Baby Banz earBanZ Kids Hearing Protection, Blue, 2 -10 YEARS

Baby Banz earBanZ Kids Hearing Protection, Blue, 2 -10 YEARS

Banz earmuffs, ear protection for children 2 years and older, these funky earmuffs not only look great, but will also protect children’s ears from potentially harmful noise. The Banz hearing protectors effectively attenuate harmful loud noises without shutting out other ambient sounds. The earmuffs are easy to wear, with a low profile and no protruding parts that can catch on things. The wide, foam filled cushions ensure that the set doesn’t squeeze uncomfortably, and there is plenty of space for the ears inside the shells. Banz earmuffs have a comfy leather cover over the headband to ensure all over comfort The weight is also important to comfort; each ear muff weighs just 190 grams. Earmuffs are perfect for sporting events, concerts, air shows, and lawn mowing or airplane trips.

Main features

  • The earmuffs are easy to wear
  • The wide, foam filled cushions ensure that your child is comfortable
  • Earmuffs are perfect for sporting events, concerts, air shows, and lawn mowing or airplane trips
  • Strong enough to withstand damage and wear from frequent use
  • Weight 190 grams, SNR 26 db NRR 21 db, Mean attenuaation at 500 Hz 257db, mean atteentuation at 1000Hz 352db, dimensions 10cm H 12 cm W (folded): 17cm H 13 Cm W (opened)

Verified reviews


Too Tight For Baby!

I work at a vet clinic and I needed these for the loud barking when I had to take my 4 month old to work with me. I was leery because I really didn’t want to spend $25 on them but I really needed them. I was very disappointed because they were so tight on my son’s head that I couldn’t even use them! Now I’ve wasted my money and I can’t even use them for anything.

Fanny Goldenrod, FL

Great Hearing Protection

These ear muffs are a must-have item when attending loud events. They fit our 2 year old wonderfully and kept him happy at an air show we went to recently.

Katheryn Ohlman, IL

Too tight

I got these for my 6 month old and they were too tight on his head. He hated them, kept pulling them off.

Lucille Menominee, MI


it was super tight for my 3 month old and she cried every time we tried to put it on her so we stretched it out by leaving it on something wide but then we tried it on to our self realized that you can hear everything from outside even the small TV sounds. I don’t see why it is named protector earmuffs. We can’t even use it for going movies with my baby. It is total wast and want money back!!

Dollie Archer City, TX

Great noise reducer

These work very well, and they fit many sizes. I tried them on me as well as my four year old. They do exactly what they are supposed to do. The reason I only have them three stars is because I bought them for my sensory kiddo who hates loud noises….But she does not like the way the feel so she will not wear them. So the product itself is great, but take into account any sensory issues your little one may have before deciding if these are right for you.

Sondra Maquon, IL

Hearing Protection for Little Ears

My daughter and family are big NASCAR fans. They took the baby to a publicity event and I realized the baby would need some protection for her hearing. Ordered these earmuffs for her. Parents LOVE them. Baby actually WEARS them, so they must be comfortable. The pink color was a bonus.

Lawanda Hagerstown, MD

Didn’t fit

THese were too tight for my infant. It put too much pressure on his head (and he’s in the small percentile, not a big kid!).

Candice North Collins, NY

Hearing Protector

Bought two of these for 4 year old and 5 week old as we travel via helicopter, fitted both children and decreased sound

Marcella Grangeville, ID

A must have for children!!!

Fantastic noise reduction for toddlers, I bought this for my 18 month old for her first car race and she never even attempted to take them off!I see some reviews complaining about the tightness, that’s a GOOD thing! They are supposed to be tight BUT they are well cushioned so despite the tightness they are still extremely comfy – I highly recommend these! They are well made, durable, effective and adorable!!

Ingrid Knox, PA


These are great. The kids love them and like to wear them around the house. They say they are very comfortable.

Ashlee Davenport, ND

A must have!

This is our second set of Baby Banz earmuffs. I purchased a set for my first son when he was about 12 months old. We needed something to protect his hearing when he was outside and we were mowing, using the leaf blower, etc. I had no idea just how much we would use these. Hearing loss runs in my family as nerve deafness, so we understand and know the importance of protecting your hearing. Once damaged it doesn’t come back and will only get worse (in our case). We use these for any outdoor activity such as using the shop vac in the garage, the neighbors mowing while we are outside, to fireworks at a public event on 4th of July. My son also likes to wear them when he rides his power wheel vehicles…it’s cute. So when baby #2 arrived, we got him a set too. We use these more than we don’t, since both of my boys love to be outside. My youngest, now 18 months, likes to put them on when I vacuum, as he is afraid of the vacuum cleaner. 🙂 These protect my babies hearing and allow them to participate in activities that could potentially damage their hearing over time. I highly recommend these for any child that is around anything even remotely loud. Do them a favor and protect their precious hearing. These are adjustable and will work for years to come (infant to age 10 or so)! A great investment for your child’s future hearing capabilities.

Eileen Delmar, NY

baby’s love them!

Our daughter(8 months) loves having these on and jams to the music even better (was singing along the last time she had them on). They dampen the noise to make it tolerable, but obviously do not block it out completely. Our friends who have kids have also tried our pair on their little ones and are planning on purchasing the same!

Virgie Green Springs, OH

Go to concerts, protect baby’s ears

These are great! They fit my 10 month old perfectly. We can now take him to a concert and I know his hearing will be protected. I also use them on him when I have to run the blender or do anything else that is too loud. He is very happy while wearing them.

Doris Seaside, CA

They work

Bought these for our 4 month old granddaughter for our son’s basketball games and they seem to work and are very cute. Not sure how long they’ll last with how tight they are on her head. Will have to wait and see.

Erin Conrad, IA

Can’t put these on my baby’s head

I bought these because I have a roller derby event to attend with my seven-month old baby, and there tends to be a lot of loud music. These are technically made for a two-year old kid, but lots of derby moms recommended them. The pair I got are not only cheap-feeling, but so incredibly tight that I am pretty sure they would change the shape of my kid’s head if I put them on her. Now, my kid has a round head, but it’s not obscenely large or anything.

Kasey Universal City, TX

He doesnt hear a thing

I bought these after using a friends in our 4 month old at their Superbowl party. We had had problems before with watching football games with other people who end up cheering or yelling at the tv and making him cry. With these he slept through the Superbowl with 14 people in the house who were all yelling and being loud the whole time. We used it again for the Game of Thrones season 4 premiere that was blasting on surround sound and he slept through that as well. We’re going to use it for an upcoming music festival this summer as well. I know some reviews said this is too tight. I think if it was too tight he probably would not be so peaceful or able to sleep when wearing it, and I’ve also put it on myself and it is snug but not uncomfortable.

Lela Bethel, PA


The item is good very good to stop the sound, but item is not very delicate, very tidy, baby does not like wearing it, it must be not comfortable and hard, but works good. I tried it on I can hear any sound . If the design can be changed make it not too hard and comfortable to wear will be perfect.

Luella Strunk, KY

Baby slept through fireworks shows

These work great for small babies. My two month old (who is a light sleeper) wore these through various firework and air shows and slept soundly. Unfortunately, now that he is bigger, he tries to pull them off.

Kathy Gordon, KY

Too tight

I was so excited about these baby headphones. But I can’t even put them on my baby’s head – they are super tight and I don’t feel comfortable with them on her for even five seconds.

Margaret Sun, LA

Great for baby

The earmuffs seemed like they would be way too tight for our baby’s head (now 6 months old), but if you place them just right, she doesn’t know they’re on. However, after a few minutes when sitting up, they can get top heavy and our baby starts to complain.

Esther Roberta, GA

Great for 2+ year toddlers

Our son is obsessed with being outside. You can’t start the tractor without him running to the door. Now when he rides along, we don’t have to worry about his hearing being damaged.

Regina Hico, WV

Highly recommended

Love, love, love these! We live in Austin and go to lots of live music with our little one, and he’s been using these earmuffs since he was 9 months old. They are a must-have if you’re attending any noisy event! Also, we get a ton of compliments on them. Why not look adorable while protecting little ears? The earmuffs are very flexible and grow with the child. I’ve tried them on myself and they do a great job of canceling out a good amount of sound while still letting the listener hear the beat and get a feel for the music or scene (if not a music event). My little one dances up a storm while wearing them, so they’re definitely not cramping his style.

Marsha Mexican Springs, NM

do the job

got these for my 2 month old…seem a little tight because they squeezed his cheeks a bit but perfect for him as he grows for use at music events and other loud venues.

Traci West Point, IL

baby chills out

my 8 months old wears them when we know we are going to be out in a noisy place, it keeps him relaxed and not overwhelmed with the noise. it also takes cares of his hearing. highly recommend. seems to be a little tight but he doenst mind. after a while his head was sweaty but he didnt mind at all.

Celeste Richland, TX

Did the job at a LOUD monster truck show.

I couldn’t believe how loud the monster trucks were! So glad I thought to get these. My son wasn’t bothered at all.

Elva Union Springs, AL

Great to cover little ears

My husband is in a band so I bought these for our little one. They muffle the loud music and also helped with her first fireworks. She also wears then when riding in the lawn tracto with dad or grandpa. I had to stretch them out for a while though because they seemed a little snug.

Hope Orocovis, PR


Absolutely wonderful! The size, the design, everything! Took my 6 month old to a fair where they had fireworks and he slept right through them!

Courtney Carbonado, WA

WAY too big for infant

I bought these for my 3 month old for a concert. They are WAYYYYYY too big, the band on the top sticks above his head about 2 inches at its shortest length when the muffs are at his ears. That said, they will work great as he grows, probably until he’s into his teens for shooting practice. I tried them on and they have pretty good noise control.

Beth Brantley, AL


Fit my 2 1/2 year old perfect they will last a very long time. He loves wearing them, and they are comfy.

Genevieve Friendsville, MD

Works better for older children

Reading through the description of this product and its various reviews led me to believe these earmuffs would work well for infants. I purchased this for my 5 1/2 month old for when we attend the fireworks at the 4th of July. They’re big on his head, but cover his ears well and seem to stay put. Even though the fit isn’t perfect, they’ll get the job done. They squish his cheeks in slightly, but not so much that he is uncomfortable. (It’s also kind of adorable, so I can’t complain there!) The package itself states they’re designed for children ages 2 to 10. I think this is a great product, but I wish the sizing information was clearly stated in the product description. That is the reason I knocked off a star for my review.I also purchased a second pair in a different color for my daughter. She is a couple months shy of turning 2. They fit her much better. The snug fit was still maintained on her larger head, which my husband and I appreciate because it means she still needs help to take them off. This will keep her from fiddling with them during the fireworks. After trying them on her I know they block sound well. She was having fun exploring sounds that were coming through muffled, which is different from how she normally hears them. The excited faces she made let us know she was comfortable and happy with her new earmuffs.

Rosemarie Bailey, MS