Baby Buddy “Size-It” Closet Organizers, Pink

Baby Buddy “Size-It” Closet Organizers, Pink

“Size It” Closet Organizers: These size dividers make it simple to keep the whole wardrobe neat and orderly. Five blank plastic size dividers with removable size labels from Newborn to Size 8. Made in USA.

Main features

  • Organize clothes quickly and easily
  • Removable labels from newborn through size 8 – blanks included too
  • Works with rods and in wire closets
  • Available in multiple colors

Verified reviews


woorks great

this was really cool..It has helped so much in my little girl’s closet. makes it easier to find the size she is right now

Megan Brookfield, VT

Useful and helps with organizing!

I’m glad I made this purchase. Seems like something so small but this really helps with organizing my baby’s clothes. Sort of gives me a timeline on when to start using the clothes and putting the smaller ones away. This would make a really cute baby shower gift as well. Would definitely recommend it!!

Ingrid Tendoy, ID

Stickers peel off

The labels are stickers that you put on the hangers and one of them is already peeling off. But they are ok I just wish the labels were already printed on them

Jerry Lynn, AR

ok product

It does what it does, however it fits snuggly on our bar, so its hard to move it around. It could be that my husband just used a bigger size the the custom closet hanger bar.

Meghan Owensboro, KY

Cute idea but save your money

I’m a bit of a neat-freak so I thought I would love these…’s a cute idea but not worth the money spent.

Michele Newton Grove, NC


These are nice, and great for organizing. They really make it easier when you’re putting tiny clothes up. The rod hole could be a little bigger. They don’t slide very easily, but I knew that may happen based on other reviews. I do wish they had stickers for 0-3 month and 6-9 month, and the other "in between sizes", but they provide blank ones so I just wrote those sizes on there. No big deal. There are multiple stickers for each size too. I think I’ll use these for separating the drawers by sizes!

Leigh Brunswick, OH


If you are organized like me then you will want this product. I bought this with the thought in mind that my child is going to wear everything we buy her. All her clothes are organized by months. If you can see it then you are likely to use it.

Hallie Galata, MT

Great for organization!

Im a little OCD with organization and these tickle my fancy perfectly. Comes with stickers up to 12 months. It fits my wire shelving good.

Maude Delcambre, LA

Awesome closet organizer…used them twice

I bought some of these in navy for my sons room and recently bought the pink ones for my new daughters room. These are great for organizing the closet by size. I still use my sons who is 2 and I use them for separating shorts, pants, long sleeve, short sleeve, etc. There are printed labels with the sizes you can attach however, as my son has gotten older it was more just to separate the types of clothes. I forsee using these for a long time with both kids. Recommend especially for the price.

Iris Salem, IL


There are nicer & larger versions out there… Larger would be nice, but really these are fine. Glad I got green instead of pink because everything else in the closet is pink.

Nan Griffin, IN

perfect solution!

this comes with 5 dividers and a lot of stickers! The stickers stay on well but are also easily removable for when your baby grows and you need to relabel the divider for larger size clothing.These work well for the closet rod or (like in my case) the wire shelves/hanging closet set up. It’s easy for mommy or daddy to know where to put clothes away or where to grab clothes from quickly when you are using these!

Ines Cowden, IL

Great for organizing all those baby clothes!

These are great for an OCD person! haha. Very helpful in the closet. We all know how much clothes babies get in the beginning and thereafter from the grandma’s. This helps the husband know where to look for a new outfit.

Odessa Marion, ND

Awesome Closet Dividers

These are perfect for my baby girl’s closet – we are still anticipating her arrival in the next 5 weeks or so, but have so many clothes to go through and organize! Having a visible way to separate out the sizes was a necessity. These are a good size for visibility, have tons of stickers for updating the sizes as she grows, and I am very happy with this purchase.

Angelina Fairview, MT

Functional and unobtrusive

Easy to organize with these separators – although baby clothes from different companies seem to overlap their sizes. I wish it came with more stickers – we used one of each size to label some baskets for clothes that aren’t hung, and thus could only label the organizers on one side.

Herminia Moroni, UT

Great for closet organization!

I love these! They work great for separating children’s clothes by size, and they go on/off closet rods very easily. They give you multiple size stickers so you can change them out as your child grows.

Rhoda Wind Gap, PA

Genius Idea !

I was looking for something to divide baby clothes sizes in a hanging closet and came across these. They are affordable at a great price, and practical. I am very pleased with them.

Lakesha Lakeside Marblehead, OH