Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier – Navy

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier – Navy

This carrier is comfortable for your infant and convenient for you. It’s quick and easy to put on and take off, as all adjustments are made from the front. Its padded body and snug head support allow baby to ride safely cuddled close to you. Wide padded shoulder and waist straps distribute your baby’s weight evenly and ensure your carrying comfort, too. They also give you the luxury of having your hands free. The front panel unsnaps so sleeping babies can be removed from the carrier without being disturbed. It’s perfect for breastfeeding, as well. You can even face older babies forward; seat height adjusts gradually. Made of 100 percent, machine-washable cotton. Regular size recommended for people who wear T-shirts in sizes small to medium.

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Why did I wait so long???

I cannot believe I waited until my 3rd baby to buy one of these!! I’d always seen other Mum’s and Dad’s using them when we were out and about but always thought they’d be really uncomfortable.Well, I finally bought one and tried it with the birth of my 3rd child, (Mainly because I couldn’t convince my eldest daugther, 3, to give up her seat in our double pram!) AND I LOVE IT!For me, it is extremely comfortable to use. I’ve used it for short and long periods (all day) of time and haven’t had any problems.What I love about the Baby Bjorn carrier is that it’s so easy to use alone. It’s easy to strap on, pick up your baby, strap him or her in and off you go. It’s also really easy to get the baby out again. The buckles and fasteners are easy to use and adjust as needed.My son loves it – he sleeps in it, or looks around as we walk along. We’ve used it on walks, outings or just around the house. I also use it when I go with my girls to playgroup. I have two hands free to help them on play equipment and my son gets to see what his big sisters are doing.I would suggest trying before you buy if you do have any back problems as it may not suit you, but is has been a huge success in this house.

Claire Loranger, LA

Worth every penny!

If you are going to invest in a baby carrier, invest in the best. I use this carrier all the time and even my husband has started to use it and he originally said he would never put a baby in such a contraption. It hold the baby very securly and is comfortable to wear. Has a classy look to it and goes through the wash well. Easy to get baby in and out of.

Enid Hastings, FL

Good Device for Dads!

I love watching my partner carry our baby in the Baby Bjorn,or “Bjorning the baby” as we call it, because poor Daddy is a real baby fumbler. The Baby Bjorn is simple to use, distributes the weight of baby evenly over both shoulders, and lulls the little one to sleep very easily. I’ve seen Dad gain confidence taking charge of the little guy and strut proudly with the little one attatched to his belly. While Baby gets the benefit of being close to Daddy and getting a feel for Daddy’s rhythm and hearing Daddy’s voice up close, Mommy gets the benefit of a break once in a while! We used it at the State Fair this year and I can’t begin to list its benefits over a sroller! If you’re debating between getting this or buying a sling, buy the Bjorn, and custom make your own sling (or find someone who does). This is the best.

Lisa Dayton, OH

My first Father’s Day gift: I love it!

Even before we had our baby I told my wife that I wanted this baby carrier as my first Father’s Day gift. Now that baby is around, I love putting him in the carrier and taking him around, not just because I can free up both my hands, but mostly because we get to spend quality time very close together, and the movement when I walk seems to soothe him (unless he’s hungry, of course!) I would recommend all dads (and moms) to consider getting their Baby Bjorn. Along with the swing, the bouncer and a few other pieces of gear, it will not only make your first few parenting weeks easier to deal with but it will reward you time and again with unforgettable moments with your baby!

Michelle Wellman, IA

Good but with drawbacks

After hearing all the positive comments about the Baby Bjorn carrier, I registered for it and got one as a shower gift. For the first few weeks we couldn’t use it because my baby’s head flopped around too much, even when the carrier was tightened to its maximum head tightness (and our son is a big baby). So we purchased the NoJo sling, which my husband found pretty comfortable but I never really liked because I felt the weight was not evenly distributed.I am in good shape, work out and lift weights, but on long walks the Bjorn carrier really hurts my shoulders. The straps cut in when I wear it for power walks, which was the purpose of my getting the carrier. I’m fine for about 20 minutes to a half hour, but after that I’m constantly tugging at the straps and trying to evenly distribute the weight.For this reason, I’m looking into getting the Bjorn Active which appears to have better padding. My suggestion would be that if you really want to be active with your carrier, be careful to get something with good, comfortable shoulder padding. Your shoulders are carrying the weight of your child in this carrier.

Enid Keansburg, NJ