Baby Bottle Labels, Self-laminating – Great for Daycare

Baby Bottle Labels, Self-laminating – Great for Daycare

Whoozems Baby Bottle Labels provide parents a ‘label once and your done’ alternative to tape, markers, or customized stickers that require labeling the bottle or sippy cup over and over again. Writing is protected by a clear over-laminate that seals out moisture and dirt while offering unique wear resistance. The writing stays crisp and clear and the label stays on… even after multiple runs through a dish washer or microwave. The labels semi-permanent adhesive keeps it stuck until you want it off, without leaving residue!

Main features

  • #1 Selling Baby Labeling product with reviews to match and a money back guarantee!
  • Self-laminating label provides protection from water and smudging
  • Great for labeling all your baby products
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe so you only have to label your child’s items once!
  • Made in USA

Verified reviews


First product photo is misleading

The first product photo doesn’t show the actual labels. Click on the second photo to see what a label really looks like. Each label is branded with the company’s name, which I find really annoying. They also look like a really low-quality printer made each label. I’m just not very impressed with these.That said, they work well. I just wish they looked a little nicer.

Molly New Hartford, CT

Too bad I didn’t discover these sooner

The labels are great so far. I applied them to my daughter’s cups and tubs few weeks ago and they are still on with no signs of coming off. I don’t put her supplies in the dishwasher though, so I’m not sure how well they would stay on after machine wash. I’ve lost a couple of cups in daycare because the marker would come off (or maybe not) and parents would snatch her cups by mistake. No more of that, all cups and tubs are in her bag at the end of the day 🙂 Besides, I save all the time now not having to mark up her supplies every day. Super labels for the price.

Alice Little Chute, WI


These work perfectly! All you do is lift up the clear flap, write whatever you want, take off the backing and adhere to the surface you just wrote on. We got these when my daughter first went to daycare about 5 months ago and they have been through the dishwasher countless times (I’m talking at least once a day) with the heated dry cycle turned on and they look exactly the same as when we first applied the label. I will definitely be purchasing more of these… if I ever need to re-label!

Letitia Louisville, NE

This product helped me a lot with day care. …

This product helped me a lot with day care. They were writing my daughters name on her bottles with a sharpie so this just stays on and does not come off at all. It also helps when you have nieces with the same baby bottle and you dont end up with lost bottles.. also, I use it on the wipe bag for day care.

Concetta Millville, MN

Amazing Product

I was told at my baby’s daycare that all of her items should have her name on it. So I asked a limited number of people I know what they do and decided to research myself and came across these labels. I bought them based from the positive reviews and used them for my baby’s plastic bottles. After a month of washing, soaking and sterilizing them, they are still intact and still look new. I’m very pleased that there are products like these that make a lot of things so convenient!

Ana Millcreek, IL

Falling Off

After 4 uses at daycare they are already falling off. Maybe its because I use glass bottles but even on one plastic bottle its starting to peel at the corner. What a waste of money. I had high hopes.

Georgina Shoals, WV

buy them

i needed to label my daycare bottles for my twins and contemplated at $40+ personalized set i saw online, but that just seemed crazypants. i hesitated with these because there were a few bad reviews and i didn’t want to buy a bad product in the pursuit of economy. i’m glad i chanced it – six months later, with daily use and both hand and dishwasher treatment in scalding water, plus the steamy bottle warmer, and not one of these labels is looking like it is even considering pealing off.

Imogene Glen Allan, MS

Must have for daycare

These labels are great. I put them on our bottle lids back in September and they haven’t washed off at all! Great quality product!

Kara Silver Spring, PA

Perfect for daycare!

These are perfect for sending bottles to daycare. The self-laminating is a breeze and hasn’t worn at all in a month of daily use and washing each night in the dishwasher. It’s even easy to write on top with the date each day and then wipe off with rubbing alcohol for the next day. Definitely recommend!

Marylou Jamesville, NC

Great for daycare!

I bought these labels for my sons bottles when he started daycare. That was over a month ago and they are still on and look just like they did the day I put them on. I also wash my bottles every single day. Love these! Will buy again!

Kristy Keeseville, NY

They really work!

I ordered these bottle labels after seeing so many positive reviews on Amazon. I have to admit I was sceptical of them actually working. I thought they would peel off and not live up to expectations but I was totally wrong. I have used these on baby bottles that are sent to the daycare every single day and they still look perfectly new. They have lasted both through the dishwasher and manual washing with hot water. I am really happy these work and they are well worth the price I paid.

Imelda Indianola, IL

They do stick, Hard application

You would think this would be simple enough. You peel, write, seal, stick. Well sometimes these work great like on regular 4 oz avent. But they are super hard to get to lay down flat on Born Free or the new natural avent. If they are not laid down without any gaps they fall off or hold germs which is the last thing I want. Also I found that if you used anything other than a sharpie then the writing ran and looked sloppy. But if you get them on correctly, they do stick good and look great. I would buy these again now that I know what I a doing. Prepare to throw a few away until you get it down.

Kristina Morrill, NE


My son recently started school and I needed a way to label his bottles. I have had these labels on the bottles for about a month now and they have survived multiple cleaning and sterilizations. They are easy to use and stay on well – I highly recommend!

Tabitha Thorndike, MA

Excellent labels

Excellent labels.They’ve survived several washes and sterilizations without any effect.

Jamie New Manchester, WV

Durable and cute!

Bought these for my baby’s bottle for daycare. So far every one of them has stayed stuck, through several months of dishwashing. The self-laminating works very well, and as a bonus, they’re cute. They only consideration is that the bottle must have a big enough smooth surface to stick the label to — my son’s sippy cup didn’t have a space big enough. But that’s ok, it’s nice that the label is long enough to write the name comfortably. The vast majority of baby bottles, cups, etc. will work just fine (except silicone ones). Great product, will absolutely buy again!

Suzanne Cedar Run, PA

Great for bottles and stays on through washing

We got these to label bottles for daycare. They have gone through many washes and still are easy to read and have stayed in the bottles. Great product!

Connie Java, SD

Perfect for Daycare

These labels adhere really well and don’t come off during washing. I’m really impressed with the quality, and would absolutely recommend them! They are great for bottles & sippy cups that need to go to daycare or a sitter.

Vonda Overbrook, KS

Great, Product Update

I love these so much I kinda went label happy, lol. I will def be buying more if I need and will recommend to friends and family. I don’t agree with some of the negative reviews. I have had these labels on bottles for almost 5 months now, have hand washed and put through the dishwasher and NONE of them have come off yet. I actually had trouble removing labels from bottles I was getting rid of.

Tonia Shattuck, OK

These are great

for daycare and so worth the price! I had these on my son’s bottles for at least 6 months, and they held up through many washings. They literally did not come off until I physically pealed them off.

Reba Pulaski, TN


So far these labels work great! They have held up to the dishwasher, microwave, freezer and bottle warmer. Also you can cut them into smaller labels to use for lids, pacifiers, etc. Love them!

Libby Elba, NE

Love these.. perfect for daycare

We needed to label our son’s bottles for daycare and some of the options available were too expensive… we tried writing with just a sharpie but one was in the dishwasher took it all out!Its been about 2 months and these labels have stayed put with no washed out names… our bottles go in the dishwasher twice a week…!! love these 🙂

Abby North Hyde Park, VT

Does the job well!

I bought these labels to label my baby’s bottles for day care. I used a black Sharpie to write them and it worked great. The self laminating is peel and stick and very easy to do. I’ve washed the bottles in the dishwasher and soaked in hot soapy water many times and they still look like they did when I first put them on. I have no complaints!

Jodie Glendora, NJ

whoozems labels – great idea!

I use these to label bottles & sippy cups for both of my kids at daycare. They are very simple to use, look cute & have lasted through countless cycles in the dishwasher. I’ve used sharpies as well as regular pens to write on them & was able to remove & reapply before firmly attaching to get it in the right spot. I will definitely buy more of these labels when I run out.

Marguerite Rentz, GA

It’s true … these are amazing

No need for me to repeat what all the other reviews have said. These labels are amazing. It saves lots of time each day and so far (about a month now), none of them have peeled off or run.Update after two months in the dishwasher: None of the original stickers have peeled off yet. These stickers are amazing. I’m recommending them to all my pregnant friends and fellow daycare attendees.

Jane Liberty, MO

My favorite labels!

My twin toddlers started daycare recently. I was using permanent marker to mark everything, including sippy cups, lunch box containers, etc. One wash through the dishwasher and everything had to be relabeled each time. I purchased a few types of labels, but these are my favorite due to the self-laminating feature. They are easy to use, when you remove the strip to laminate the label, your writing doesn’t smudge and the labels stick very well. I labeled several items and they have been through the dishwasher several times, no problems at all – the labels work great! I will definitely be buying more.

Virginia Floral Park, NY

Never Comes Off

These labels are fantastic! I’ve placed them on my son’s bottles and have washed them numerous times and they are still intact….like new! They’re great!

Penelope Amite, LA

Excellent labels – great value.

Ordered these labels after I got tired of labeling bottles with a Sharpie. The labels were easy to write on, and easy to "self-laminate." I even managed to write small enough that I could cut each label in half and use both halves. When I put them on the bottles, I worried a little because they didn’t lay flat on the bottles (Philips Avent). However, two months later and they’re sticking strong. No additional bubbling or peeling whatsoever.Highly recommend.

Tamika Pennington, TX

Genius label product!

I bought these labels because I was looking for something durable to label my son’s bottles for day care. I tried using Sharpie marker but it would fade or rub off with use or after going through the dishwasher. These labels are easy to use and I can say that they are looking great after six months of use. I would definitely buy them again.

Ruby Montpelier, ND

Thanks to other reviewers

I went off blind faith from the other reviewers with these, and was very pleased. It’s been 2 months since I put them on my bottles and they have survived many, many washings. I would like to add that I soak my bottles in water and the writing has not smeared, nor has the integrity of the sticker been compromised. I did do what most reviewers recommended and wrote her name boldly with a sharpie.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ITEM

Melba Abie, NE

awesome for day care

We’ve been using these for a month now for our daycare bottles (which get washed every day, sometimes twice), and they aren’t even close to showing any signs of wearing off.

Jamie Centreville, MS