Baby Buddy 2 Count Secure-A-Toy, Red/Silver

Baby Buddy 2 Count Secure-A-Toy, Red/Silver

A best seller, never lose another baby toy. These simple straps provide a safe attractive method for keeping baby’s toys close at hand. Just snap one end to the child’s toy and the other end to car seat, stroller, high seat, etc. Machine washable. Comes in assorted colors. Made in USA.

Main features

  • Keep favorite toys close at hand
  • Snaps easily to car seats, strollers and high chairs
  • Adjustable to two lengths
  • Available in multiple colors

Verified reviews


good idea, but fray easily

these are a great idea, but they do fray easily. not a big deal since they were not expensive. since they prevent baby’s toys from falling to the ground in public places, they’ve saved me from having to wash baby’s toys a million times. very helpful.

Juana Sherwood, OH

Convenient and simple

These are great, simple straps that work really well. I like that they are adjustable and very quick and easy to use. The snaps are pretty sturdy and can hold a fairly heavy toy. I also think the length is perfect! Not so long that they drag toys along stroller tires or the floor. These have definitely saved me from looking under my feet and behind me every 10 seconds to find the toy my son dropped who knows when. 🙂

Terry Elk, CA

Secure tethers

These tethers are long enough to allow baby to play the attached toy but not too long to be dangerous. Snaps securely on both ends. I’m quite happy and would order again.

Desiree San Lorenzo, CA

These things ROCK!

Love these things! We use them when we go out to eat, when we take our son grocery shopping, even sometimes at home. They keep his toys from flying all over nasty floors (or help us at home from having to pick the toy up off of the floor 389748 times!!!) We have 3 packs of them and love them!

April Haines City, FL

Why did’t I get these sooner?

These are great…I don’t know how I got along without these until now. These straps are great for securing toys, pacifiers, snack cups, etc. to car seats and strollers. Since my son is in a throwing phase, these have recently come in very handy. We clip one to his snack trap when he is in the stroller or the carseat. (We’ve also used the Booginhead SippiGrip to attach his sippy cupBooginhead SippiGrip, Black). They’ve both come in handy, so we don’t lose the snacks when we don’t see if he throws them out of the stroller. They’re also great in the car, so if he drops something, he can recover it without me having to fumble around and try to pick it up off the floor at a red light. I’ve also found this comes in really handy at the grocery store, as I can give him a snack trap with goldfish to keep him entertained (vs. having to find a snack mid-trip).They are not very long, so I have less concerns about a potential choking hazard, but I always make sure to keep an eye on him when he uses these. The snaps are basic snaps, which are easy to open and close. The material is very sturdy and durable and cleans easily in the washer.

Carissa Scipio, IN

Good product

I really like this product. It’s simple and I don’t know how many toys or pacifiers I would lose without it.the only real con that I have is after some use(like 3 months) they begin to fray. Given the price replacing them after a few months isn’t a big deal. Definitely a life saver when we are out or for walks

Germaine Edison, OH

Baby Secure Toy

These come extremely handy for little ones who love to toss things. It will save items from going to the ground and getting dirty.

Lacy Friendswood, TX

Too short!

The product works as described but you’re going to need at least 2 for each toy because they are very short. For example, I attached a toy to the high chair and with just one strap the toy couldn’t even reach across the tray.

Janie Riverdale, ND

Great product, very useful – after some time edges do fray.

I love these things, tons of color options, great to keep all over the place in case you need one. Only thing I’ve noticed over some usage is the edges did start to fray – didn’t effect the product/usage but just FYI.

Savannah Keene, ND

Baby Buddy 2 Count Secure

This baby secure a toy product is a life saver, it has save me time and energy when we take out daughter out and prevents the toy from falling. Just be careful that there is a loose strap in your childs carriage.

Graciela Foss, OK

Everyone with a stroller needs this

I bought this to keep my sons toys hooked to his stroller. He has a habit of throwing everything. I tried to use “links” to hook toys to the stroller but that can easier be pulled apart. This is perfect and also works with shopping cart covers and carseats

Adeline Jefferson City, MT

Must have!

I keep these in the diaper bag so I can tether toys and books to the stroller or shopping cart. My daughter throws things when she’s done using them, so this has saved a few toys from getting really filthy.

Roxanne Hood River, OR

life savers

These are fantastic for keeping the toys and the pacifier attached to the car seat or stroller so the little one doesn’t lose her mind, especially in the car when I can’t get her pacifier for her.

Emilia Peetz, CO

great concept, but cheap construction

I bought 2 packs of these because I knew I would love them. But once I actually used them, I realized they are made poorly, and could be choking hazards to my little guy. Of course, he would rather mouth the strap than his teether, so the ends near the snaps started unravelling. Also they have little tiny tags on them, right near the end, where every baby is going to put them in their mouths. I ripped the tags off to make sure he did not ingest them. The straps do a good job of holding toys and attaching them to the stroller, carseat, etc., but you need to keep an eye on how they hold up.

Stacy Newton, IA


A must have! We have several of these attached to everything from our stroller, to our baby carriers, to shopping carts/high chairs. Our son seems to be determined to throw his toys everywhere so these are invaluable to us. We use them not only on toys, but also on snack cups and anything it will latch on to.

Tamra Armada, MI

Great to keep toys close!

These work great to keeps toys close. We use them on the stroller, at the restaurant (attached to the chair), and even in the store attached to the cart. I liked them so much I bought another pack to make sure we had enough!

Mellisa Five Points, AL

Works great

These straps worked great for us during a recent vacation. They also work well on our son’s highchair and stroller. Great buy.

Christy Trexlertown, PA

Simple, but useful!

There’s nothing fancy about these, but they do what they are meant to! We attach them to a variety of our son’s toys and then to the carseat, stroller, or shopping cart and we aren’t losing things along the way! Great solution!

Trisha Perryville, MD


My two year old can undo the snaps so its not very effective for him. It works great for my 3 month old though. Sometimes he holds onto it instead of his toy. I like that its much more stream lined then using those plastic links.

Aida Magnolia, NC

Very good but threads came loose

This is a great product and it keeps the toys from falling on the floor when attached to the stroller. However, the ribbon started shredding and came apart after only a few weeks of use. I called the company and they were very annoying and would not give me a new one and they told me to contact amazon. Amazon sent me a new package and I sent the broken one back. Great service from amazon and the product is working just fine. Must have been a dud.

Ronda Gerrardstown, WV

Just okay

great for toys and smaller cups with handles. won’t fit any bottles or drink cups without handles. my son has already figured out how to unbutton them at the age of 17 months so I don’t think these will be useful for long.

Leann Chesaning, MI