Baby Buddy Natural Bath Sponge, Natural

Baby Buddy Natural Bath Sponge, Natural

Natural Bath Sponge: Our premium quality, natural sea sponge, specially selected and sized for baby. Super absorbent and unbelievably soft, this sponge produces great lather and makes rinsing baby quick and easy. All natural, recyclable, renewable. Made in USA.

Main features

  • All natural sea wool sponge
  • Super absorbent
  • Unbelievably soft
  • Freshens easily with baking soda

Verified reviews


i love it

The nipples that came with the evenflo glass bottles were way too fast for my 3 wk old baby. The dr browns level 1 nipples are compatible w the evenflo bottles and the flow is just right. My baby no longer chokes when he’s feeding.

Dina Vandemere, NC

Two different sponges

I first bought this sponge after my friend recommended it for my newborn. It was awesome, so soft and yet sturdy, perfect for soft baby skin. My girl loved playing with it in her bath, too.After about three or four months of every day use, it started falling apart, so I ordred a new one. I received a different product. Yet it was in the same packaging as the first one, it was a different type of sponge. I couldn’t say it was "natural" anymore. Much harder, one side of it was so hard that it was more like a sanding paper than a sponge. Of course, I couldn’t use it on my baby anymore.The first sponge? Five stars. The second? Zero.

Patty Laurie, MO


The color is strong yellow so it seems artificial , not natural at all… I’m curious what this is made of. It doesn’t seem worth about $9… decide to send it back.

Annette Prue, OK

Nice addition to bath time

Arrived quickly and works well to bath baby. Will probably order more as needed.

Tammie Lockport, KY

Great for newborns

We used this sponge on our first born and will be using it for #2. Soft, doesn’t require you to use a lot of soap, and holds up well.

Lakeisha Yellow Jacket, CO

it lasted 6 months..

I bought it for my newborn in July 2013. Right now is Feb 2014 we are still using the same one. it lasted more than 6 months and no problem at all. it feels so soft and natural. My husband and I really like it, and I believe my baby loves it too. I bought another one at the 4th month and did not got the chance to open the bag..

Janie Castle Rock, WA

The best sponge ever!!!

I am so happy I got that sponge… First of all it is natural, baby loves it, it is so soft and absorb so much soap that a tiny little drop will suffice to wash your baby. It is easy to clean and cheap! Strongly recommend it to wash baby instead of using a regular wash clothe.

Sherrie Santa Clara, UT


I love this sponge and want more! My son loves it. i will buy again. It is great. I love it.

Chelsea Manomet, MA

Smaller and rougher then I expected

I would suggest looking at these in stores and buying one in person and not over the internet. I got this thing as a baby shower gift as it was on her registry — twas quite small and was hard! I am glad i didnt have to use it.

Jane Boyne Falls, MI

From under the sea…

Sponge bob in the flesh, dead, and now ready to clean my baby’s butt. ^^ I wanted something organic…couldn’t get more organic than literally a sponge from the ocean. It is smaller than I had expected, but it will do just fine. I am happy with this purchase.

Ollie Switz City, IN

Love this sponge!

This sponge is very gentle on my baby’s sensitive skin. I like this vs a wash rag because it is softer and you don’t need to use as much soap! I’m am not sure why people are having issues with it falling apart. I used it from newborn through 6 months before it started falling apart.

Brandie Abbyville, KS

I am okay with it

It is a very soft sponge but very pricey! The size too small too…I am sure won’t buy it because I will find a better one sooner

Estelle Mount Vernon, WA

Very soft indeed!

Just as the description says, this spong is indeed very soft yet relatively strong. Absolutely loved it and would buy this again if we need a replacement.

Amanda Crystal City, MO

very soft

Bathing my baby with this sponge is so much better than using a cloth. It’s very soft. After using it to clean my baby with soap, I can also use it to rinse her with the absorbed water.

Geraldine Hoschton, GA

Very soft and great for baby

This product is very soft and great for baby. When I first pulled it out the package it felt hard and stiff. However, once you wet it it becomes super super soft and perfect for a little baby.

Concepcion Arkport, NY


I want these for us adults…when it gets wet is so soft, so much better than a wash cloth. We keep buying them as they wear out after a couple months.

Vera Newport, NE

NAtural Sponge

ur ThoughtsI’ve used sea sponges for years for crafty purposes but have been wanting to try one for bathing! The Baby Buddy Natural Sea Sponge is unbelievably soft, quite unlike the rougher ones I have for crafts.My son thought it was pretty neat, and our dog sure was interested in it! The Baby Buddy Natural Sea Sponge is so soft, I can easily see how perfect it is for infants; I wish I’d had one when my son was that small! We’ve been using a regular sponge for his baths.Maybe it’s our hard water, but the sponge didn’t lather up as well as I thought it would. After I gave my son a bath, I tried it out for my own shower. I really thought I’d get piles of fluffy lather like I do with my own bath pouf, but it just didn’t lather much at all. It did rinse very easily, which is a plus! It’s a little too soft for my personal liking, but my son liked it! I’d definitely recommend the Baby Buddy Natural Sea Sponge for infants!Reviewed by Anne for New Age Mama. Complimentary product received.

Millicent Sanford, TX


This was a baby gift and it is amazing. To be using something so natural for a baby is a great thing!

Diane Concord, NC

Soft and sudsy for baby

Great sponge for giving baby and toddler baths. I love how it makes tons of suds from a small amount of soap, unlike a washcloth. It is soft and nonabrasive for tender baby’s skin. The only drawback is that toddlers can pull it apart (that’s what happened for our first one).

Pansy Dayton, MN

So much better than regular washcloths!

I wish I would’ve bought this sooner. It is so much better than regular washcloths to clean my daughter. The washcloths ball up and I have to keep opening it, adding more soap, etc. But with these, I put a little bit of soap and it goes a long way. It’s so soft on my daughter’s skin too! Really recommend these!!

Kelsey Ridgedale, MO

Very soft and durable

Love this bath sponge! It’s very soft on baby’s skin. We have been using it for last 6 months and now the sponge has started to fall apart a bit, so it’s pretty durable too.

Jenny Southview, PA

Used these practically since her birth

Super, super soft, they do "fall apart" after a few months but they are totally worth it; I can’t imagine using a rough wash cloth on her like they expect you to. I don’t think they fall apart any more than a regular sea sponge that’s rougher than an adult uses. I find I think I wash her better and more using this since it’s so soft.

Annmarie Danville, WV

Everybody Newborn Needs This!

Amazing, soft, creates a great lather…..all of the things you need to get your baby clean! Am bummed that I didn’t think to even look for something like this when my baby was born and in need of sponge baths for the first week or so….obsessed with it now, though, (better late then never!) and tell all of my soon-to-be momma friends it’s a must!

Eva Silver Springs, NY

Really Soft

This sponge is a pretty good size and holds a lot of water. We purchased it to use on our newborn for her first sponge baths, and we’re really happy we did.

Andrea Kinards, SC