewers love it because it’s a teether! (Is there any reviewers mention how clean their baby’s teeth are? I didn’t see any.) If your kid has teeth, buy real toothbrush. If your kid just need a teether, go get a cheap one in Wal-Mart.

Lashonda Seal Harbor, ME

a must for every baby!

this little toothbrush is awesome. it is super-heavy duty silicone, dishwasher-safe & soft enough that if your child falls with the brush in their mouth, they will not be injured. this was designed by a dental hygienist mama!my littlest one LOVES this brush. he chews on either end & also lets us brush his teeth with it. we have not had any problems with any of the bristles breaking off – this thing is all one piece, so I’m not sure how people are having that problem.everyone asks me where I got this whenever my Little is chewing on it. it is the perfect size for little hands & little mouths & so much safer than a regular toothbrush.

Erin Frisco, NC

Perfect training toothbrush

We originally had the infant brush and graduated to this brush. The transition from this brush to a bristle toothbrush has gone very smoothly. I would recommend this brush to anyone.

Robbie Yukon, MO

My boys love these

Great first toothbrush. My twin boys love them and are already doing a back and forth motion themselves at 13 months. Good size, and shape for little hands.

Reva Clinton, MA

The best teether!

My daughter has loved this thing from the time she was 3 months old until now, almost a year. We use it as a teether. It’s the best! I have three — one for home, one for car, one for diaper bag.

Celeste Glenville, WV

My son loves this!

My 6 month old loves this! He’s been playing with it since 4 months old! He loves the feeling of the bristles touching his gums. I would definitely recommend this product!

Juanita New Berlinville, PA


my 5mth old daughter LOVES this teether! she chews on it like it was a real banana. its great that the design allows for her to hold it with ease without dropping it and that both ends allow for gum stimulation. this is a MUST HAVE for a teething baby!

Sondra Sunburst, MT

Bristles fall out easily

This toothbrush is great for babies and toddlers. It’s soft and the shape makes it easy for them to use themselves yet parents can still help safely. We got one a few months ago for our son who is now 19 months old. He was biting us with finger brush we had so we transitioned him to this since it still has silicone bristles but we didn’t have to put our finger in his mouth. He took a week or so to get used to it and then he was trying to use it to brush on his own! We were so pleased but then noticed that every time he brushed he was biting it and bristles started falling out. Now over half are gone so we ordered another one on Amazon. I’m not happy with how long it lasted but at the same time my son loves using it and we want to encourage brushing on his own. Maybe after this new one falls apart we will switch to a regular toothbrush but I just like how soft and gentle this one is while he is still teething. It gives me peace of mind because he can’t hurt himself with it or choke on it. I recommend it overall but watch out if your child bites on it too hard then the bristles will fall out.

Avis Machiasport, ME

Great first toothbrush

I have eight month old twins who are just cutting their first teeth and this is the perfect toothbrush for them to begin cleaning their new chompers and forming good dental habits. The bristles are extra soft and the brush itself is bendable and the perfect size for chubby little hands.

Camilla Margie, MN

I am a dentist, and these are amazing!

My 9 month old son LOVES these, we now have 3 of them so we always have at least one in the freezer. I love how it is all one piece and the entire thing is flexible and good for chewing. I can easily brush the four teeth he has while he is chewing on it, or I can use an extra one to brush while he amuses himself with the other one. Excellent product, would highly recommend for all babies — just might become my new go-to gift for new parents!

Ava Leoma, TN

Perfect beginner toothbrush

Our son started using this around 12 months. He mostly likes to chew on it, but we use it to brush his teeth and then let him do what he wants with it while we read him bedtime stories. He doesn’t really seem interested in chewing on the handle side of the brush. The only problem we’ve had with these is that our son chews on it roughly enough that he has removed a significant amount of the bristles. We still use it every day at 18 months, but we’ll be switching to a regular toothbrush at some point soon.

Allene Westwego, LA

Toddlers love to brush….

At 18 months, they still don’t have full set of teeth. They have been using these every day and they love to brush on their own. I think these are gentle enough on their gum although I am not sure how effective they are on the teeth. But it’s helping and establishing a good habit and routine for them. No complaints.

Tiffany Newcomb, TN

Must-have item.

This brush serves as a teetherbas well as an early toothbrush. Before ever cutting a tooth, my 7 month old daughter would gnaw on this for 20 minutes of straight glee. Seriously, it saved us from many meltdowns – she switched to happy at the sight of it. We still use it now at 15 months to teach her to brush her teeth at night.

Marcella Minong, WI

My daughter loves it!

My 12 month old daughter loves brushing her teeth with this! She lets me brush them and even smiles and when I’m done she brushes them herself.

Ashlee Villanueva, NM

the best!

They have thought of everything in designing this toothbrush! It is very functional and safe–I dont worry about my daughter walking around with this in her mouth becuase it is so flexible. womderful product!!

Janell Semora, NC

Great Overall!

This is a great early toothbrush and also good for our developmentally delayed 2 year old who tends to bite the bristles out of regular brushes. The head is a bit more flexible than I would like, but it is the best that we have found for our needs so far.

Bridgett Quincy, FL


This worked well, but I soon learned that my daughter can bite the little bristles right off. They are small and she easily passed them in her diaper, however I think I like the cheaper Winnie the pooh ones sold at the grocery store.

Ernestine Hibbs, PA

famous toddler toothbrush

I haven’t used that for my kid since she has one juniour toothbrush of this brand, she doesn’t like the tooth brushing, i am very headache of that.

Marla Pleasantville, TN

I like this toothbrush

I bought this before my son had any teeth to get him used to the idea of brushing. He wasn’t really interested in it as a teether and only recently, now that he has 8 teeth, does he like chewing on it. I put a little of the banana flavored baby tooth gel on it and he will brush/chew for a couple minutes. I doubt that this is an effective tooth brush as the bristles are soft and rubber but the point for now is to train him to brush. Ive had it for about 6 months now and none of the bristles have come off. I also LOVE that the whole thing is soft, flexible rubber. He tends to run around with things in his mouth and I’m constantly chasing him, terrified he will impale himself. I am glad I don’t have to worry as much about him tripping with this in his mouth.

Jo Grand Rapids, MN

Love it!

My son loves his tooth brush, not just for brushing his teeth, but also for gumming and teething. I am really happy I found this product, because it fits the small hand, he can chew both ends and it’s convenient for travel.

Jesse Lozano, TX

I love this

I like it because it is soft in babies mouth. if they bite down they don’t hurt their mouth. it is easy for them to grab and chew on and it gets the job done.

Adelaide Shelby, AL

Not a good toothbrush

My toddler hates this thing! The only time she will go near it is after I’ve put it in the freezer and give it to her chilled. Being that it’s marketed as a training toothbrush and I wouldn’t allow my daughter to chew on it unsupervised, I would never use it at a toothbrush. The bristles are actually the same material as the rubbery banana.If I hand it to her she walks away from it and says “No”. She’s perfectly happy with her brand new “big girl” tooth brush. It depends on the child I suppose. But the bristles on this thing are completely useless. I brushed her teeth with this, noticing areas that were not very clean. I switched to her other tooth brush that she likes much better, and the spots this tooth brush left behind were cleaned without a single issue. It’s unfortunate that I wasted money on this product.

Vicky Oakdale, IA


When my 13 month old twins finally got teeth, we needed to start a nightly brushing routine. These are great because they love to walk around and kind of play as they brush, and they seem to love to just chew on the brush head of these. I don’t worry about them tripping because these are flexible, and they are easy to sterilize in the dishwasher or our steam sterilizer. They’re great!

Erica Lake Lillian, MN

My Baby loves it, but watch out!

Baby Banana Training Brush is the 4th baby brush I have purchased for my 10 month old daughter who now has four teeth.As soon as I opened the box and gave the brush to my daughter, she loved it and still enjoys brushing her teeth it.I believe that it does work well in terms of cleaning teeth, gum, and the tongue. Despite my concerns, she does not put it too deep into her mouth, which could make her vomit. It is flexible and safe, as well as easy to clean.The only downside I have discovered so far is that my girl chewed off the tip of the brush, and ate the little pieces.She has not been able to chew off any other brushes she has. I am now worried that she might eat more of the brush.Would I recommend it to my friends or family? I am not sure.If anyone would like to buy it, be sure to watch your baby brush his/her teeth.If not, the brush would be found in your baby’s stomach.

Myra Lockney, TX


My 1 year old really likes this. We take it away from her when not brushing teeth, but she’s always happy to see it and get her teeth brushed.

Marian Bethlehem, NH

Not sure what the magic is, but …

Both my girls loved these. Both liked to keep them in their mouths while they crawled around – and that seemed safe because the toothbrushes are so very bendy. But the bristles seem to ease teething pain. They’re easy to grab, I guess, and fun to chew on.

Casandra Lisbon Falls, ME

She loves it

Great design, she loves chewing on this. Curved shape is good. I was hesitant that she would gag herself, but the design prevents that!

Greta Holy Cross, AK

11-month-old loves it!

My daughter loves this toothbrush! She has 4 teeth right now, and we have been using the banana brush since her first tooth cut through at 7 months. We brush 3 times a day with water, and she loves the feel of the brush. She opens her mouth and readily lets me brush her teeth. It makes her smile and giggle. I love the fact that she’s having fun while getting used to the idea that she has to get her teeth brushed! I’ve had no problems with the bristles, but I also do not allow her to use it as a teether.I also wanted to address some comments that the silicone bristles don’t clean adequately. We started out just brushing once a day, and I noticed a couple small colorations develop on her teeth. Once we started brushing more often, the spots went away and her teeth are back to gleaming white, so it seems to me that it cleans just fine.

Shelia Pickwick Dam, TN