Baby Bottle Holder – Unique Design Allows Hands Free Feeding

Baby Bottle Holder – Unique Design Allows Hands Free Feeding

Li’l Helper Baby Bottle Holder – Blue The Li’l Helper is a revolutionary baby bottle holder designed to create a more interactive and enjoyable feeding experience for both babies and parents. Even most breast-feeding mommies occasionally give baby a bottle of breast milk so dads and other caregivers can experience the joy of feeding time. Li’l Helper makes it a pleasurable task for all! Features: Perfect for babies 2-9 months old Encourages babies’ natural gripping tendencies while giving parents a helping hand Ideal for busy, Multi-Tasking parents, those on the go, and travels anywhere BPA free and has an adorable little rattle to keep your baby amused Dishwasher safe making it a perfect tool for parents

Main features

  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION: The Li’l Helper Baby Bottle Holder’s expandable collar fits most small to large bottle sizes, and its lightweight design makes for easy holding and travel. No matter the setting or bottle, its got you covered.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: For the many times your baby decides to make a mess, it’s nice to have easily cleaned accessories. The Li’l Helper Baby Bottle Holder is dishwasher safe, making cleaning an antiquated chore.
  • IDEAL FOR MULTI-TASKING PARENTS: Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done, and adding a child on top of that can make things downright hectic. The Li’l Helper Baby Bottle Holder is perfect for multitasking parents, as the design engages toddler’s natural gripping tendencies and allows them to hold it with ease. Now you can have your hands free for once!
  • MULTIPURPOSE: The soft rubber coating and BPA free plastic makes the Li’l Helper Baby Bottle Holder a great tool for teething toddlers. The beads in the bottom also turn the holder into a joyous rattle, keeping infants and their full bellies entertained.
  • INCLUDES: 1 Li’l Helper Baby Bottle Holder in blue.

Verified reviews


li’l Helper Baby Bottle Holder

*LOCAL to AUSTIN* As a mom to a preemie, I keep in touch with preemie moms and heard a recent rave about a baby bottle holder that worked wonders for her little one who had some motor skill issues. I am also big into empowering children and this amazing product has handles and grips that go way beyond a bottle to give a baby an ultimate holder. This is a solid piece of material that is also BPA Free!

Rosella Brookfield, MA

Came broken

We Didn’t try it yet, looked ok but came broken so we had to return it. Quality looked good otherwise.

Victoria Scottdale, GA

WOW!!! This is better than I imagined

What an idea this was. It fits all my baby bottles perfectly and makes things soooo much easier. Now I don’t have a problem answering my phone while bottle feeding my baby. The piece on the bottom rests comfortably on my baby’s stomach if I have to pick up my phone. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Fantastic idea for a baby gift.

Alba Meeteetse, WY


I got this to help my son reach for the bottle. Even though he reaches for the toy, it is just way too low to the point that his hands are no where near the bottle. Works OK though if he is in the highchair and the toy can rest on his tray.

Nettie Adel, OR

Very convenient!

I bought this for a girlfriend who just had her 2nd. Not sure if she’s used it yet, but I really like it. Definitely usable! Wish they had these when my two were little!

Marjorie Akron, NY

Waste of money

This is one of those baby purchases that you make and regret afterwards. My baby didn’t take to it at all. She will not hold on to it and she’s 6.5 mo old. Total waste of money

Lauri Barnwell, SC