Baby Buddy 4 Count Secure-A-Toy Straps, Navy/Royal/Blue/White

Baby Buddy 4 Count Secure-A-Toy Straps, Navy/Royal/Blue/White

A Best Seller. Never lose another baby toy. These simple straps provide a safe attractive method for keeping baby’s toys close at hand. Just snap one end to the child’s toy and the other end to car seat, stroller, high seat, etc. Machine washable. Assorted colors. Made in USA.

Main features

  • Keep favorite toys close at hand
  • Snaps easily to car seats, strollers and high chairs
  • Adjustable to two lengths
  • Hand made in the USA
  • BPA-Lead-Phthalate Free

Verified reviews


Great for keeping kids from throwing toys

I use these in the high chair, the stroller and the car seat. They’re great all around! I wish they were a little longer, but I’m guessing they don’t want children to accidentally strangle themselves. So you should make sure that you aren’t looking for a really long strap.

Esmeralda Dyer, TN


Great idea to keep toys from flying out of carts and strollers! My baby loves to throw his toys and this keeps them from hitting the floor. They have several choices for where to put the snaps so you can adjust the lengths easilyHighly recommend.

Gina Dixon Springs, TN

Don’t Play the Pick Up Game

I love these! I don’t have to play the pick up game or be worried that teethers and toys end up covered in dog hair or dirt from falling on the floor! I use them on her high chair, stroller and car seat. LOVE THEM!

Rachael Plattekill, NY

Five Stars

Just as described. Definitely a toy saver.

Lana Burnside, IA


I don’t know what I would have done without these! I always carried a spare in my purse and loved how versatile they are. Sippy cups, toys, most anything you can strap these around. I loved them for walks in the park or even attaching them to highchairs at restaurants. No more picking my daughters stuff up from the yucky floor.

Ronda Yosemite, KY

Handy Dandy

These things are pretty dang handy. They’re not very long, but that’s ok, because neither are my baby’s arms. I use them when he’s in his stroller and I don’t want the toys dangling down by the wheels anyway. I do wish the loop that you wrap around the stroller were a little longer, I have to wrap it around a different area than I’d prefer. Although you can attach these together to make them longer so it’s an easy fix. He seems to really enjoy chewing on the straps themselves, so hey, two in one strap and toy!

Angel Belmont, LA

perfect & useful

These are just really handy.I first started using these to secure toys to my baby’s car seat and play gym when he was not quite 3 months old. He couldn’t throw toys yet, but these were an easy way to keep tabs on his favorite toys and make sure we didn’t lose them.Now that he’s 4 months old, he’s just starting to fling toys, and we mainly use this for pacifiers and toys to keep them attached to his car seat while in the car, and to his stroller while out and about.They’re just really useful!The length is perhaps a bit short, but it makes me feel safer using these that they’re not so long as to be a strangulation risk.I really like these Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy Straps!

Beatrice Fillmore, IN

every parent should have these

every parent should have these. my one year old throws his water cup at just about every meal. Mommy got smart….although he is learning that he can unbutton it.

Lorrie Terry, WV

Too short.

I had to string two of these together to be of any use. Sometimes the baby is strong enough to simply pull on them and they unsnap.They’d be much better if longer and with perhaps two snaps per closure.But they’re cheap, so you can make do with these if you don’t have time to make anything yourself.

Estelle Rover, AR