Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy Strap – 4 count

Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy Strap – 4 count

Baby Buddy Secure-a-Toy Strap – 4 count (GIRLS) These simple straps provide a safe attractive method for keeping baby’s toys close at hand. Just snap one end to the child’s toy and the other end to car seat, stroller, high seat, etc.4 straps – bulk packaging. Adjustable to two lengths. Machine washable. Girl’s Assorted colors: pink, white, lilac, purple, yellow, orange, gold, red, silver ** No COLOR Choice Available **

Main features

  • You will Receive (4) Baby Buddy Secure a Toy Strap (Girls selection)
  • Snaps easily to car seats, strollers and high chairs
  • Keep favorite toys close at hand – Adjustable to two lengths
  • Assorted colors: pink, white, lilac, purple, gray, yellow, orange, gold, red, silver
  • ** NO Color choice available at this time**

Verified reviews


Is a good deal even tho’ i received “Boys Colors”

I ordered the "Girl’s Selection" but received the "Boy’s Selection" colors instead.Who cares? i’m not trying to match my baby daughters shoes with it, they work and they are made in the USA.One thing YOU MUST DO ONCE YOU GET THESE STRAPS: Hand wash them very good with a just a little baby detergent and let them dry.I used a wet wipe on the yellow strap and a little bit of the strap’s color came off, you dont want that.Besides that, it does what it suppose to do, we love them.

Miranda Old Mystic, CT

Five Stars

Useful for pacifiers, bottles, toys, etc.

Lucile Earlington, PA

A must have

These work really well to secure a toy onto something (a bouncer, high chair, etc.) and are very strong. I have bunches of them.

Jolene Greenback, TN

Basic and Functional

This is a basic and functional product. Nothing fancy, but works very well. I like that the straps have a couple snaps so that it fits things with different diameters, so it is versatile (in other words you can create different sizes). It isn’t super cutesie but I like that is is simple. Unfortunatly, they don’t work witht the pacifiers that just have tiny holes, need to have like a little handle.If you feel like I do, that there is enough baby gear with princesses and hearts and if you like just having somehting with good colors and functional this is a great product for a good value. I will probably buy more.

Shana Kenedy, TX

Must have for baby who likes to drop things!

I use these on the stroller and the car seat and I keep a couple in my diaper bag so when we are at a restaurant I can attach toys to the high chair. These have saved me from having to pick things up and wipe them up 100 times!

Natasha Kennett, MO

They work fine.

These do the job for which I bought them. I use them for my toddler’s snack cup and water bottle when she’s in her stroller or the grocery cart. No complaints about quality.

Mavis The Lakes, NV

thin..not long enough

its an OK product…to thin and not long enough! might be suitable to attach a pacifier to it ( like i do on the baby’s tricycle!) of course I got colors that I wouldnt have wanted but had no choice in it!

Nan New Columbia, PA

better than velcro

Works beautifully. I have started giving in baby shower gift bags. You should buy a large pack. They can be used on high chairs, on car seats, etc.

Natalie Osage, IA

Good product for the price

These straps work pretty well. I wish there were a few more snaps for length adjustment but they work well overall.

Teri Sorrento, FL

a must have item…

these work great with toys. my 11m old now loves to throw her things out of the stroller and these are indispensable.

Jasmine Wolfe, WV

Extremely useful!

Excellent for attaching teethers or toys to anything: high chair, bouncy chair, shopping cart, stroller, car seat–or you can just hold the other end. Keeps toys from falling all the way to the floor keeping then clean in a public place and is quieter (we use ours in church) than a loud clunk on the floor. Holding the other end in your hand makes it easier to retrieve dropped toys when baby is your lap. I shared this pack with my daughter, keeping some myself to use with my granddaughter. Love them!

Luella Shickshinny, PA

love it

if you look to attach toys or anything else to the stroller car seat or else this product is your friend i just love it

Nellie Mount Clemens, MI

Best toy strap!

I love that the baby buddy secure-a-toy straps have snaps rather than velcro. Snaps are more secure and don’t get caught on things (e.g., clothing). It’s adjustable (you can snap it in different ways) depending on the size of the item you want to secure. I use it to secure my 4-month old daughter’s toys to her stroller and infant carseat and it’s great! I don’t have to worry about her toys falling on the floor and getting dirty or lost. They come in a variety of cute, bright colors which makes it all the more fun to use!

Chelsey Harvard, NE

A must have

These straps come in very handy, I strap all of theirlittle toys on the stroller and walker . You get tired of picking upevery toy they drop.

Juliette Corsica, SD