Baby Boys’ Hippychick Keep Sock On’s Footwear 1Xpair

Baby Boys’ Hippychick Keep Sock On’s Footwear 1Xpair


Main features

  • Sock ons – 0-6 months – colour white
  • Sock ons in white, clever little things that keep baby socks on
  • Sock ons are worn over your baby’s ordinary socks
  • Made from a softly woven blend of elasticised material with matching coloured stitching
  • Sock ons come in a choice of sizes and colours to match your baby’s age – 0-6m and 6-12m

Verified reviews


Yes they do what they say but good luck getting them on

Yes in fact these keep socks on, however they are TINY and I can’t see them fitting past a couple months at most. Good luck keeping track of them and fitting them onto your baby’s squirmy little feets.

Alissa Spartansburg, PA

Good quality product

Great invention to keep baby socks on for hours on end.My daughter gets out of everything and wriggles her way out of every swaddle, socks, or just about anything tight.These work great and are about the only thing she hasn’t figured out how to take off. The sock-ons work great over just any type of socks no matter how tick or thin. I purchased the white ones and use over pink, white, yellow, black, etc regular socks. They are tight enought to stay on but not to the point where they become constrictive to the baby’s feet. They are loose enough to not leave a mark on the baby’s skin but tight enough to keep the socks on. I’ve washed them several times and tossed them in the dryer as well by themselves without a mesh bag and they are just like new. They didn’t become un-done from the ends like many other products after several washes. They are of great quality and deffinetly worth the investment. I’m now ready to buy the next size up for my growing child.

Antionette Laurel, MD

We can use socks again!

What a great idea. None of my baby’s socks fit her so they fall off in a matter of seconds evev if she isn’t moving around a lot. These sock ons keep socks on no matter what. They are also very well made and still look brand new. I also love theBaby Undersocks Stay On Baby Socks & Leg Warmers Combo BoysI’m not sue why they say they are for boys because they are just off-white.

Bessie Manchester, MN

Does what the name says

I had my doubts but these little suckers worked like a charm. I was going to give away all our baby socks, but these made the socks actually usable.

Corinne Saint Michael, PA

Why didn’t someone think of these sooner?

Once our little one discovered he has feet and started constantly playing with them and pulling on socks, the only way to keep socks on has been with these. What a great little invention. Love them! Wish I could get a pair in every color!

Rosalia Farmingville, NY


I was looking for socks that would stay on. Imagine my surprise when these arrived — only a partial sock. I should have read the description better. But I am ohhhh so pleased that I have these. They keep every sock on my grandson’s feet. Don’t know what I ever did without them. No more putting his socks back on every 5 minutes. These are a keeper and do exactly what they were meant to do.

Eula Buzzards Bay, MA

Really Work

These really work! These hold on any style sock and the white color goes with everything. No more bare feet.

Helga Pine Lake, GA

Socks came off immediately

I really wanted these to work. I can’t keep socks on my 3 month old’s feet, so I gave these a try. She managed to kick these off in her car seat before we got to our destination. Now I’m back to just buying white socks since I lose at least one every time we go somewhere.

Estelle Fennimore, WI


This product is the only reason I don’t replace socks on my newborn constantly all day. I remembered doing that with my first child so it was my mission to find socks that didn’t come off ALL the time or create some myself. Fortunately I came across these. I have yet to have to replace socks on my six week old. She is just out of preemie socks and into newborns and they have worked great. This was actually the second pair of these I bought. I will say like another reviewer mentioned that when you have the white ones some people mistake them for braces on the baby’s feet (if you used a different color I doubt that this would happen) but it opens up a great conversation about this product. Everyone that I have told about these thinks that it is genius. This product will go into every gift bagfor new parents in the future.

Kerri Alief, TX

These really work!

Simple yet effective!!! You should keep in mind though, that they are not meant to be left on a baby when you put them down to sleep.

Caitlin North Babylon, NY


The best invention ever. I wish they were easier to get here in the states. It seems I’m loosing them constantly – even though we have a "specific" place they go…they never seem to end up there. These are truly lifesavers. The first few weeks of my daughter’s life her socks were off every 5 minutes. People constantly ask what they are and think they are such a neat idea, too!

Kara Renfro Valley, KY