Baby Boys’ Hippychick Sock On’s Footwear 1Xpair

Baby Boys’ Hippychick Sock On’s Footwear 1Xpair


Main features

  • Sock ons baby blue size 0-6 months
  • Sock ons in baby blue, clever little things that keep baby socks on
  • Sock ons are worn over your baby’s ordinary socks
  • Made from a softly woven blend of elasticised material with matching coloured stitching
  • Sock ons come in a choice of colours to match your baby’s wardrobe

Verified reviews


Packaging or product arrived with a strong floral scent

I haven’t tried these on my boy yet. I expect they will do the job. They arrived with a very strong floral scent, that to me is not pleasant, and I can’t tell if it was the packaging or the product that came with the scent. I tossed the packaging and I can still smell it when I walk near where they are located. That was about 2 days ago. I do wish they came with a clear version. Most of his socks were gifts and are patterned.

Sandy Lukachukai, AZ

Not for me.

These just didn’t work for me. It’s like having to put on a second pair of socks, which is a pain. They are also tiny, tiny. I worried it would be uncomfortable for my then 9 month old. We started using Roobez soft soles, and they keep the socks on great.

Sonya Mayslick, KY

I love these !

When I bought them I thought they were pretty stupid but the price is right and I thought why not. I am glad I did! My NB’s feet started peeling and I wanted to keep them lotioned up with socks on and of course they come right off. these little garter things are great. will pick up another pair just to make sure i have one set around

Dale Dalton, NE

Great idea!

Someone bought us a pair of these, so I bought one for my new nephew. They definitely do the job of keeping baby’s socks on.

Billie Hood, CA

one of the best unknown baby products out there!

This product is definitely my favorite baby product that isn’t well known. They are such a lifesaver when it comes to keeping socks. If you always have these on your baby, you will definitely never lose a sock. They are very easy to put on, even for dads with bigger hands and fingers. The best part, in my opinion, is that the stretch in them allows them to grow with your baby! I recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t want to constantly lose their baby’s socks.I have seen two negative comments about this product which I would like to address.One reviewer pointed out that socks with cute print on them are covered up by this product. This is true, I won’t deny it. But I would rather my baby keep his socks on (for his warmth and my convenience) than worry about how cute the pattern on his feet looks…Another reviewer commented on the inconvenience of this product when it comes to laundry because of the small size (easy to lose among other items in laundry loads). Here’s a simple, cheap, and easy trick to solve that problem. Buy a mesh lingerie bag (this oneas an example, but they are less than $1 if you buy at Walmart) to use in the laundry. It’s easy, cheap, and saves you the trouble of trying to find matches within a whole load of laundry. Problem solved! (This trick works for socks and mitts as well!)Anyway, I really think this product is awesome, and have bought them for every expectant mother I’ve known since using them myself. I would recommend them for all new parents. (Also, try shopping around online… when I bought these from this site, they were almost half the price they are currently listed for.)

Florence Westpoint, TN