Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy Strap – 4 count

Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy Strap – 4 count

Baby Buddy Secure-a-Toy Strap – 4 count (BOY’S) These simple straps provide a safe attractive method for keeping baby’s toys close at hand. Just snap one end to the child’s toy and the other end to car seat, stroller, high seat, etc. 4 Straps – Bulk Packaging. Adjustable to two lengths. Machine washable. Boy’s Assorted colors: Navy, Baby Blue, Red, Black, Royal Blue, Tan, Orange, Gold, Silver, White, Olive ** No COLOR Choice Available **

Main features

  • You will Receive (4) Baby Buddy Secure a Toy Strap (BOY’S selection)
  • Snaps easily to car seats, strollers and high chairs
  • Keep favorite toys close at hand – Adjustable to two lengths
  • Assorted colors: Navy, Baby Blue, Red, Black, Tan, Orange, Gold, Silver, White, Olive
  • ** NO Color choice available at this time**

Verified reviews


Super handy!

These straps are great. I can find a way to attach almost anything and keep it from hitting the floor.

Magdalena Woodward, PA

its like getting two free

the price is like almost getting two free! got the girls and now got the boys! A little short in length than I would want…but its fine and will do!! Been using these items for the past year!

Vicky Anchorville, MI

Baby Buddy Secure a Toy Strap

High quality and colorful they get a babies attention but I don’t think I would repurchase because I like the plastic connects better.

Nell Cascade, IA

Awesome idea!

These are an excellent product and an awesome idea. Every parent of a baby knows that the pacifier/toy ALWAYS ends up on the ground/floor. These straps are terrific because they keep the items secured to the stroller/high chair/car seat and off of the filthy ground/floor. They can be doubled up for a longer reach, or shortened, depending on need. They can be adjusted for smaller items, like a pacifier, or enlarged for a bigger item, like a bottle. They’re easy to keep clean by just throwing them in the washing machine. I’ve washed mine with like colors, so I don’t know if they’re color-safe, or not, but they came out of the washer like new.

Latanya Sharpes, FL

Great straps…never drop another cup/toy again

I have 2 sets of these and worth every penny of it!My twins have cups and toys that they like to take with them in the car, on the plane, and these straps keep them off the ground and closer to their mouths!!!

Dianne Sac City, IA

Strap vs Link

I like these straps better than links at this time because my baby pulls apart the links and —oops! there goes the toy!I use them to strap her mesh feeder to her straps if she’s sitting in a chair, so that she can always reel it back in. She’s does well with it and began at around 8 months. I always take them when we go out so that we can come home with all her toys. They’re secure for the most part and I think I’ve come across them becoming unsnapped once. I’d recommend these to Moms.

Bernadine Touchet, WA

Great accessory

Great way to secure toys to stroller, etc. instead of them falling on the floor. I would definitely recommend this item to a friend.

Marsha Copperhill, TN

Great product if your tired of picking it up off the floor

We use these to secure toys to the baby carrier, stroller, car seat, high chair, and bouncy seat. I especially love the easy adjustable snaps allowing us to transfer the toys from place to place or swap out toys as needed. I have seen folks use ribbon or string to tie toys to chairs but then the toy was stuck – this option allows you tons of flexibility. I highly recommend for active kids.

Amalia Mount Hamilton, CA

Good product but be careful when you have a strong baby

I love this product and I take my 8 mo old out for walk in parks, libraries or markets very often. These become quite handy to secure snack bowl, toys, sippy cup, paci onto the strollers, highchairs or even on my wrist (when he sits on my lap in library storytime). I started to use it when he was 6-7 mo. But recently I noticed that he’s strong enough to "open" the strap by himself, by pulling both ends with hands, or sometimes with toes (yes, that’s correct!). He was doing anything dangerous with it (I never leave baby alone, always watching him even when he’s playing by himself), but I could imagine a baby alone could do sth dangerous with the strap (given its length) – that scares me.So I still recommend this product, but I do want to warn parents of bigger babies, especially boys, to supervise baby when he’s using it. Don’t leave him alone with the strap!!

Hazel Prewitt, NM

Great product

These are so useful, I would order again. Only qualm is that it doesn’t fit around the smallest part of an hourglass sippy cup (the nuby ones) and there are some items I wanted to snap it through but it was too big

Charlene Nashoba, OK


babies through toys, my son is no exception. I got a hold on this early when I discovered these leashes. He still throws but the toys don’t end up on the floor/parking lot/street/etc. and therefore confiscated from his use until I get around to washing them again!

Yesenia Marina, CA

Just as product states

Happy with this product.keeps my little one was throwing toys and chew toys on the ground.Two sizes, washable and hard snaps so baby can not undo.

Tamara Portsmouth, OH

Secure-a-toy Strap

These straps work very well either on stroller, high chair or car seat. Toys do not get lost as previously.

Zelma Clarks, NE


Love these. Use them for every thing I can. I even use them to hold my curtains backs Would recommend

Abbie Antelope, CA

Wonderful Product

These handy little straps hold everything. Keeps all my sons toys, sippy cup, and even stuffed animals off the floor and ground. The price is excellent!!! I just strap them onto his stroller and leave them for when we are out. Perfect!!!

Noemi Hurricane, UT

Works pretty well

This product worked well for the intended purpose. I could attach toys or a snack cup to my child’s stroller and to high chairs. The only draw back is that my twins figured out how to undo the snap pretty soon after their first birthday. It was a great product until that point though!

Debbie Gibson, GA