Baby Bond Flex Nursing Sash with Removable Burpcloth, Night, Small/Medium

Baby Bond Flex Nursing Sash with Removable Burpcloth, Night, Small/Medium

BabyBond Flex nursing accessory keeps mom covered, not her baby. The patented iParenting Award winning design allows mother and child to maintain eye contact and interact while nursing. Promotes bonding and development of preverbal skills, cognition, and language. Perfect for babies who hate to be covered. No need to buy expensive nursing tops. Mom is able to maintain her modesty whether at a public event or visiting friends. Convenient removable burpcloth makes tending to baby easy. Mom is able to attach any burpcloth or wear without any cloth attached. Created by a mom of 4 happily breastfed babies. Recommended by lactation consultants and childbirth educators. Mom’s choice for nursing in public because it just looks like you are cradling your baby. No one ever knows you are nursing. BabyBond Flex is worn like a sash, functioning like a nursing top. Wear with shirts that are accessible to nurse from the top. Separate the layers of fabric to achieve latch on. Double panel keeps breast covered above and below. Mom’s postnatal belly and back remain covered with her own shirt. Removable 8 x 12″ double layer terry velour burp cloth. Rolls up compact and stores in matching pouch. Machine washable. 100% cotton. Made in USA. BabyBond is not a baby carrier. Do not use BabyBond to carry a baby.

Main features

  • 100% cotton
  • Made in US
  • Covers mom, not her baby
  • Maintain eye contact and interact with baby
  • Removable burpcloth
  • Discreet nursing
  • Easy latch on

Verified reviews


Doesn’t actually hide much

It hides some of your skin but not the aerola so what’s the point? If your baby lets go then the nipple is exposed too.

Fannie Hazel Green, WI

cheap, cheap, cheap

This seemed like such a great idea. I was so excited to try it. When I got i out of the box I noticed how cheap the material was. It was a sheer T-shirt material that wasn’t even very stretchy. I tried to bf with it and my baby kept grabbing it completely exposing me! Doesn’t work well and you could make one with an old t-shirt if you want to try. Save your $.

Shelley Neches, TX

Love it…BUT overpriced!

I LOVE this product! Do not LOVE the price tag on it…considering it’s the bottom of two t-shirts sewn together….great concept but if you know how to could probably make your own in 20 and with $10 MAX in super nice fabric….not sure if I will keep or not. But with breastfeeding in public this is a MUST have…the “cape” worked for awhile but now that our little man is 4 months and nosey as heck…he keeps pulling it down and gets too hot! Who ever came up with this concept was a thoughtful and genius Momma!! Takes some getting used to and you HAVE to nurse from the TOP of your . I love the removable burp cloth- nice option to be able to take off if you want.

Alison Danville, IN

Flex Nursing Sash

I got this for my daughter so she could nurse the baby discretely in public but it wasn’t what I thought it was…I actually thought it was more like a sling.

Lorene Rapelje, MT

Helpful necessity especially in the Summer

It took me about 3 tries to get comfortable, but after that it was a breeze to use. My son really looks like he’s taking a nap so I can maintain some level of modesty in public places without both of us sweating under a blanket.

Coleen Randolph, AL

I Really Like This…

I really like this product because it does help keep me covered. I ordered an XS according to the sizing chart. It’s much tighter than I expected. I think if I would have ordered one size bigger then it would cover my breast a little more. I was thinking this would drape like my t-shirts do when I am feeding at home. The tightness of it does make it feel secure though. I bought it to take to church so I could nurse, but I felt too exposed and opted to continue to use my traditional nursing cover. I’ve used this at home when guests are over and in public Mother’s Rooms. I think I would be able to pull this off in a restaurant too. Overall, I like it. I gave it four stars because it’s a little smaller than I thought it would be.

Dale Lindsborg, KS