Baby Bath Toy – Flow N Fill Spout – Three Stackable Cups And Automated Spout by Yookidoo

Baby Bath Toy – Flow N Fill Spout – Three Stackable Cups And Automated Spout by Yookidoo

Bath Toy – Yookidoo Flow N’ Fill Spout Bathtub Toy: Make bath time fun! This automated play spout attaches to the tub and offers many ways to play with water. Water is drawn up and through the spout creating a safe and constant flow of water without having the faucet on. Your child will be amazed by the variety of options they can explore . This bathtub set comes with three interchangeable tumblers, each with its own different sprouting water action. The blue tumbler creates a showerhead, the the green has a water wheel, while the red tumbler has a hidden friend inside. Use the tumblers individually in the spout, stack them and watch the water run through all three at once, or play with them freely in the tub for hours of entertainment! All components are mom tested and child safe! Consider your bath time struggles a thing of the past when you have the Flow N’ Fill Spout! About Yookidoo: Yookidoo’s credo, Celebrating Discovery, is more than just a promise to you and your baby. It’s the very essence of their approach to innovation in creating developmental toys that encourage your baby or toddler’s personal developmental breakthrough. Conceived by the internationally renowned baby toys’ team of Golos-Weisman Design, Yookidoo’s exclusive products possesses a unique design language founded on extensive and ongoing observation of babies and infants and an in-depth understanding of their unique world. It’s a world filled with stimulating challenges that babies encounter and Yookidoo tries to filter it through their perspective. More than toys, they are a path to awaken a child’s sense of delight, wonder and accomplishment at learning to process the world.

Main features

  • Automatic play spout attaches to the tub and offers many ways to play with water
  • Water is drawn up and through the spout creating an endless stream through three interchangeable tumblers – each with a different sprouting water action
  • Use the tumblers individually or stack them and watch the water run through all three at once
  • Easy for kids to turn on or off by simply pressing the face
  • Swiveling arm holds the tumblers and can be placed directly under the stream or pushed off to the side. The spout swivels too!

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Mitzi Westport Point, MA

How to repair this toy if it stops working

My son loves this toy and the cups that come with it. I got this when my son was 17 months old and he loved it until it stopped working after about four months and he would cry “Yoo-kid -o”! and “momma fix it!” I couldn’t find any warrantee info.Sometimes just taking the cover off the inlet will magically start it working again. I found that the pump had seized up a couple times and taking the cover off and sticking the screw driver into the pump fins and spinning it will restart it.

Rosanna Neosho, WI

Would have been great had it lasted more than 3 uses

My daughter loved this toy… getting her out of the bathtub was difficult because she wanted to keep playing with it. It even distracted her enough to let me wash her hair, which is usually a big ordeal in our house.Unfortunately, it lasted for three baths and then stopped working. It was not handled roughly. We were careful to not leave the motor running but it still just quit. New batteries did not fix it.It was a waste of money and I recommend NOT purchasing this item unless you are comfortable spending around 20 bucks for a toy that will work 3 times.Note that although the product description states that it does not need batteries, it does.

Marquita Revelo, KY

Don’t buy- breaks

This toy is cute and my kids loved it. However, it quit working 1-2 months after receiving it. The kids always took care of it and played gently with it. Good idea and fun, but poorly made.

Cecile Wyoming, RI

Rave Reviews from 15 Month Old

My 15 month old daughter LOVES, LOVES, LOVES this toy! She was so proud of herself when she learned to fill one of the little cups with the spout :). We have owned it for about 3 weeks, and have run it for the entire bath each night without any mechanical problems (other reviews mentioned that theirs stopped working). Even if it stopped working tomorrow, it still would have been worth it for the enjoyment my daughter gets out of this toy. Best ever!Update: We’ve owned the product for about a year, and it still works a year later after daily use. My 2 year old still likes it. I don’t know what happened to the price, though! I paid around $25 on amazon when I bought it. This listed price is ridiculous. I think amazon needs to have a policy where they show the MSRP next to their sales price.

Alexandria Rueter, MO

Too expensive now

My son loved this toy. We recently had to retire it, as the inside became too corroded to work anymore, but we had it for about 4 years and changed the batteries in it twice before that, so I think it ran its course very well! If it wasn’t so ridiculously overpriced now, we’d buy a second one.

Kathrine Covington, KY

My son loves it, I love it but be warned for the quality!

I wish I could give more stars than 3, my son loves this bath toy so bad but quality wise, it didn’t last as long as I expected. I got it (not here) for $13 when my son was 2 years old (two years ago). After everyday usage, at least about 30min per day, for a little over a year, the motor started to stuck sometime. I managed to open and cleaned the motor once a while, but then couple months later it stopped completely. I’ve searched for over a year for a replacement, either it was out of stock or the price was incredibly high (more than what I’m willing to pay for a toy that last about a year).We still keep the cups for him to play with. Even nowadays he still asked for his ‘mosquito’ (don’t ask why he called it that). When the price is right, I’ll get another one, but I don’t think I will recommend this to other parents.

James Glenville, WV

Price Hike, What?!?

I ordered this from Amazon a couple weeks ago for under $25 more like $21 & got an e-mail a couple days ago that it was no longer available through Amazon, then went to the link they suggested and the price was hiked to almosy $50!!!!!!! Are you flippin’ kidding me? Guess my kid will have to go without. $50 will pay for a third of his next 9 week session of swim lessons–much more valuable than this thing! I’m ticked.

Alice Berthold, ND

toddler loves this bath toy!

We’ve had this toy for six months, and we use it at least a few days a week for bath time. Our daughter is now 17 months, and she still loves it. I haven’t even replaced the batteries yet, and we use it pretty often. It’s great how it acts like a faucet with the water running out, but you’re not wasting it because it’s just sucking up the water already in the bath. Our daughter loves to put the different cups in the holder, or hold her hand under the water. She always points to it and asks us to put it in the bath. It works for us every time, I’ve read some people had theirs stop working. Just make sure the battery compartment is sealed and on tight when you put the batteries in, you don’t want water getting in there. Of course, you also have to make sure the pump at the bottom is always submerged in water, or it can burn out the motor. I recommend this toy for fun at bath time!

Brooke Amherst, SD

Lasted us about a month

Loved this product until it quit working. I was careful to make sure the unit motor was not submerged EVER. We turned it off after bath. It probably ran for a total of 10 hours before burning out. In the trash it goes. 🙁

Mindy Kinsale, VA

Awesome… Till it broke

We got this for our girls last Christmas (now 1 1/2 & 3-yrs-old). It was great fun, pouring water and filling cups. The stacking cups that peeped as the water filled them were adorable. However, the motor died about 6 months after we got it. It was a sad day, because my kids loved it.They still play with the stacking cups, but it hasn’t been the same since the main unit was put out to pasture.I will also say, the price of this item varies widely here, so you may want to watch it a while before purchasing. I paid about a third of what it’s going for now. My 6 months of use might be worth what I paid. I’d expect a lot more out of it if I paid what it’s going for now.

Hillary Mohegan Lake, NY

Favorite bath toy!

My daughter who’s 19 months is absolutely obsessed with this one! It’s definately her new favorite. Plays with it almost her whole bath time every day. We’ve had it for a little over a month now, and she still loves it. Any baby who likes running bath water…which most do I think, would love this. Not a “cheap” bath toy, but well worth it.

Rosie Lebanon, NH

Great Until It Died! Now No Longer Available From Manufacturer!

We received this as a gift for our daughter and she absolutely loved it. Unfortunately it just quit working around six months in. After checking the batteries we quickly found that it was truly dead. I tried contacting the Yookidoo company using the e-mail address on their website but never got a response. I then contacted the International Playthings company and they told me “We are sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with our toy. Unfortunately this item is no longer available.”To their credit they will replace this with a similarly priced item though they have not said what that will be. I am surprised that in such a short time it is not available any longer from the manufacturer. It is a great toy and it is possible that we just got a defect, but you may want to decide if you are willing to deal with it failing once your little one falls in love with it.UPDATE: From the manufacturer “There are no warranties or guarantees on toys.” Something to consider when purchasing any of the International Playthings family of toys.

Roberta Tipton, OK

Cute enough

I like this toy a lot but my 7 month old isn’t even fazed by the spout. Maybe he’ll like it more when he is older. I purchased to use in a Primo Eurobath and the suction cups don’t get a good grip on the side. I’m assuming it would be fine in a regular bathtub but, just a heads up, it doesn’t attach well to the side of the baby tub. My son does really enjoy playing with the cups even without the spout. And I must say I’m kind of impressed with the pressure it’s able to achieve for a little battery operated toy. All in all, I’d purchase this again and even give it as a gift.

Charlene Barneston, NE

Simply the most fun bath toy

My 22 month old loved this from the moment I put it in the tub. At first I had it at the opposite end from the spout, but because of the slope of the tub, this required more water in the tub, so now it is nearer the drain towards the spout end of the tub and it works great with just enough water for a quick bath (or a full tub, of course). It is not in the way of anyone taking a shower, which I was concerned about.My one complaint is I wish the water intake were on the bottom instead of the side so I could use even less water! Because of the curve of the tub side, I can’t get the toy down far enough to use less water (maybe a suction cup that stuck out farther would be a good solution?). If there isn’t enough water in the tub, it just runs without water circulating through it and then you have to keep turning it off because baby still keeps turning it back on!My daughter has some trouble turning it on and off sometimes because you have to sort of push it and let go quickly, and she tends to push and hold (or not push hard enough), which doesn’t work.The design is fantastic though–so clever, and just simple fun! She loves to play with the cups with the Yookidoo, or by themselves, and will turn the Yookidoo on and just let the water run while she plays in the tub. Other reviewers have said wonderful things, so there isn’t anything else to add–it is simply a great toy!!!!!UPDATE DECEMBER 2012:Well, it broke around August 2012. The motor gave out. My husband was able to fix it once by taking it completely apart. It worked again for a short while, then went kaput again. It was my daughter’s favorite bathtub toy, but I don’t think we’ll replace it. It’s a lot of money to spend on something that won’t last. So I had to take a star off, but because of the enjoyment factor, gave it 4 stars. It is a fun product. My daughter did eventually figure out how to use it…

Celeste Sault Sainte Marie, MI


It’s a hit with our three year old as well as our one year old. It’s been used daily for months and the batteries are still going strong. We’ve never had a bath toy that held the kids attention for this long. A definite “must have” toy!UPDATE: It was a hit until it got water in the battery compartment and died after two months of use. Two other family members had these for their kids. One lasted three weeks and the other about four months and then they both died. Why? Yep…water in the battery compartment.It’s fun while it lasts but don’t expect longevity cause it has a major design flaw.

Gracie Parker, KS

Great Bath Toy! A must have!

I purchased this toy for my 2-year old son a few weeks ago. He has tons of bath toys, but loves this one! It really holds his attention, and thus far works great!

Cassie Toone, TN

Great bath toy

My kids love this bath toy. They enjoy learning how to switch it on and off by pushing the mask. The cups are great and the kids love to try and drink the water from the cups. I would recommend this to any parent whose kids enjoy playing with water.

Ana Twisp, WA

Fun but broke fast

My two year old LOVED this toy. I say “loved” because it broke after 3 weeks of use. As far as a tub toy goes it is a lot of fun, however, the motor quit working very quickly (yes, I changed the batteries). I am an early Christmas shopper it sat in the attic for almost 3 months. However, the company that I purchased it from was terrific and sent me a new one immediately! I must say that although I am disappointed that this one quit working, I am definitely glad we got another one as my son enjoyed it so much.

Madeline Heathsville, VA

Best Bath Toy

This is the best bath toy ever!My 3 year old loves it.I love it because it keeps him happy and it saves me on the water bill.Buy it!

Carolyn Monticello, MN

Best Bath Toy So Far! (UPDATE: oops……it broke)

We have many bath toys, and this is the best one so far. The suction cups are good, the unit is quiet, and the stream of water is just enough. The cups that come with it are adorable and fun and the entire unit is kid friendly. Now, the water doesn’t have to be running in the tub for the whole bath. This is such a cute product. I recommend it!UPDATE: The motor broke, returning to Amazon for refund. Total bummer.

Susanne Ellsworth, PA

Incredibly cute n educational toy but alas does not last

Being an engineer myself I was so excited to teach my daughter lessons in thermodynamics with this toy. In fact, you can imagine how thrilled i was when she figured out (by herself) that the little turbine cup not only runs with hydro power, but can also run with wind power (she started blowing into the cup to move the propeller). I would have rated it a 10-star educational toy. And then in less than a week the motor gave up just like so many other reviews said. I was so disappointed since both of us love this toy but it just to pricey to buy for such unpredictable quality.

Sheree Cades, SC

Stopped working after 6 months.

The faucet worked nicely for about 6 months and then it stopped working. Changing the batteries did not help and the faucet was thrown out. We kept the cups, however, and my 2yr old son enjoys playing with them. He hardly played with the faucet when it was working anyway because he much preferred the real thing, so it wasn’t a big loss. If you can find this toy really cheap, the cups are sturdy and fun to play with (we got it at ToysRus for a lot less). This toy is really not worth more than the value of three cups.

Latoya Medicine Park, OK

Great product

My one year old and three year old love this item and have played with it for 6 months and it still works great

Mitzi Fredericksburg, VA

LOVE IT! Can work in just a few inches of water!

My son loves baths, so I don’t really need any toys to keep his mind off things or get him to stay in the tub longer…but he LOVES moving water (he’d love it if I would leave the faucet on the entire time)…so I was looking for a bath toy that accomplished something similar. And I found this (locally at Babies R Us for MUCH cheaper) and it’s perfect.* We don’t use a lot of water for baths, but the downspout is long enough that it will work even in 3″ of water.* It only took my son about four tries before he figured out how to turn it on and off.* We haven’t had any problems with water in the battery compartment.I’d definitely recommend this.

Lorie Hinkle, KY

Great water saving bath toy

My daughter loves baths and the sound of running water. This toy allows her to have the sound of running water without having the faucet running – this is especially helpful since its water from the tub I do not have to worry about the water temperature. Since the toy can be placed anywhere you want (it attaches via suction cups) it’s virtually mess free. I would recommend to any and all parents – the only down side is your little one may want more time in the bath to play with their new toy. I must also add that I purchased this toy at BabiesRUs for $13.99 plus tax in store – their website lists current price of $17.99.

Lesa Spruce Creek, PA

Toddler Son Loves This

We were struggling to find a way for my 21-month old son to stop trying to turn on the “hot” knob in the bathtub. This little toy has done the trick. It’s wonderful

Christine Kernville, CA

So Much Fun! until it stops working

Every time my daughter has a bath she plays with this toy. Its easy for her to turn on and off and sticks very well to the tub.3 months later and about 5-10 uses the thing will not turn on at all. Sucks. Tried new batteries and all. I took the whole thing apart too. its like the motor is shot. too bad i wasted my money on this this was an original and fun toy while it lasted.

Lee Elco, PA

No better bath toy!

I bought this for my 10 month old baby, since we transitioned her to taking baths in the big tub and decided she’d probably want something to play with. I also bought some squirter toys and a little boat, etc., but I bought the Flow N Fill because of the high reviews and because the baby was fascinated by the water coming out of the tub faucet. I used to turn the faucet on and she loved putting her hands underneath it, but I decided that was wasting a bunch of water! This toy made the perfect replacement! She’s 14 months old now and still loves this thing. I wouldn’t have to put any other bath toys in the tub with her–she’d be content to just play with the Flow N Fill. One of the best feautures of this toy are the suction cups. I swear, I haven’t had to re-attach the toy since I first put in on the tub. And since little ones LOVE to try to pull things down, she yanks on this toy every night, it still stays put. As she’s gotten older, she’s learned to not only enjoy the simple stream of water that comes out, but now, she’s learned to play with the little stackable cups and has learned how by stacking them different ways and putting them under the flow of water, it produces different results. I’m seriously buying this for every baby I know for their 1 year birthday.

Jeanine Maricopa, AZ

Still going strong after 3 months of use so far! No. 1 bath toy!

After reading many reviews on how this bath toy broke after a very short amount of time, I was worried about buying it, but bought it anyways. I figured if it broke I could fix it like other reviewers said they did. I’m glad I bought it. I haven’t had any problems at all with it since I bought it about 3 months ago, and it has been used every day. It is my sons favorite bath toy. Ever since I bought it, he has ignored all of the squirt toys and such that he used to play with. A couple of times, I only put his squirt toys in the tub, and he pointed to this toy to tell me he wanted it in the tub. When not in use, I suction the toy to the outside of the tub.

Delores Dunellen, NJ