Baby Bond Original Nursing Sash with Sewn-in Burpcloth, Black, Small/Medium

Baby Bond Original Nursing Sash with Sewn-in Burpcloth, Black, Small/Medium

BabyBond Original nursing accessory keeps mom covered, not her baby. The patented iParenting Award winning design allows mother and child to maintain eye contact and interact while nursing. Promotes bonding and development of preverbal skills, cognition, and language. Perfect for babies who hate to be covered. No need to buy expensive nursing tops. Mom is able to maintain her modesty whether at a public event or visiting friends. Convenient sewn in burpcloth makes tending to baby easy with less to pack and less to remember. Created by a mom of 4 happily breastfed babies. Recommended by lactation consultants and childbirth educators. Mom’s choice for nursing in public because it just looks like you are cradling your baby. No one ever knows you are nursing. BabyBond Original is worn like a sash, functioning like a nursing top. Wear with shirts that are accessible to nurse from the top. Separate the layers of fabric to achieve latch on. Double panel keeps breast covered above and below. Mom’s postnatal belly and back remain covered with her own shirt. Built in 9 x 12″ double layer terry velour burp cloth. Rolls up compact and stores in matching pouch. Machine washable. 100% cotton. Made in USA. BabyBond is not a baby carrier. Do not use BabyBond to carry a baby.

Main features

  • 100% cotton
  • Made in US
  • Covers mom, not her baby
  • Maintain eye contact and interact with baby
  • Sewn in burpcloth
  • Discreet nursing
  • Easy latch on

Verified reviews


What the Fuss? Feeding Frenzy

The Baby Bond Nursing Wrap is a soft, twisty piece of cotton knit fabric that basically turns any shirt into a nursing top so you can see your baby without putting your bare skin out there for the world to see. It’s a keen invention and the product tagline is ever so clever – For Nursing and Conversing. Feed Your Baby. Nourish Your Relationship. Accompanying this brilliant design is a quality burp cloth that can hang from the wrap, as well as a handy little bag for storage. It looks great, rolls up quite small and goes right in the wash. The Baby Bond Nursing Wrap is the newest addition to my new mom gift bag.Jen FreemanOwner/WriterThe Daily Fuss

Stefanie Starr, SC

Great in theory, terrible in reality

It was hard enough adjusting it right to properly cover yourself to begin with, but now the baby is old enough to start grabbing things, and guess what he likes to grab and pull off? Talk about embarrassment. It’s more trouble than it’s worth. The baby doesn’t really care about the eye contact thing, anyways – he just wants to eat. The only use I have gotten out of this thing is as an expensive burp cloth. I ended up getting the Bebe Au Lait cover. Takes up a little more room in the diaper bag, but the reliable privacy is worth it.

Gracie Egeland, ND

I don’t get it

My baby is 3.5 mos old, and I breastfeed exclusively. I bought this for nursing on-the go, but I have to say, I don’t get it. I have very few shirts that open at the top for nursing, I usually have to lift my shirt to nurse my baby. But even for top opening shirts, there is no way to hide the nipple when the baby’s feeding. Not to mention the fact that once babies reach 3 months old, you WANT to make it so they can’t see anything because they get so distracted by the world (and your face, and your voice, and anything that moves or looks more interesting than a blank wall…). I’ve found the Hooter Hiders and Udder Covers apron style covers with boning in the neck to be a lot easier to work with. They work with any kind of shirt you’re wearing, you don’t have to have two hands to put them on, and they keep baby focused on the task at hand so it doesn’t take all day.

Sheena Saint Petersburg, PA

Needs velcro

This item has nothing adjustable about it. I bought a small (normally a size 6) and it’s simply not tight enough to fit me, so it just slides down. Kind of deviates the purpose. I don’t get why it would not have velcro, so you could tighten as needed. Useless.

Bettie Ventura, IA

Works with few snags

I loved the concept of this and bought it when I was pregnant. Now that I have my baby and have been using it for 2months I can say I do like it but it’s not as great as I thought. Here’s why:- it covers but you will still have a bit of side breast showing no matter what. It’s fine if you’re okay with it but if you or your spouse are the kind that aren’t then you may need a cover over this.- it doesn’t fall I to place easily. You have to play around withbit to get it positioned right and covering everything. In a restaurant or when your baby is crying you will wish it was faster and easier.- at first when you go to latch the baby you need to leave the table unless you’re okay with your nipple showing. It takes a few minutes to situate your baby properly so initially again you need a cover for over this cover. I usually use my babys blanket.All in all great product with a few snags. I ended up getting on of those cover ups anyway for crowded places and for initially when I need to get her latched since my husband is a little less easy going about breastfeeding in public than I am. But for in the house if you have family visiting and just need a light cover and don’t care of you show some skin it is excellent.It also looks good so when you wear it it’s not unattractive. I have the black and when I wear black sometimes people do even notice it.

Kimberley Dulzura, CA