Baby Care Play Mat – Pingko Friends

Baby Care Play Mat – Pingko Friends

Developed specifically for growing babies and children, BABYCARE Baby Play Mat provides hygienic and safe floor space for the family with small ones. Babies and children can play safely on the floor, with stimulating and vibrant colors, characters, and educational elements like letters and numbers. This Play Mat is an essential item for the safe growth and development of your baby and toddler. It protects children from hard floor surfaces, protecting wrists and knees from potential impacts and injuries from crawling, standing up, and falling. Simply lay it out in bedrooms, living rooms, play rooms or any area for the playing times and much more!

Main features

  • Soft floor surface for babies and children to play on from birth to school
  • Hygienic and safe (Tested to European Toy Standards EN71)
  • The cushioned surface ensures a soft landing for rolling, tumbling, and falls
  • Waterproof and easy to clean: Wipe with a soft damp cloth for food and drink
  • Perfect for reducing noise and impact, and a great insulator on all floor surfaces

Verified reviews


IT DOES NOT SMELL! Gorgeous, durable, mat. I LOVE IT!

Okay, I want to start by saying I am a "toy snob" and an American from the South with a sensitive nose. I am really snobby about baby products, and I am especially sensitive to "smells". Chemical smells in particular. Of course I am worried about the safety of baby products in general; the idea of noxious fumes or off-gassing of bad toxic stuff is something I am paranoid about. I use "green" cleaning products wherever possible but I still open the windows and doors. So you have an idea of the type of consumer and Mom I am.I was wary about buying this. I heard the puzzle piece foam mats get nasty with food, dog hair, and whatever other crumbs and drool accumulating in between the pieces. Not to mention Baby-Grabs-All learning to pull it apart…I was also worried about her pulling up pieces and gnawing on them. And how do you clean the foam mats? I wasn’t sure about the puzzle piece for those reasons.Then I found this mat on Amazon as well as the Dwinguler. Dwinguler cost twice as much. I was still tempted to get Dwinguler because I had read that THIS mat, the Baby Care, smelled, and lots of reviewers questioned the safety. I research the European toy standards. I saw the test results that the mat passed whatever standards and didn’t have phalates and "bad" chemicals in it. I thought, you know what? I have never checked to see if a fisher price toy passed a test. I have never checked blankets. Blocks. Teethers. I trust the labels. So, I decided to go for it. If it smelled bad, I was going to return it.Well, let me say this! The mat just came and IT. IS. AWESOME. Oh my gosh what a gorgeous, bright, thick, colorful mat! This is exactly what I have been looking for. And guess what?! No chemical smell! The only smell that I perceived was the smell you would have if you rolled up a yoga mat (or really, anything) and put it in a box wrapped in plastic and let it sit in 90 degree weather for a few hours (cause that’s what happened; I live in the South). The odor was more when you opened the box versus once the mat was out. Meaning, there was a staleish smell in the box (not surprising—smell any cardboard box that has been on a UPS truck). But the mat, once I opened it, did not smell. If you put your nose up the mat it smells like a yoga mat. Which basically doesn’t really smell.I also got to thinking; Baby sits in the bathtub, chews on shampoo bottles, her baby hairbrush, mommy’s phone (I know, horrible) and lots of other "non-teether" stuff. I am deciding to trust the manufacturer (why not? because it is made in Korea?! Isn’t EVERYTHING made overseas now? And honestly, think about Melissa and Doug products that are PAINTED and we let kids chew on those, granted it is "safe" paint—but it is paint! Just saying…) ANYWAY, I am rambling on over all this because I know that clearly it is a big question and issue for many. Just wanted to share how I decided to have peace of mind over the mat. I also started wondering about daycare. What are in the mats they buy? See? Who knows.Anyway, this may is gorgeous, and looks very durable, about a half inch thick- not too too thick but not too thin. Will be great for my 8 month old as she rolls around and so forth. I absolutely love this mat and highly recommend it!

Valeria Cottonwood, CA

Cute but smelly

I purchased this mat over the Dwingular mat because of the cost. I got it off Amazon for $89.99 (same pattern). This one is slightly thinner than the Dwingular mat, and is about 7 inches shorter in length, same width. Because there was quite a big price difference, I went for this mat.It’s nice and soft, creating a landing zone for baby, and gets the job done. The pictures are adorable, and the mat is really heavy and feels well-made.The biggest drawback about this mat is the smell. The chemical smell took weeks for it to fade, and I’ve had the mat for a few months now. The worst of the smell took probably 1 week to go away, but if I got up close to smell it, there was still a slight smell. Now, it’s completely gone away, but if I flip the mat to smell the underside (that I never really aired properly), the smell is still there. My mat is in large open, usually pretty well ventilated area, and my baby hardly stays on it anyway.This is a minor issue, but the texturing on the mat, that helps with baby slipping on it, also makes it harder to clean. My baby got some poop onto it, and it was hard to dig it all out of the crevices.Overall, if I needed another mat, I might try the Dwingular one just to see if the smell factor is different. I have been gifted some rubber interlocking alphabet mats as well, and those also smell.

Chelsea Entiat, WA

Please buy the Dwingluer one instead

I purchased the Dwingluer a couple of months earlier than this one for my bedroom. The smell in the beginning was strong, but it dissipated after a month. A lot of cushioning and durable. Great quality!!!!So when I decided to purchase the Baby Care I thought that it might be the same quality but different company. The mat cannot compare to the the Dwingluer’s cushioning, when you knee your entire body there, you can see the mark that left. It takes about a minute for it to resurface. It is not as heavy and durable as the other one. I guessed I got what I paid for, if I had a choice again I would def. pay a little bit more for a more quality one.However if you never had the Dwingluer mat, of course there’s nothing to compare to, so it is a good mat and decent price. It does the job, but less cushioning.

Kimberly Otwell, IN

What a Bargain!! Try it!!

This playmat is awesome! Super cute, easy to clean and provides the best protection for your little ones!! Adding this to your baby’s room will automatically brighten it up and the room will look so cute! This type of playmat is very popular with Koreans and since I am Korean, I knew I would eventually buy one of these when I got pregnant. I was honestly skeptical about the Pingko mat because it is so much cheaper compared to the other brands I have seen at the store. A normal mat like this would cost around $160. So naturally, I went out to the Korean store and bought one for $160 because I assumed this mat was inferior due to the price. Stupid assumption! Couple of months later, I decided I wanted another mat for the living room but didn’t want to shell out the $160 so I ordered this. I knew this mat was slightly smaller but that was fine since it was an extra mat. I have to say, the colors and pictures on this are so vibrant and much cuter than the first one I bought! Wish I had tried this first! The size difference is hardly noticeable. I honestly couldn’t tell that this was smaller just by looking at it. Please don’t hesitate and try it!P.S. – My mat did have a smell when it arrived and it drove me crazy. A week later, the smell was still there and I was debating if I should return it. I took it outside, washed it with laundry detergent and water, dried it in the sun and the smell disappeared completely. I was shocked. I thought the smell would come back after a day or two but it didn’t. It got rid of it 100%. Since the smell is gone, I am completely satisfied with this product.

Geraldine Nappanee, IN

It’s an OK mat when comparing with MyLine Baby PlayMat-Yellow-Extra Thick

This is an OK playmat, for about the same price you can get a better deal.This mat is cute and it does offer cushion. However, it came with such a strong smell that we had to leave it outside the house for three days, for the smell to go off. After couple months of use, the mat has already a small dent which shows its interior of certain type of foam. My baby doesn’t have teeth yet and we wonder how that dent in the mat has happened.On the good side, it’s easy to clean and it does offer some protection against impacts from falls.I was going to order a second one of Genius bear playmat to increase baby’s play area, but I took the chance and ordered MyLine Baby PlayMat-Yellow-Extra Thick instead, because the later would offer a larger area and extra thickness.TheMyLine Baby PlayMat-Yellow-Extra Thickarrived with no smell, it’s thicker than this one, offers better thermal comfort and larger area.

Haley White Sulphur Springs, MT


We love these mats so much, we bought 2 of them for my daughter’s playroom. They are thick and soft, bright, rich colors and high quality. My neighbor came over, fell in love with it and went home and bought one the same day online! She already had the foam puzzle one and was so impressed at the great quality. They really brighten up a room and just knowing how eco friendly it is puts my mind at ease. Definitely worth it.

Gale Aurora, WV

Beautiful Mat

I researched baby mats extensively and shied away from the foam puzzle mats due to their being banned in Belgium for emitting cancer causing agents (formamides). This mat is a safe, attractive, and functional alternative to the foam ones.This mat is large, thick, and beautiful. It keeps my baby well cushioned during tummy time and play time. It doesn’t slip on our wood floors, and there are 2 sides. I’m using the scenery side for now, and will flip it to the alphabet side once my baby gets a bit older. The colors are vibrant and the characters are super cute on both sides. The mat had a very faint smell upon opening the package (I’m very sensitive to smells and my husband couldn’t detect anything), but the smell was gone within a day.The only thing that may be a pain later is that the surface is textured with little squares that are maybe 1/16″ deep. The mat is soft enough that all the extra surface area from the texture remains easy to wipe clean. I can see crumbs settling into the little squares though, which would require vacuuming. Not a big deal and still a 5-star product for me.

Muriel Plummers Landing, KY

Great size for twins

We’ve had our mat for a week and both of my girls LOVE it. They are 5 months old and not crawling yet, but they love tummy time and a pack-n-play was getting too small for the two of them. I ordered size Large and it’s huge. I think that it will last a while. The mat is very bright and happy, well cushioned and the digital print on it has some pretty impressive detail. Comfy and it looks GREAT in pictures with my babies(you know, that’s important too). I wish more patterns from this company were available on Amazon – this is not my absolute favorite – I was hoping to get the Space Bunny one for the girls, but oh well. They love it anyways.About the smell – yes, there was a plasticky smell when it came out of the box. I am honestly not sure what people expect here… i’ve had an exercise mat for years and it still has a faint plastic smell to it. I kept airing the play mat out on the balcony for a few nights and the smell is pretty much gone. I think that a faint smell is still there, after one week of use, but honestly, it doesn’t bother me or the girls.

Sheryl Powder Springs, GA

Great mat.

It’s a GREAT mat. Soft, cushy and colorful. It’s pretty well priced considering the size. I will say this though …. it has these square quilted patterns on it that gives it it’s cushiness. They are beveled however, so if my kid spills something on it, I REALLY REALLY have to be diligent about cleaning up the nooks and crannies. It’s a bit of a pain sometimes. Also, I have wooden floors and if she’s running around the mat tends to slide. Not enough where it’s dangerous … but it’s not slip resistant. But that’s an easy fix with a rug guard. Finally …. when you first get the mat, I suggest airing it out for 24 hours. It does have a distinct plastic smell to it which can’t be good for your kids. I used Lysol to clean it thoroughly, sprayed it clean with the hose and let it air dry before bringing it into house. I have 2 of these in our house and I would recommend them for anyone who has kids.

Tami Frackville, PA

Love It!!!

I have been asked by several people where I got the mat from. My son loves it and we love the convenience of it. We plan to buy more in the future :).

Nona East Brunswick, NJ

Already recommended to 3 friends!!

This play mat is great. love that it passed non-toxic chemical tests b/c our baby is teething and likes to lick everything! It didn’t even smell that much, only when you first laid it down.The pictures are really nice, very colorful but not obnoxiously bright.It’s also cushioned enough so baby is comfortable lying on her tummy, especially since she has reflux and doesn’t like to be on tummy for too long. It’s just the right amount of tacky for her feet to grip onto. Last but not least, it’s perfect for easy clean ups of spit ups and food.BOTH sides have great pictures and baby loves looking at them…when she’s older, it’d be a good educational tool too!Would highly recommend if you want a big play mat.

Renae Glen Oaks, NY

Excellent product!!!!

This is such a quality mat. The colors are gorgeous. I couldn’t be happier with the product. I high Greco mend this. There’s also no strong plastic or any chemical smell.

Gracie Hooper Bay, AK

A good buy!

I was looking for a play mat for my son to play and craw around on, I looked a dozens of play mats. I looked at the reviews for this one everyone was happy with it so I decided to give it a try. It is really durable it has a nice cushion so if he falls it will not hurt him and its a really nice size I love it, it has two sides, one side to me looks more for a girl cause it has a lot of pinks and the other side a boy. But I will buy another one I really like it. If you’re looking for a play mat for you’re child this it’s the one to invest in.

Lucy Collinsville, OH

Very similar to the Dwingular

I have two Dwingular mats. I decided to get this mat for grandma and grandpa’s house. It’s practically the same except that it’s a few inches shorter. I can’t tell if it’s made from the same materials but there was just a slight rubbery/plasticky smell just like the Dwingular when first removed from the box. This dissipated within a couple of hours. The thickness is similar to the Dwingular and the surface texture is the same as the Dwingular. It’s like a giant yoga mat. My baby has fallen and hit his head but this cushions it just as well as the Dwingular. I prefer the Dwingular designs. The Dwingular costs almost twice as much for only a few inches longer and probably not worth it for the price in comparison to the Baby Care Play Mat.

Katharine Biggs, CA

I love this play mat.

I have a wood floor in my living room and hallway on a second floor. My two boys, 3yr old and 5yr old boys running up and down and hurt themselves so many times on the wood floor before I put these mat on the floor. The mat protects my boy from slip and fall and it also protects my brand new wood floor. This mat has the best price on the market, I believe. I will recommend this mat for the family who has children.

Deirdre Charles City, IA

Used it for over a year and still in excellent shape

Worth the $$ because it is so durable and thick. We’ve owned lots of the puzzle ones and they stink! Babies peel off the edges and they bend. Buy this!

Genevieve Clifton Heights, PA

A wonderful products for my kid (no need to spend more $$ on Dwingular)

I own two playmats and love both. Dwingular is the one we bought long while ago, still has vivid color and I adore it. However the price had doubled, and truly too much to bear.So I bought this one, which is the same as Dwingular (thickness, color, theme, pretty much everything), but at half price.I have one (Dwingular) in my living room, and this one in my kitchen, both areas my son play a lot (rough player too). He love the pictures/theme. Even better, this mat serve as great "protector" for his knees. If you have kids you know how often they run and fall and run and fall.I love the product and the price. Well worth the money!!

Millie Orange, CT

Very comfortable, easy to clean, and very cute!

We have hardwood floors in our house, making tummy time for our baby not very comfortable. Not very comfortable for me either to sit or lie on the ground all the time lately! This mat is perfect- we had foam squares at first, but they slid around and would get dirt marks easily. Plus our cat seemed to loved scratching it and making holes. NOT ANYMORE! The cat so far has no interest in scratching this one! YAY! One less thing for me to stress about.We use just soap and water to wipe this mat down weekly. I bought Babyganics’ (Target) multi purpose cleaner for spot cleaning- it has no chemicals or harsh perfumes that are harmful or irritating to baby. If you were face down on a mat a lot, you’d want the surface clean too! 🙂

Lakisha Damascus, VA

Essentially a giant yoga mat

This mat has replaced several blankets strewn about the floor for the little one. She is not yet crawling but sure rolls everywhere (6mos). Mat seems to give her added grip/support for scooting around.

Ella Old Forge, PA

Love this! Great buy.

Got this for my baby for our playroom. It arrived of course in two days or less via Amazon Prime. The mat is big, and the material is so soft I’m sure my baby will be happy to fall on his head on it. It’s also super cute, the colors are vibrant and we love both designs. My 4 year old was super excited about all the animals and colors on it. Bought it on sale here and it’s very much worth the price, other similar mats were over $170. Got this one for 1/2 that.We’re very happy with our purchase, I’m thinking of getting another one for the baby’s bedroom.

Brenda Jackson, TN

Mat is Nice, but Overwhelmed By the Images

I was looking for a one piece playmat since my 8 month old loves to take apart the puzzle mats and this was the perfect solution. It is very thick and soft, so when he falls (since he’s learning to walk now) I am not afraid that he would hurt himself. I’ve had the mat for 2 months now, it wipes clean easily and seems pretty durable so far. When I first open it, it does have strong plastic smell, but after airing it out for a 2-3 days, the smell is pretty much gone. Since this mat was probably rolled up and stored in the packaging box for a while, it was totally expected. The only complain I have is that the pictures is very overwhelming. I wish it was less colorful and simpler…I use the side where there’s least images now. I would say, overall, its a good product to replace those puzzle playmats…and since I didn’t want to pay $200 for Dwinguler pokadot version, I’m going to have to live with the overwhelming images.

Aida Combes, TX

My baby loves to sit on this colorful mat!

I bought this colorful play mat about a month ago when my baby was 5 months old. When I opened this item, I love the colors and characters they have on the mat. Everyday, i put my baby on this play mat and he loves to look at the colorful words and pictures! He even laughs at those. 🙂 I wish this play mat is a little more thicker since he is a supported sitter but I know he will enjoy this play mat more when he gets older. Very satisfied with this play mat.

Deena Summit, NJ

Good Enough

Our son is 4 months old, and we were looking for a play pad that would prevent his head and knees from getting too injured as he learns to crawl and walk, and would provide him a nice play space in the family room.This pad has a nice cushion-y feel and is about a 1/2" thick. It is very colorful with lots of animals on the scene side that are labeled, some of which are ones you don’t normally see on a child’s toy (skunk, meercat, etc.). When we put our son down on the mat for tummy time for the first time, he was mesmorized by the colors and texture in the mat. The look on his face alone was worth the price. The large mat is about 4.5′ x 7′ so it is large, but know that the scene on it is not one big scene with different animals, but the same scene repeated. I could cut this mat in half and have two mats with the exact same picture. Kind of annoying, but nothing that would stop me from using it. The alphabet side is very colorful as well, although, to be honest, we have the animal scene side up for the most part so I haven’t really spent too much time looking at it.I like that this mat gives my son a large, safer play area, and I look forward to seeing him learn to fall (during his learning to crawl/walk) on it.

Lisa Ellisville, IL

SAFEZONE for Infant!

My son is VERY rough and tumble and loves to crawl and roll and fall. He is 11 months but we got this for him around 7 months and he LOVES it. Very very thick and comfy to use. It smelled for about a day but has been totally clear ever since. LOVE IT!

Evangelina Bakerstown, PA


I got this mat for my toddler and I love it. It is great and easy to clean. It cushions the floor a lot. I have a witch that lives downstairs from us that hates noise and this cushioned all the noise he makes when he plays or falls. I was impressed by the quality and size of the mat.

Melanie Copeville, TX

Vibrant colors, very padded for falling toddlers

I purchased this hesitantly, only because close to $80 for a foam mat seemed a little exorbitant. My husband reminded me that I would never be able to purchase a rug this size for that price, so I gave it a chance, and now that I’ve used it, I really love it. The pictures on Amazon don’t do it justice; it’s very bright, and the graphics are adorable. It’s clearly not just cheap foam, but it has a memory foam-like texture. The mat itself is textured, to prevent slipping, and it helps keep drool (and other liquids) contained. My little one has taken a tumble on it a couple of times and just kept on going, which is why we bought it. I read in the reviews that there was a concern of a plastic smell when people opened the box, but I didn’t have that problem. I don’t even smell it when I get down really close to it. This mat is good quality, really cute, and seems like it’s going to last for a long time.

Effie Irvington, NY


I LOVE this play mat. It is colorful, the illustrations are really cute and playful and the mat itself is thick. We purchased the large and I am glad we did. My baby has plenty of space to roam around without me having to worry about his scooting his face across hard wood floors..(he hasn’t mastered crawling yet).Also..while baby naps this is a great mat to exercise on. Its better than using my thin yoga mat.

Luann Rocky River, OH

So comfy

Its nice and plush. You don’t have to worry about your baby hurting himself when falling on it. Easy to clean.

Rosanna Pelham, NH

Amazing Mat!

I was not 100% about this mat when I ordered it. Ideally I wanted something super cushiony so that if my baby falls he won’t hit his head so I looked at tumbling matts, but they were all boring colors and no design. so I took a chance and got this mat. although its thinner then tumbling mats, it is super soft, plus it has great decorations and its large! we love spending time on our new play mat. the only thing I wish is that one side would be a plain color so that I can actually see the toys, but that doesn’t stop us from loving this mat.

Taylor Snyder, CO

Great Mat!!

We purchased this mat for my daughter for her tummy time!! She loves this mat. It’s very colorful and educational!! She uses this mat everyday!!!It did have and odor when we first opened it but that went away after a couple of days. Great product I’m glad I got the large bc My husband and both sit on it while playing with her.

Mariana Mauricetown, NJ