Baby Buddy Baby’s 1st Toothbrush, Clear, 2-Count

Baby Buddy Baby’s 1st Toothbrush, Clear, 2-Count

There’s nothing else like it, pediatric dentists recommend cleaning a baby’s gums even before the first tooth appears, with a soft infant toothbrush and water. Our dentist designed silicone chewing brush has an H-shaped head filled with tiny, soft bristles to clean new teeth and gums. Made of 100% food grade silicone (BPA, lead and phthalate free), the unique design of our toothbrush helps remove sugars and bacteria that can lead to future decay. Packaged in USA.

Main features

  • Contains 100% silicone; BPA, lead and phthalate free
  • Cleans teeth and massages tender gums as baby chews
  • Pediatric dentist/pediatrician invented and recommended
  • Chewing type toothbrush
  • Pain free, easy and fun for baby

Verified reviews


Baby loves it!

So easy to use. Baby chews on it like a teether and it’s cleaning his teeth at the same time! He’ll actually grab it out of my hand before I can put the toothpaste on it. Then I have to take it back to put the paste and he cries… that is the only drawback; he loves it too much :o>

Ursula Grantsburg, WI

Easier than finger brush

My twins love these. They are now 15 months old, and I still use this brand/style of toothbrush. It’s so much easier than using a finger brush. The toothbrushes seem to hold up pretty well too.

Clare Houtzdale, PA

Great for Babies & Teething Toddlers

We first purchased this item when our daughter was about 8 months old as a first toothbrush and she got her first tooth. Fast forward – she is now 26 months old and STILL loves this for her molars. She loves chewing on it to massage her gums. I just wish they didn’t disappear all the time (just bought two 6 weeks ago & they are both missing already). I would suggest buying pink or blue so that it catches your eye when looking for it (vs the clear).

Jaime Atherton, CA


Not sure how well it cleans but baby likes to chew on it the right way around so I think it’s doing it’s job!

Janell Arapahoe, WY

Best Teether Ever!

I have 4 of these teethers and my daughter loves them. She has extreme teething pain/itchiness due to Sensory Processing Disorder and these teethers/toothbrushes are the perfect way for her to itch those gums! We’ve been using them since she was 7 months old and she is now 19 months and using them once again as her eye teeth are popping through. Highly Recommend!

Rosanna Meridian, GA

Great for learning but not so much for cleaning

This is a great training toothbrush because it’s soft and the handle is easy for my son to hold. He loves chewing on this. However, i’ve given this a 3 star rating because I don’t think it cleans the teeth very well, I always feel like I have to wipe the teeth with a damp cloth afterwards to remove any remaining milk/food etc so I think we’ll be graduating to a toddler brush sooner than we thought.

Polly Mount Cory, OH


I bought this for my son at 8 months and he didn’t really show interest to it then(His teeth hasn’t come in yet). I reintroduced it again at 11 months when his first tooth finally starts to show and it was amazing. The first night we gave it to him right before bedtime, we couldn’t even pry it out of his hands. Every time since then, soon as he sees his toothbrush, he’ll wave both arms in excitements. He can easily chew on this thing for 10-15 mins sitting in his high chair. I don’t let him use it when he’s crawling around cause he’ll drag it everywhere (like his lovely) and then put it back in his month.Any product that brings so much joy to my baby is a must have and on top of that it cleans his teeth and gums? Awesome!!

Deana Garden City, UT

What’s not to love?

My son really likes this product. He chews on it while he is on the changing table and seems to like it even more so after a bath. I like that he can hold it and it cleans the uppers and lowers all at the same time.

Alma Sedgwick, CO

Buy this as baby’s first toothbrush

I purchased may different toothbrushes (finger and traditional) to find one my daughter would use. She was nine months old when I started searching for a training type toothbrush. My requirements were that she could easily hold it, it easily fit in her mouth, and she would want to use it. Baby buddy’s toothbrush did all these. I like it because it cleans the top and bottom at the same time, is soft so I don’t have to worry about her stabbing or poking herself with a hard handle, it is harder for her to gag on, the bristles do not poke her when she chews on it and she enjoys brushing her teeth. I can just hand this to her after meal time and she will automatically stick it in her mouth and brush for up to 15 minutes. She can even flip it to brush the other side of her mouth without help. I really like that it is curved to fit the contours of baby’s mouth. Save yourself bit fingers (when trying to brush with a finger toothbrush) and the fear of baby hurting herself or you hurting her when trying to brush with a tradition toothbrush and just get these.

Sophia Trout Dale, VA

What a great idea and design!

I am really happy that I bought these. Even though my daughter is not currently in the process of getting a new tooth, she does love to chew on these still. I thought it was odd how the handle curved, thinking it would be more difficult for a baby to get in their mouth, but she does just fine. She obviously loves the feel of it on her gums cause she tends to chew on it for awhile and she isn’t much for chewing on things for too lond before she moves on to the next thing. I would defiantely recommend these to any frustrated mom with a fussy teething baby! These really do the trick!

Bethany Stamping Ground, KY