Baby Briefcase Baby Paperwork Organizer, Mint/Periwinkle

Baby Briefcase Baby Paperwork Organizer, Mint/Periwinkle

A tiny bundle of joy, a big bundle of paperwork. When you bring your baby home, there’s a ton of paperwork birth certificate, insurance, social security forms, baby equipment warranties, thank you notes, and much more. Even the most Type A parent canand#8217;t find paperwork when sleep deprivation hits. BabyBriefcase helps parents keep babyand#8217;s essential paperwork in one place. A charming and useful shower gift for any mom regardless of whether it is her first baby or fifth. Winner of the national iParenting Media Award. BabyBriefcase fits into standard file cabinets and accommodates many standard letter size file folders.

Main features

  • Frosted plastic briefcase with sturdy click and snap closure
  • 9 plastic folders in frosty periwinkle, mint green, and peach
  • Photo pocket with vintage frame; handy pen slot
  • Name tag side pockets to easily retrieve from a filing cabinet or bookshelf
  • Frosted plastic briefcase with sturdy click and snap closure; photo pocket with vintage frame; handy pen slot (pen not included)
  • 9 plastic folders in frosty periwinkle, mint green, and peach
  • Thank you note tracker; filing labels in light periwinckle; 6 baby information wallet cards for mom, dad, grandma, and other caregivers
  • Name tag side pockets to easily retrieve from a filing cabinet or bookshelf
  • Dimensions: 11.75and#8221; wide x 10and#8221; tall  x 1.75and#8221; deep; fits into standard file cabinets; accommodates many standard letter size file folders

Verified reviews


Practical and easy way to organize

I agree with the reviewers who say this item is overpriced, because it is. But I have a two month old, have little time, and found this item nice because it has everything I need to be organized. For someone with little time but wants to be organized, this is a great product.

Alison Dale, TX

The perfect gift for every baby

If you are going to buy only one baby gift – this is it. This is the gift I bring to every baby shower and have received myriad thanks for it. In this compact briefcase, there is a place for every bit of paperwork you need for your baby. No more hunting through file cabinets or stacks of papers. It simplifies your life at a time when every moment counts. Every baby (and every parent) deserves one of these. You will not be disappointed. Highly recommend.

Juliette South Lake Tahoe, CA

My favorite baby gift!!

Since I’m one of those freaky people who love being organized, balancing my checkbook, and roaming the aisles at office supply stores just for fun, this was the PERFECT gift for me. This was the only thing I marked as a “must have” on my baby registry.Some people have given this only 1 star because it is technically just a plastic file folder case with file folders in it. Yes, you can make something similar by going to Staples and yes it will be less expensive. But it won’t be quite the same thing. Besides being adorable, the work has already been done for you with pre-printed labels (including many blank labels for your own categories), matching file folders, a sheet of emergency contact cards and other great features. What makes this a great shower gift is that the mom-to-be probably never thought of even asking for something like this. Who thinks about file organizers when they’ve got a baby on the way? Okay, I actually had quite a few files going before my little one arrived but they were “my” files. This is all about the baby and won’t get mixed up with your information.And did I mention it’s adorable?

Luisa Petrolia, PA

Pricey but worth the money if it gets you inspired to organize

I got these because I am a sucker for anything mint-colored and needed a shove to get my baby’s things organized. They are very cute but the included labels weren’t very necessary for me (I wrote my own). At the same time, it would be a hassle to go out to the shops and collect all the pieces you would need to make it yourself (although you would have supplies left over for other similar kits, including one for yourself). But Amazon’s price is reasonable ($21) and it did get me off my butt, so it was a worthwhile purchase for me and I think it would be a nice shower gift or baby gift for an overwhelmed new mom.

Lessie Algodones, NM


I purchased this because I am active military and I figured my little guy would generate lots of excess paperwork from the military. It has been a lifesaver! Whenever he has an appointment I grab the whole thing and run out the. Door with it knowing anything they’ll need is in there. It has made life so much easier! I buy it for all my pregnant friends now!

Tammie Geddes, SD

Excellent way to store baby’s paperwork

Awesome briefcase can hold all of baby’s paperwork. Durable folders, comes with labels for things not already labeled and it’s built to last.

Leonor Goodrich, ND


This is such a smart idea. Life is crazy with a newborn and this keeps me organized. I especially like the thank you card check list.

Kathi Oriental, NC

Just what I needed.

It seems as if I lost my mind when that test came back positive… I could not possibly be any happier, but I would sure love to remember my own name some days! This case keeps my sanity. All the paperwork from the hospital, OB/GYN, baby product warranties, day care quotes and info, etc. fit in here with nicely colored dividers separating everything easily. I have plenty of space for my baby’s information in the future as well. The best feature, in my opinion, is that this case is completely enclosed. I don’t have to worry about dropping files, and misplacing information in my purse and car – this is portable and can come to the doctors with me. (My OB/GYN got a kick out of it and now recommends it to other patients). There are a few blank stickers that you can use to make up your own sections. I added files to it because I wanted to use more divisions to help my organization, and everything fits fine. I really love this case, I think it is well made and will last a long time.

Sheila Wyatt, IN

wish it was bigger

I love the concept of this organizer but i just wish it was bigger or at least some way that it could expand to fit more things in. My son is 9 months old and it’s getting pretty jam packed in there already so I’m not sure if this is something that can grow with him. I’m definitely going to need to find another way to organize everything that I have for him eventually. Good points: pre-made labels, easy to carry and will keep you organized.

Florence Willard, WI

Great item, wish there were more folders and a lil more space

This is very useful, really nice to have it all in one place w nice labels. For the price, I do wish there were more folders provided and a lil more space

Berta Iron, MN


As a new mom I ordered this thinking it would be so helpful to keep up with all the paper work from the doctor and his ssn ,birth certificate’s cute and has handy labels but way over priced in my opinion. It’s still sitting on a shelf with no papers in it….because I don’t have time to be organized with a crawling baby everywhere!- I keep a manila folder with doctors papers in it for him and keep all of his important papers in a safe deposit box so that nothing can happen to them incase the house burns up or something.Great idea to stay organized- If you are an organized person- but I’d say get an accordion folder and some labels and DIY for a few bucks at an office supply store.

Kara Potter, WI

Useful but overpriced

I had planned on creating my own organizer for my baby, since it’s great to have everything in one place, but I didn’t have the chance to get to the office supply store before she was born. I decided to accept that I didn’t have the time or energy, and just shell out the $30 for this. It’s what you’d expect- no less, no more. It’s convenient, but definitely overpriced. If you have the time and will, you could easily do this yourself at much lower cost.

Ethel Hatton, AR

Great for papers

Keeps my stuff organized for when you first have your baby and your not sure what to do with all those papers!

Phoebe Chickamauga, GA

Not worth the $$

Returned this. I read the reviews and thought it was a great idea. Save the $30 and buy a plastic tub and file folders from Target. This is nothing more than folders with labels in a nice case.

Crystal White Water, CA

I need one of these for my adult records!

I’m so happy my mother-in-law got this for me. It stores every important piece of information for our son in an easy-to-find place. It’s something I wouldn’t have thought of, but it has made it very easy to keep up with immunization records, hospital records, birth certificates, etc.

Lenore Mannsville, NY

very cute n functional

Love this briefcase. I had twins n this really helps to keep things separate and organized. Used from the day I left hospital. Only down side it’s a lil tiny. As in i can tell it will become full really quick. But still worth it!

Sherrie Simpson, LA


Not what expected. You can easily "make your own" and keep the files with your others. This actually just gets in the way and doesn’t really fit in most file cabinets.

Emilia Cookville, TX

Great organizer!

Perfect to help organize all your child’s documents. Easy to use and has all the right folders. I like having something to consoldiate all important forms.

Katrina Elwood, IA

Arrived with some foul smelling liquid inside

We were really looking forward to this little organizer. It arrived on time but as soon as we opened the flap a weird smell came out. We then took out the inserts and the papers inside were damp with whatever the smelly liquid is/was. We immediately put the inserts back in and washed our hands and the counter but that’s just gross and unacceptable. Returning it right away.

Alissa Maringouin, LA

Cute and Useful!

This cute storage provides a useful place to store all the baby materials from the hospital and doctor’s visit. Lots of extra folders for additional items.

Imelda Woodway, TX


I think most parents would laugh at the BabyBriefcase slogan, `Which weighs more at birth, the baby or the paperwork’? You know, the birth certificate, insurance information, paperwork from the pediatrician, warranties for baby items, social security forms, and the list goes on and on of the paper trail that amasses by your child’s sheer existence. If you are anything like me, you will want to keep all of your child’s massive amounts of paperwork organized together and I have been able to do that quite well with the BabyBriefcase.The BabyBriefcase simplifies the organization of your child’s important paperwork and has made my handling of our kid’s paperwork so much easier. The BabyBriefcase is a frosted plastic briefcase made in unisex colors with a snap closure that includes nine letter-sized folders for paperwork (although you can definitely add more on your own). The set includes lots of marked file labels (even a NICU label) so you can pick and chose which nine you want to add to the folders and there are also some blank labels to personalize. I loved and used the included photo pocket and side name tag pocket for a bookshelf (or filing cabinet) as well as the six wallet sized baby information cards for caregivers. The only thing I never used in this set was the Thank You Note Tracker since I have never had a problem keeping up with my thank you cards. However, it is probably a nice touch for those sleep-deprived parents out there that need that sort of tracking. Unlike my own documentation, our children’s important life paperwork is all very neatly organized in this one little briefcase. Ahhh! Now that is a satisfying feeling as a momma.

Arline Tuscola, IL

Perfect for kids records

This is the second we have purchased we liked it so much the first time around. I really recommend it to help keep the records of your child organized.

Sofia Linn, MO