Baby Buddy Bottle Buddy The Electronic Formula Dispenser, White

Baby Buddy Bottle Buddy The Electronic Formula Dispenser, White

Bottle Buddy is a unique electronic formula dispensing product that accurately counts a pre-set amount of powdered infant and follow on formula into a baby’s bottle. Using Bottle Buddy to make up a feeding is convenient, quick and easy to use and, most importantly, it saves time and ensures that every bottle contains the right amount of formula every time. It’s a common, yet annoying, mistake to make: you’re preparing a bottle for your baby and counting the amount of powder into the bottle when someone or something interrupts you. Before you know it, you’re wondering: “was that five or six scoops?” and have to start over again. Bottle Buddy eliminates the risk of contamination, human error and spillage by delivering an adjustable, preset, consistent quantity of powder at a touch of a button. Bottle Buddy is ideal for new parents or caretakers who may be nervous about formula quantities. Bottle Buddy is set to revolutionize the way parents make up their babies’ bottles forever. Benefits Breast milk is generally thought to be best for babies but there are a number of good reasons why many mothers choose to bottle feed from birth or only breast feed for a short while. Some parents supplement breast milk with powdered infant or follow-on formula – especially as the baby gets older. Whatever they choose, all parents want to see their baby thrive and grow at a healthy rate. On average, parents put over 10,000 scoops of infant or follow-on formula into bottles in the first year of a baby’s life. It is not only very time consuming but also very easy to miscount the amount of formula used, especially when holding a crying, hungry baby and trying to make up a bottle at the same time. Using Bottle Buddy to make up a feeding ensures that every bottle contains the correct amount of formula and overcomes some of the serious health risks associated with formula feeding. Miscounting scoops, overfeeding or underfeeding on a regular basis can have long-term health implications.

Main features

  • Simplifies your life
  • Compatible with all leading brands of formula
  • More accurate and saves time
  • 100% more hygienic

Verified reviews


Good idea, but room for improvement

We have been using this dispenser for six weeks and it seems to work well with minor glitches. The product requires some initial assembly based on the type of formula you use (there are different dispenser discs depending on if you use Enfamil, Similac, Gerber or Nestle).PROS:- Easy to use once assembled.- Clear display and buttons to increase/decrease amount of formula to dispense- Good feature of push button below dispenser that must be activated in order for formula to dispense, so no accidents without a bottle below to catch the formulaCONS:- Formula does tend to dry out. Occasionally you will need to open the cap to move/break up any dry sections or clumps.- Works best with wide mouth bottles. Narrow mouth bottles will require you to hold the bottle right below the formula funnel (dispenser) otherwise formula will spill.- On occasion, unit may need to reset. I just unplug/replug in.

Carmela San Jose, NM

Worth it

I was not sure if this was going to be worth the money or not but I was sick of the little scooper. If you want to throw a little money at this problem than make the purchase. I am pleased to never deal with a stupid scoop againThe formula I use was not listed on the package for directions so I called the company and they were very friendly and helpful

Diann Desha, AR

Electronic Formula Dispenser

If I could give zero stars I would. I should have followed the advice from other reviews, but I wanted to experience this for myself. The product looks nice and appears to work for maybe the first few bottles, but by day two the unit would not stop dispensing formula. I followed all the directions for setup, but in the end I had to send it back for a refund. The only way to kept it from dispensing formula was to unplug it. Pass this product over. Not worth the headache.

Jane Gordon, PA

I love it!

This may seem like it’s not necessary…and I suppose its not, but it makes life so much easier! I personally hate trying to take that little scoop from the powder container and try to measure it accurately and then not spill any of it all over my counter…yes it sounds silly but it’s annoying!The biggest benefit is that you can have the formula dispensed in 1oz increments. This is a huge money saver, since you can only measure out the powder in 2oz increments using the scoop. A lot less formula wasted this way.It makes juggling a crying baby while trying to make a bottle a million times easier, and when you’re half asleep in the middle of the night it’s much easier to take the bottle with water already measured out earlier and just pop it under the machine and hit a button.I LOVE this and would recommend it to everyone!

Melissa Dawson, NE

love love love

I have 2 kids, 12 months apart!!! lots of bottles! this is great! – 1 hand function and measures formula to the t! its simple and easy. cant think of anything would change or add to it.

Mitzi Farmington, NY


I was NOT planning on formula feeding. I had this huge EBF plan and I was gonna stick to it! Unfortunately that didn’t happen and I hated bottle feeding the whole process was just a mess plus you had to use both hands to feed the baby and really who wants to do that. JK. But really. This item eliminated a lot of the hassle. My #1 complaint with formula feeding is that the formula get EVERYWHERE. I hate that. With this you just pour the formula in and forget about it. My #2 complaint with formula feeding was that you could only make a bottle buy every 2 oz. So I couldn’t make a 5 oz bottle or a 9 oz bottle. the bottle buddy lets you pick however many oz you want to do I think i goes up to 9 oz. But you can do it by singles! I LOVE THAT! My husband and I paired this with the Baby Breeza Control Kettle and it doesn’t get much more instant than that. I highly recommend.

Nona Walkerton, VA


We really like this product because it allows you to make a bottle with one hand and it makes measuring powdered formula more accurate. We often make an odd number of ounces (3, 5, etc) and with the scoops you have to estimate that extra ounce or use a whole other scoop and waste an ounce. This measures by 1 ounce so it accurately measures even the odd number of ounces.The couple things we didn’t like about this product are that while it works with tall bottles, the Dr Brown bottles are even taller, so they don’t quite fit. We made a stand for the product so that they will fit. Also, you have to be careful where the bottle is placed so that powder doesn’t miss going into the bottle. Also if you use a speciality formula (we use Enfamil AR), you have to check their website to see which adapter to use for measurement.Overall, we are very glad we have this product and would buy it again.

Laverne Farwell, NE

Handy in a Hurry

Let me first say this was not at all what we thought it was. We thought it was an all-in-one baby Keurig when we put it on our registry, so when someone bought it for us we were most disappointed to find out it only dispensed formula. That said, we put it on the counter and figured we’d give it a try. This has quickly turned into our favorite item. It seems to provide a fairly accurate amount every time, it’s easy to change how much you want to go in, and so far there have been no mechanical issues.You do have to take your time a little bit to make sure you’re getting your bottle/container under the pour spout. For instance, we have one of the little three-way divider things that we fill every night and take upstairs so that we don’t have to go down and get formula. If you were to just push it back in and hit the button, it would spill formula everywhere. You MUST take the extra half a second and hold the container up to the opening to make sure it goes in the right slot in the container. We also hold smaller bottles up near the opening to prevent it potentially dumpling formula on the sides of the bottle when it’s dispensing.We use Gerber Goodstart formula, and one of the 3 discs that came with our machine fits all Nestle brands, so that was good.Pros: Convenient, not overly bulky, dispenses on an ounce by ounce basis to save waste (we’re eating 3 ounces now, can’t make just 3 when using the formula scoop!), reliable, mechanically sound thus farCons: Digital screen is bad, you have to hunker down almost to eye level to see how many ounces it’s set up for. When trying to use it while standing up, all I can see is the digital "8" unless I get down and look at it from eye level. The formula is very fine, so i’m concerned one day the small spills might get into the mechanisms and cause the machine not to work right.

Misty Amsterdam, OH