Baby Buddy WedgEZ Outlet Plug Remover with 6 Bonus Plugs, Orange/Clear

Baby Buddy WedgEZ Outlet Plug Remover with 6 Bonus Plugs, Orange/Clear

Kiss broken and chipped nails goodbye for good thanks to WedgEZ the Outlet Plug Remover! WedgEZ makes removing protective electrical outlet covers quick and easy while protecting your nails. Simply wedge WedgEZ between the plug and outlet and direct the handle toward the wall to dislodge the outlet cover. WedgEZ saves your nails and makes it easy to keep your walls safe for baby.

Main features

  • 100% Silicone – BPA, Lead & Phthalate Free
  • Cleans teeth and massages tender gums as baby chews
  • Pediatric dentist/Pediatrician invented & recommended
  • Chewing Type Toothbrush
  • Pain Free, Easy & Fun for Baby

Verified reviews


Does it job

Pros:InexpensiveFits perfectlyDifficult for kids to pull out.Cons:NoneIt does its job as designed, preventing kids from sticking things into electrical plugs. The plastic is thin enough so that kids have a hard time trying to grab it pull it out. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a fortune for multi-pak plastic covers.

Chandra Erbacon, WV

As described; cheap, effective tool for safety plugs

Great product for removing those stubborn electrical plug covers. Your fingernails will thank you. It has a nifty little clip to secure it to a power cord (say, your vacuum’s power cord) so you always have it when you need it.Have been using it with these and have been happy:Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs 36 Pack

Chrystal Wallace, WV

hard for toddlers to take

these are some serious plugs. they’re hard for me to get out much less my toddler. that’s why it comes with the outlet plug remover. These plugs work great, because some of the other cheaper plugs are easy for him to take out, but these are great and heavy duty!

Cherry Snelling, CA

Every household with a baby needs this

This is a great, simple product. I can remove plug covers most of the time, but it does a number to my fingernails. And, manual removal makes me want to install looser plug covers that while easier for me to remove, are also easier for my daughter to remove.Enter this product. It clips to the vacuum hose (though not very well – the little plastic prongs on the cord clip are a bit sharp) and removes even the tightest covers with ease. And, this eliminated the temptation for me to use a screwdriver to remove the covers (metal + electricity = bad).

Aimee Leavenworth, WA

Works perfectly

Use this to remove the outlet plugs. Bought one for upstairs and one for downstairs and it works great. We found it next to impossible to remove the outlet plugs we bought without this (guess we could pry at it with a butter knife, but this seemed safer and no chance of damage anything). Very happy with this product.

Sheri East Point, LA