Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker, White/Grey

Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker, White/Grey

Bring healthy, homemade baby food to your table in just minutes with the Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker. This patented, multi functional baby food maker allows you to steam and blend fruits, vegetables, meats and fish all in one bowl quickly and easily. In as little as fifteen minutes, you can have a healthful, nutritious and delicious meal ready for your baby and the satisfaction of knowing that you made it yourself. 

Main features

  • Plastic, Metal
  • Imported
  • Easy to use Just add your ingredients and set your steam time, and the machine will do the rest
  • Safe, one bowl design means you don’t have to transfer hot foods to another bowl or blender in the middle of your cooking process
  • Easy to clean bowl and blade are dishwasher safe; BPA/phthalate free

Verified reviews


Coating in water reservoir flaking off

I guess it’s true that ignorance is bliss. I loved using my new Brezza these past couple of weeks. So easy to operate with very little clean up. Recently I came across some reviews about the coating in the water reservoir flaking off. As a result I LOOKED for it during my last meal prep and sure enough, I saw tiny little silver flakes. It almost looks like oily water but under good lighting you can see the silver bits. I rinsed it out 5 times and still see the flakes. I’m very concerned as I just spent $100 on this machine. Unlike the other parent who wants to know what the coating is chemically made up of, I don’t really care. I don’t think it’s acceptable to have ANY coating come off whether it’s ‘safe’ or not. I have no intention of using this anymore.

Jami Houlton, ME

Not a fan

I really wanted to like this product. Even after all of my friends told me I didn’t need a separate appliance to make babyfood (just use your food processor!), I went ahead and bought it. I had read the reviews and I knew that it wouldn’t cook a lot at a time, so I wasn’t expecting to make mass quantities of babyfood, just to make it easier to give my daughter whatever veggies we might be eating that night. Well I’m pretty dissapointed — almost everything I’ve tried in isn’t as cooked as it needs to be. I find the machine to puree the food when it’s half raw, resulting in a lumpy mess. I’ve tried mixing the food with breastmilk and pureeing it further, and then it just tastes like raws veggies pureed with breast milk. Gross. I have also tried cooking the food for longer than the recommended times, but I guess the steam isn’t strong enough, because it’s never cooked enough. I’ve tried sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots, all with disastrous results. Lesson learned – next time I’m just going to cook the food in the oven or in a steamer and then throw it in the food processor.

Selma Kinzers, PA

What Happened?

I was elated to receive this as a gift, always wanting to prepare my own baby food. Looking at the reviews, it seemed like a fantastic buy. Upon first use, the plastic base holding the blades produced hairline fractures where food can now get lodged. The piece holding the blades is also supposed to be easily removed for food removal and cleaning; it’s become harder to remove with each use and now is near impossible to separate from the shaft. The gray plastic, stains very easily; and now, after only a handful of uses, the plastic, hinged cap to the water reservoir snapped off. Approx 20% of the time, the device will steam and fail to blend.

Monika Crowder, MS

No replacement parts! Waste of $107

I wish I could give this less than 1 star. Just got off the phone with their customer service.I bought this product (the gray center and gray lid version) in the mid 2011 while expecting my first child. I ended up barely using it (only for steaming) because my child turned out to be very sensitive to texure and Brezza could not puree the food finely enough for her. It sat on the kitchen shelf until this year, when my youngest was ready to start solids. She is less finicky, so I was using Brezza a bit more – maybe 2 to 3 times a week, I would not say that’s heavy use by any measure. Three months later, the bowl broke (see my review below) and the shaft started falling out. There were no replacement bowls available on their web site, so I called customer service and was informed that this was their first model, which has been discontunued and there are no replacement parts anymore and the warranty is only 1 year from purchase! Mind that a lot of people get these as gifts on baby shower, so by the time the baby is old enought to start solids, the warranty has run out. What a waste of money! I am definitely not spending another $100 on a Brezza. This company obviously does not stand by their product, so I have no trust in them.I bought this product 3 years ago but used only for 3 months. So far worked as designed, I barely used with my fist child; now with my second I make a batch of baby food 2-3 times a week. More frequent use caused some plastic parts on the bottom to break off so the drive shaft does not lock in anymore. Here comes the kicker: it is impossible to find a replacement bowl! The website lists a replacement bowl with an orange center for $24 which it states will not work with the gray one, but even that is not availlable. So, am I supposed to buy a whole new one for $80+? and trash the old one which still works?! If I were aware of that from the start I would have NOT purchased this product.

Roseann Porters Sideling, PA

doesn’t blend or work well

I got the baby brezza about 6 months ago, when it was time to start introducing solids to my baby boy. Back then all the reviews were 5 star, so I was super excited to get this item and thought it was worth the higher price. Well, it’s not. The main reason why I got this item was so that I could make vegetable and meat purees in one steamer/blender. In the product review it stated that the machine can be used for meat and fish. It can’t. In the operating manual it says that you can only used ground meat, which I didn’t like. I thought that maybe I can cook the meat separately and then put it in the brezza to blend with the veggies. Well, it couldn’t do it either. It couldn’t handle blending even very soft turkey breast and would quit after several seconds. Having to stand there and hold the button down was also very annoying. I was extremely disappointed with the brezza and wanted to return it, but the seller I got it from wouldn’t accept returns once you open the box. Anyway, now I use the brezza only to steam the vegetables. I cook the meats separately and then finish it all in a blender. After 6 months it can’t blend even soft vegetables, by the way. So basically I paid a $100 for a vegetable steamer, which you can do in a simple pot.

Ollie Swaledale, IA

Broke after first use. Horrible customer service! DO NOT BUY!

So now that I’m reading other reviews I know I’m not the only one this happened to. I got this item as a gift for my shower and was excited to use it. flash forward 6 months later. Baby is now eating solids so I finally opened the box. I made apple sauce it worked great, then when trying to clean the unit the driveshaft was stuck . I did the trouble shooting in the back of the book and the driveshaft came apart. I put it back together and tried to use the unit again. It now only steams and the blend function does not work. When I removed the base I noticed that the plastic on the driveshaft melted! I called baby brezza and they informed me that they do not sell replacement parts nor do they make replacement parts for the white/ grey machine any longer. So my brezza is just a steamer now which is pointless cause I wanted the unit to save the step of steaming and then pureeing. Also as a side note the time i did use it i was kinda disappointed at how small the cup was. I know babies don’t eat a lot but I was hoping to make larger batches so i could freeze some of the food. I WOULD NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!

Meagan Big Cove Tannery, PA

BEWARE Enamel Flaking Off in the Water Resivor

I purchased the this product in 2011 i only used it for about a year and put it away i recently pulled it out to give to my friend who has a baby when i went to rinse out the inside of it i noticed the enamel was flaked off, i looked more on the inside and also it was flaking off on the one side of the wall, now i did not notice this when i put it away i really never looked inside of it when i did use it. I called up the company and told them and they said it could be mineral deposits and i said no way it is black and i put my finger inside and wiped and there was silver flakes on my finger, they asked me to send them a picture and so i did within five minuets a manager calls me and tells me he is sorry but my warranty is over the one year limit, i said i did not care about the warranty or a replacement i said this is a problem there is the enamel paint flaking off where i put the water that goes in the baby food and this could be a problem he said no they do extensive testing and dont have this problem and that he is sending me a base that they have out of good gesture i said fine send me a base but this is a problem that i am sure will not be looked into. So i am informing all who have purchased this look inside with a flash light and make sure it is not flaking like mine.

Mable Rocheport, MO

Do not waste your money

I debated even getting a baby food maker, I have a nice food processor and blender so I really didn’t need another appliance and babies don’t eat purees forever but I was lured into the convenience of steaming and blending with one device which would save time and less dishes to do. I registered for it with the plan that I would not but it for myself if I did not get it as a gift since I really didn’t NEED it. I was very excited to get it at my shower. After sitting in my basement for 6 months my son was finally ready to eat so I pulled it out. I made almost all of his food and the baby brezza did make my life so much easier, my only complaint was that it doesn’t make very large batches of food if I wanted to freeze food (you can’t even do a large sweet potato at one time) but I solved this problem but just doing 2 batches one right after the other with just a quick cleaning in between- still much easier than pulling out the big food processor. I was happy with the product over all. Was.Fast forward a few months. My son is almost one, he is eating mostly finger foods so I don’t have much use for the machine anymore (so I really only needed it for about 4 months) but I still like to puree fruit to mix into plain yogurt. I pulled out the machine after sitting for maybe 3-4 weeks and it doesn’t work, just beeps at me. I did all the trouble shooting in the book and still just beeps. I called customer service, the very first question was “when did you purchase the blender and do you have proof of purchase?” They have a 1 year warranty. Well, even though I opened the box less than 6 months ago it was purchased just over a year ago for my baby shower. Customer service refused to talk to me, pretty much told me the machine would have to be replaced but since it was over a year old it was no longer under warranty. I asked about paying out of pocket for the repair and they said that wasn’t an option. So basically, they make a crappy product that will work just long enough for the warranty to run out. Don’t waste your money, a LOT of money to boot.

Aurora Piketon, OH

Excellent machine and customer service !

I have this machine and have been using at least twice daily ever since my baby started eating solid. This is indeed the best baby product I have ! However, after two months of use – the bowl and / or shaft seems to not sit properly and thus food could not be blended properly. However, a quick call to customer service – within 3 minutes, the phone was picked up and no question asked – they told me the first batch of bowl has some manufacturer defect and they promptly offer a full replacement with no further questions asked on receipt etc. Mine was one of the first initial batch that was bought at Babysrus. The new shaft and bowl will be sent to me and I have to return the lid – all return shipping paid by the company. I would give my comments on the new design later. But as far as the two months use, and the great customer service – I will give it 5 stars. The design is really really innovative. I compared to the competitor’s product – this wins hands down. There’s no transfer of food. I can carry my baby on one hand, and throw some carrots (chopped) and peas / spinach and add clean water (cos’ the water will steam the food and will be in the bowl as part of the puree) – and press a button (Steam and blend) and just wait for 15-30mins (depending on the quantity) and all will be ready. It’s as easy as ABC – scoop out the food and serve – fresh and hot : If the puree is not fine enough – just hold down the blend button for one more round and it will come out in smooth consistency. I like it with a little texture since my baby is a big older. There’s enough control and I foresee using it for the first few years.

Ella Sagola, MI

Broke after a Month

well, I’m constantly reading reviews on products I’m about to purchase. The baby Brezza got mixed reviews. I was really sold on the set it and forget it option. Well, I never used it because I would make more food than recipes called for. My LO is now 6 months old but the size of a 10 month old – very tall and lean like daddy. He eats like a piglet. Needless to say, I was cooking a lot of food. I was making applesauce the other day. Blended to smooth, went to add banana and it never blended again. It would steam, but not blend. Many people said that it would stop working, so I had my mother buy it at BRUS in case we had to return it. Thank goodness she did! Back to my old school steam and food processor…at least I can make bigger batches instead of small dinky batches.

Kelly Drummond Island, MI

I Have Buyers Remorse!

I bought this from a brick and mortar baby supply chain, and I was so excited to use it! I peeled, I chopped, I steamed and pureed. I was so happy! Then I realized it took me all day to make one regular sized batch of baby food. Still, it was so easy to just throw it in and walk away, so I kept making my baby food, one tiny batch at a time. Then, the fourth time I tried to use it, it would not steam. The start, stop, and steam buttons do not work. I’d had the machine less than a month. Then I noticed (as I was dumping out my unused water) that there was a bunch of metallic looking crap floating around in the water chamber. Unfortunatly the box had been thrown away otherwise I would have just taken it back to the store. I emailed customer service and about a week later received an email that said “please provide us with a number to reach you”. By looking at some more recent reviews I can see I’m not the only one having a problem with their customer service. The idea behind this product is amazing, the product itself is garbage. I don’t understand for the life of me why they couldn’t make the blender cup bigger than a coffee cup. Even if this product had worked beautifully I would have eventually gotten tired of making tiny batches. I’ve been using my food processor and steaming on the stove in a pot. It’s more to clean up but I can make a large batch of baby food in much less time. I wanted to love this thing, I really did. It’s just not worth the money.

Antoinette Volcano, HI

Easy As Can Be

I love this machine. Easiest thing in the world to operate. Just put the food in, set the blend+steam timer and walk away. No need to steam in a separate pot or to steam in one component then switch it to the blender. Its all done in one place. When done I portion out my baby food and put the whole thing in the dishwasher. The only thing is I don’t know if the blades can come out, I haven’t figured it out yet (still a blurred eyed new mom – no time do figure stuff out only time to get stuff done).

Myrna Rowe, NM

Works well, no problems.

I love this product because it purees and steams! It is great for a family that wants to make their own food- quickly! I’ve tried a variety of fruits and vegetable. I haven’t had any of the issues or other problems other reviewers have mentioned (I have been using it for 5 months). I’ll update this review if I have problems in the future.

John Ravine, PA

Great for making your own baby food!!

I am so glad I decided to get the baby brezza! All I do is pour some water in the reservoir, throw in some frozen organic veggies, close the top, select how long I want it to steam for and that’s it!! In 15-30 mins, I hear a few beeps which mean it’s about to start pureeing (aka you get 5 seconds to race over and turn it off if your little one has since gone down for a nap…) and it purees (loudly but effectively) perfectly! Pour it into little containers and you’re good to go.

Dionne Foster, OR

Four Units Same Drive Shaft Lock-Up Issue

We love this unit when it is working and has become a staple in preparing food for a son. The down side is every 2 to 3 months the Drive Shaft locks up. We have been going back to the store and exchanging it for another one. At first we thought it was user error and we might have gotten the Drive Shaft wet causing it to lock up. But we never put it in water, the dishwasher and only wipe it down and immediate dry it and every single Brezza has developed the locking Drive Shaft. I have read in another post Brezza has a fix and recall in place for the Drive Shaft! We have not received a message from Brezza about this. I have e-mailed them looking for some assistance. In the mean time we are off to do another exchange today.The Drive Shaft locking up as been our only issue and it this is in fact fixed I would be inclined to change my rating.

Malinda Tillman, SC

Easy to use and easy to clean

I bought the Baby Brezza so I could make all my son’s meals. It has worked out to meet all my expectations. It’s so convenient to cut up the food, set the timer and it puree’s the food perfectly when done steaming. I only wish I bought the one with the bigger canister so I could make larger batches of food. The customer service is great. I had an issue with the original Brezza I purchased. It wasn’t blending after steaming. Their customer service department sent me a new one for free and I sent back the old one. I later found out that the issue I was having with the first one was happening because the steam tank was running out of water before the timer was up. I just needed to refill the tank and continue the steam/ blend process. I wish the tank was bigger so I wouldn’t have to worry about this happening. In all, I highly recommend the Baby Brezza to anyone looking to make their baby’s food.

Alexandria Glenmont, OH

Life saver!

I just used this for the first time to make my daughter’s first few batches of baby food. Absolutely love it! It assembles and disassembles super easily, and cleans perfectly in the dishwasher. It is so nice to set it and forget it….once the steam cycle is complete it purees on it’s own! You can also use it just to steam veggies and fruits for older babies. I was actually told to look into some of the other baby food processors, but so glad I decided to go with my gut and get the Baby Brezza!

Angelia Beecher City, IL

doenst work to reheat/defrost right in jar or glass container

I think this machine is nice and the steam and blend cycle is nice but it takes an insignificant amount of extra time to dump food from basket directly into the blending container in the Beaba. So as far as this difference I don’t really think it is significant enough to go with the Brezza. Beaba now makes a larger machine also. I guess the cost is a little less for the Brezza but because of the disadvantage I am about to mention it absolutely does not work for me! I chose the Beaba because you cannot put your jar or small glass container right into the Brezza to defrost or reheat like you can with the Beaba because of that middle rod that is part of the blades. It is completely in the way in my opinion and they force you to use their plastic containers to store and reheat food! I freeze my baby food in these tiny glass lock containers because I try to use glass when I can for storage. I also buy the glass organic pre made baby food when I don’t have time to cook as a backup and I need to be able to warm those since the baby doesn’t eat the whole jar yet so I store left overs in the refrigerator. You can put the jars and the glass containers directly in the Beaba basket to defrost and heat and I could not use the Brezza to do it. I would have to defrost at room temp or in fridge then transfer to heat which takes way too long and I would have to transfer to the brezza containers which are plastic and then heat. Not only this is completely time consuming (I do not use the microwave it irradiates your food, destroys nutrients and it is horrible!) it is also plastic and even though BPA free I am trying to avoid plastic like I mentioned so just steaming and blending in plastic is already too much for me so for storage I use glass only. So this is a good machine but if you are looking for defrost/reheat function where you can put your own containers and jars into this machine will not work.

Sheila Sac City, IA

We love our Baby Brezza!

I’ve just started making baby food for our baby–the Baby Brezza works like a charm! It makes the whole process very easy. You can literally chop up a vegetable, put it in the Baby Brezza, and hit the button. It will steam and puree the food for you! The instruction manual tells you how long to steam each vegetable. It purees the food much better than my food processor. If I used the food processor, I’d have to add an extra step of straining the food after it was pureed. The only negative to the Baby Brezza is that it only makes limited quantities at a time. But since the process is so easy, that doesn’t bother me. It’s quick and easy to make multiple batches. Not much to clean up when you’re done either. I pour the puree into ice cube trays to freeze. In a couple of days, I quickly dip the bottom of the trays in warm water and then pop the cubes out into a zip lock bag to store in our deep freezer. It’s great!

Lou Altamont, IL

So easy

I haven’t found a flaw with this product yet. I had been making my own baby food using a steamer and blender and this is so much easier. I add water, dump in the food, hit the steam + blend button and it does the rest for me! I haven’t tried meat yet but it’s taken care of the fruits and veg I’ve tried with no problems.

Hazel Vega Alta, PR

Not Made Well

I purchased and returned because it was defective. Even when it was functioning "properly," I found it not worth the hassle. It took quite a while to cook anything, and it was far easier to just cook it on the stove and mash it up with a masher or fork. Perfect example of our fatuation with gadgets.

Bettie Watertown, CT

Works incredibly well! So easy for me to make baby food!

This product works so well and it is incredibly easy to use. All I have to do is add water to the steamer reservoir, cut up all the ingredients to the right size (per the included recipe guide), add them into the container, close the lid, set time and press “start”. I can then walk away and 20 minutes later I get steamed and perfectly pureed baby food! Now I have no excuse not to make my own baby food at home!

Gabriela Donna, TX

Feel like a “real” chef

I have been buying the plum baby organics food pouches (which I still love) and thought I could try making homemade baby food to give my baby different combos of food that the pouches and other store brands didn’t offer. I have had every machine (Baby Beaba, Baby Bullet and Baby Chef) and they were all returned. Finally I found the Brezza! Super easy to use, has a great steam option (which was what I missed in the baby bullet) and easy to clean. Couldn’t be happier with this product and now I can make fun food combos. Also, I usually buy products from Amazon however this time I bought from Babies R Us. They were running a special where if you bought the food maker you got the spatula and cutting board attachment for free.

Lakesha Everettville, WV

Baby Brezza is a Breeze

With all of the things I’m getting used to as a new mom, one being that I just don’t have time and/or energy to get a lot of things done around the house, Baby Brezza sure has been a big help! Just put the food in and walk away! I’ve even tried some of the recipes that came with the manual, and my son hasn’t turned one down yet 🙂 I also have the storage containers with the daily markers (which I love) and the spatula. Both work great.Unfortunately, I have to say that I also received one that didn’t blend properly at first. I used the steam and blend function on my first try, and when it got to the blending, it made the noise but didn’t move. However, I didn’t take mine apart. I pushed the manual blend button and it worked. Ever since then, it’s been working fine on both settings. (I don’t suggest this as a fix but just thought I’d share).Also, I don’t have that many machines in my kitchen so I don’t have much to compare it to. But, do all food processors make that much noise??? I thought this was a task I’d be able to do when my son’s asleep (which is when I get most things done) but that is not an option.Still, I’m a fan!

Tania Texico, IL

Far better than competitors and cheaper too!

I love the Baby Brezza.It’s by far the best baby food maker out there.I have tried the Beaba and the Kalorik. They were both awful.I am so glad i found the baby brezza. One step! Hooray! I put the food in the bowl and i press one button “steam and blend” and then it does just that. It steams the food in no time and the powerful blender makes everything perfectly smooth. It’s simple to clean and works every time. You also have the choice to just steam or just blend. This product is head and shoulders above it’s competitors….and cheaper too!

Marci San Ardo, CA

Good product, great Customer Service

We loved this blender for making our first purees for our son. After almost daily use for a few months we did have an issue with the blender. From reading all of the reviews here I was extremely hesitant to contact customer service. I emailed their customer service and was shocked at how well I was treated. I was emailed back quickly from a single person and given his direct extension (and email address). After giving him a call we were able to troubleshoot the issue and get the correct replacement part sent out quickly. Later on I had another slight issue so I emailed this contact directly again. He went above and beyond my expectations. I can confidently say they stand by their product and will work with you to resolve any issues you have. Make sure you read the instructions carefully and follow them (careful with the drive shaft!).

Consuelo Gazelle, CA

Works great.

Fairly easy to clean, but really works well and purees well. Sometimes difficult to get it to lock into the machine, takes a few tries.

Marian Navarre, MN

Fresh baby food couldnt be easier

We use this to make our daughter baby food and it could not be easier. We’ve cooked all sorts of fruit and vegetable foods for her.

Virgie Elgin, OK

I really wanted to like this

I received this as a baby shower gift and was very excited because I wanted to make my own baby food. Fast forward 6 months and I got to use this for about 2 weeks before it died. It stopped steaming entirely. The concept is great – one step baby food maker and in small batches. I’ve been making baby food with my old fashioned pot steamer and blender. I make bigger batches and freeze. I really didn’t want another product since my son will be eating little chunks of food soon. The puree baby stage doesn’t last long….. I would not recommend this product.

Silvia Orient, NY

Good Buy

I opted to buy this food maker rather than the baby bullet because of the reviews of the bullet. The baby brezza has done well. I have had it for the past couple of months and it hasn’t failed me. I love the fact that it has a ‘steam & blend’ option without me having to keep monitoring the process. Additionally, it has 2 other buttons separately for blend and for steam in case I don’t want to do both together. I can do those processes separately if needed. It purees very well and you can adjust the time in order to create a different food consistency for your growing baby. I highly recommend this product for all you parents who want to make baby food easily.

Latoya Meriden, CT