Baby Blues Denim Velcro All In One AIO One Size Cloth Diaper by Mommy’s Touch

Baby Blues Denim Velcro All In One AIO One Size Cloth Diaper by Mommy’s Touch

Mommy’s Touch Velcro Cloth Diapers offer the easiest adjustment of any one size cloth diaper on the market. All that is needed to adjust this diaper to the smaller setting is to fold down the front to expose the inset strip of Super Soft Velcro and close the tabs! No snaps on this Velcro diaper. Daddy Approved!

Main features

  • Semi-attached soakers allow for better cleaning in the wash and faster drying time
  • Super Soft Velcro is inset and will not irritate baby’s sensitive skin, while color cordinated outer loop tape keeps this diaper looking great
  • Top stitching for durability
  • Mini-gussets help hold in the messiest of messes
  • Proudly made in the USA by Work at Home Moms!

Verified reviews


Soft, but huge for newborn

I have not used this product yet, but it seems very soft and likely to be very absorbent. It looks way too big to fit my seven pound newborn, I haven’t even tried.

Lilly Anthony, KS

Great for overnight

This diaper is great for overnight or a heavy wetter. I wasn’t sure about it at first because you have to fold down the front but after I figured it out it fits great on my 4 month old. I will be buying more!

Sonya Castle Rock, MN

Definitely not one size

First off, let me say I LOVE the design and absorbancy is awesome BUT the velcro is not very sticky. My little guy had this diaper off in seconds. He awoke from his nap one day and pooped. He then took the diaper off and smeared it everywhere. I’ve never had him do this with any other velcro closures. The velcro comes apart as I put on his pants and when he crawls across the floor without pants on over it, it catches on our carpet and comes off of him. Again…I haven’t had a problem with any other diapers that have velcro closures. Also, this diaper is definitely not a one size diaper. My little guy is 10 months and 25-30 pounds and this diaper was barely small enough. It still swallowed him up and there isn’t a way to adjust the rise. All in all I am not impressed with the velcro though the version with snaps is a little better.

Bettie Vance, SC

Love this diaper!

I love this diaper. It is very easy to use. The insert is sewn into the diaper, so there is no need to stuff it as the pocket diaper. The Safari print is cute and the velcro works great and is much easier to use than snaps. I had one thirsties diaper with velcro and I had to return it as the velcro stopped working after only few uses, it is not the case with this diaper. I rarely have leaks with this diaper and I use it as my overnight diaper. The price is great as well. I wish I had more of these in my stash.Update: I gave this diaper 5 stars at the beginning. However, after two months of use the diaper started leaking and I have bad ammonia smell issues. The problem is that this diaper comes with no washing instructions. I bleached my prefolds as a last resort for the smell, but I don’t want to damage these AIO diapers, so I didn’t bleach them. I contacted the company through Amazon and I got no response. Their web site says nothing about washing care and when I tried to contact them through the contact form on their web site it gives me an error. The customer service of this company is terrible!!!

Kay Fairfax, VA

Adorable Print, Diaper Feels Cheap

The print on this diaper is completly adorable! However, the diaper itself feels cheap and isn’t very adjustable. It also doesn’t feel much like an AIO.

Jimmie Kasilof, AK