Baby Blinds Breastfeeding Cover

Baby Blinds Breastfeeding Cover

Our Baby Blind breastfeeding cover offers both regular and plus sized moms a simple, stylish and discreet way to breastfeed in public. It’s made of a lightweight cotton fabric with a strap that fastens securely around your neck. A stiffening material at the top edge holds the fabric several inches off your chest. This lets you look down and see your baby, and for your baby to look up and see you, while still providing complete privacy. It can be put on one-handed and stays securely in place.

Main features

  • Allows mothers to cover up and yet still see their babies while breastfeeding
  • Neck strap adjusts with D-Rings
  • Comes with a matching carrying bag
  • Made of lightweight, washable 100% cotton fabric
  • Cover’s dimensions allow mothers to cover up both in front and around the side

Verified reviews


Great Buy!

I bought 2 of the baby blinds (Olivia and Riley patterns) and have used them in various situations and climates. I have also washed (NOT dried) and ironed them. I am a seamstress myself, and a perfectionist, and I can honestly say that I am highly satisfied with the quality of the workmanship, especially considering the price. While I would have preferred some more stylish fabric choices that are softer and less prone to wrinkling, overall, these are a great buy! Having shopped around, I feel confidant that I got a product that is as nice or nicer than all of the competitors that charge twice the price!

Evelyn Mc Intosh, SD

I hate this cover

I bought this cover thinking “what a great deal” until I got it and was SO disappointed.It is so small, that if you’re baby moves or wiggles even a little bit then you end up flashing everyone anyway. Not only that, it’s a struggle to get on, adjust your baby, and stay covered up. I found it’s easier to just use a receiving blanket than it is to hassle with this darn cover.The stiff collar on it to let you see you’re baby while you’re nursing is a struggle too! It flops over or falls down…the whole thing is just a mess. Knowing what I know now, I would’ve picked a cover that I knew for sure was larger and had a collar with a better design.

Elma Franklin, NE


This product is mediocre. This nursing cover has an adjustable strap, and something that the company refers to as ” stiffening material” sawn into the top of the cover. The stiffening material forms a half round stiff shape that allows you to look at your baby during nursing.Pros: it is nice to have the ” window” to look at your baby. The adjustable strap is a convenient feature as well, and allows you to put it on quickly. The cover has a nice little drawstring storage bag. Reasonable price.Cons: the fabric is underwhelming, it looks and feels really cheap. The pattern is “blah”, it looks like bedding. It is not super breathable, my baby was overheating under it during a muggy day. On the other hand the fabric is not heavy enough, and would start flying and fluttering from the smallest wind gusts. The d rings on the strap did not hold their position well, and the strap kept loosening as I was feeding my baby. I had to constantly adjust the cover, hold it down, and fidget with it, all while trying to feed an active infant. It was a difficult task, and switching breasts was impossible without exposing myself. It was ironic that all my friends used simple receiving blankets to cover themselves, and had much less trouble, and I had to pay money to be frustrated by my especially designed product.

Sandy Mc Kean, PA

Great as a sunshade

I bought the XL aka “plus size” breastfeeding cover. Although I am a petite female at 125lbs (before pregnancy), I actually use this breastfeeding cover for other purposes. Our minivan retractable window shades just aren’t thick enough to block the sunlight to allow the my baby to nap in the car. I use the car’s window shade to prop up this BF cover to block out the sun.Great material, not too thin (doesn’t allow most sunlight through) but not too thick (still breathable). Held up well after washing. The wire is easy to bend straight or curved. Unlike other breastfeeding covers with obnoxious prints, this cover’s print is demure and subtle with small ivory-colored flowers on a black background. When comparing to my older Udder Cover’s BF cover, this cover fabric is longer in width and the wire is longer (wider opening, increasing visibility to see baby).

Graciela Thomaston, CT

Does the job

This is the one any only nursing cover I’ve purchased so I can’t compare it to anything else but I think it’s good quality especially for he price. It does have that bendy part near the neck so you can see baby, but never seems to work well for me. I don’t like the way you fasten the back very much. I love the pattern on this, and the bright blue is nice. Until I started using this I didn’t realize how distractible my baby is while nursing. Rather than looking up at me, he looks all around at this cover and flails his arms trying to bat it away. I wouldn’t fault the product, I guess it just wasn’t a good fit for us.

Gretchen Somonauk, IL

The best I have found

I recommend it for feeding in public, for sleeping the fuzzy baby, for blocking view from tv, phone, computer, etc while feeding at home, and even for blocking wind if she is sleeping in your arms outside. Wish it was a little longer. Baby wants to pull it out of the way! But just dont let her 🙂

Octavia Burlington, ME

Great for using for an infant…before baby starts grabbing and pulling.

I like this item. I used it several times when out in public. I breast fed my son up to a year old so here’s the catch: Once your baby can start grabbing and pulling and swinging their arms don’t expect this to stay in place. Dear son exposed me several times. However, this is pretty much to be expected with any cover you buy…so I won’t dock them any points. I love that it came with a little sack for me to fold up and store in my diaper bag. I will use this same cover for my next baby.

Marissa Dale, SC

Great product, bargain!

This cover I bought for a friend but I tried it on before I gave it so I’d know how it fits. It is a great cover! Really ample coverage so your sides are not exposed, I am able to see by baby, the clasp seems to work well and the fabric is of decent quality, not see-through as I read was the case with some covers. I bought in the Olivia pattern and plus size. I would recommend this to others and may end up getting one for myself.

Kate Conway, MA

Best baby purchase yet

This has been the best thing I bought for baby. I use it for everything from a nursing cover to a sun shade. I got the plus size just to help keep things covered up and it’s the perfect size to tuck into my pants and keep wiggleworm under wraps during feeding.

Tricia Purvis, MS

Good for one who needs or wants more coverage

I like this, it was bigger and more coverage for me as I’m plus size. I would recommend it. It is well made and cute and functional.

Candice Mc Minnville, TN

A breastfeeding mom’s best friend

Oh gosh, if not for this baby blind, I would rarely have made it out of the house with the baby. I cannot pump so until I was EBF-ing my baby, I had to feed her in public. This blind solved my problem.It is made out of a light cotton material that can keep your baby cool while under the veil. The metal in the top help you look in for quick latching and keeping eye contact. I love the design.This baby blind is my favorite object, my best purchase so far!

Melisa Harmony, PA

Very easy to use

I can’t imagine myself using this on a crowded place, such a stadium or theaters, but it is more than enough to allow you feed your baby without taking much attention to you when you cannot find a more reserved place.Easy to wear and to use. I liked it!

Claudine Greycliff, MT