Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Maker

Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Maker

The ultimate time-saver for parents, the Kids Line Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Center steams, chops, blends, purees, defrosts and warms foods. One-touch electronic controls lets you both steam and blend multiple batches at the same time. A dedicated heat control turns the baby food machine into a feeding bottle warmer or defrosts/reheats meals. Completely BPA-free baby food processor speedily prepares fresh, natural baby food for little ones that they are sure to enjoy. A sizeable, see-through blending and chopping jar with convenient storage lid blends and chops foods to your preferred consistency and keeps homemade baby food handy in the refrigerator or for on-the-go meals. Remarkably five machines in one, the baby food maker steams fresh vegetables or blends a nutrient-rich smoothie in no time. To prevent scorching foods, the auto-off function shuts baby food machine off when moisture evaporates. Compact baby food blender, steamer and warmer includes a convenient side drawer with measuring cup, steamer cup, tongs, spatula and lid. Baby Chef by Kids Line is committed to innovative designs that help parents serve nutritious, quick and economical foods to their infants and toddlers. Kids Line is the U.S. leader in infant bedding and room decor and brings its same commitment of high quality, design and value to its Baby Chef collection. A parent herself, Jennifer Carden, chef, food stylist and author of The Toddler Cafe, partnered with Baby Chef to develop a line of environmentally friendly baby products that make parents’ job easier and cultivate healthy eating habits in little ones.

Main features

  • All-in-1 Machine: It steams, chops, blends, purees, defrosts, warms – even accommodates baby bottles
  • Side-by-side meal prep: steam and blend at the same time
  • BPA-free with “Same Time” dual function controls
  • Space-saving side drawer with tongs, spatula, and lid Included
  • Measuring cup and bottom cord storage included

Verified reviews



Have not used it yet because baby is still on milk. But according to the video it looks like that it is a great product.

Caryn South Lake Tahoe, CA


The perfect baby food maker! This is so much fun to use! I made so many batches of baby food!

Christina Rolling Meadows, IL

For bottle warmer (will update as my child starts to eat solids)

For a bottle warmer this thing is fantastic! Before I go to bed at night I premake as many bottles as I think I’ll need for the next day. When he wakes up in the morning I pop one in the warmer, go change his diaper and by the time I am done the bottle is ready. No matter how long you leave it on there it will not overheat! My son just turned 4 months old, so when he starts to use solids I will update this. So far we love this thing and have no idea how we went so long without it.UPDATE: It’s just about 3 months later and I have to say- WE LOVE THIS THING!! Making baby food is so easy and fast! Clean up is a breeze. I seriously recommend this product to everyone!!

Gabrielle Halfway, KY


I love this baby-food maker. Its fast and easy, I can use organic products and make great quality baby-food. I also can say for all the people who said it was chunky add a bit more water. or juice to the food. I had to experiment with it to get to the right consistency, after the second try i was able to get it right. I like that the steamer works great. You can make a lot of food at one time and store. great product for you to make your own baby-food and know whats in it.

Shana Norton, TX

Great baby gear.

We make most all of our food for the boy and I have to say the one stop abbility with this is awsome it just makes preparring his food so easy, and making his food there is such a piece of mind knowing exactly what is going in his little belly.

Alyson Baldwin, IA

A real disappointment

I originally gave a 4 star to this baby food maker but after using it for a couple months everything broke, first the plastic locking piece to chop the food and then a few weeks later, it wouldn’t steam anymore. I have to say I used this baby food maker every day or every two day but I was really hoping it would last much longer. It worked perfectly fine in the beginning but I ended up buying a less expensive one and it does the job so my advice is don’t waste your money, you’re better off steaming your baby’s food in an old fashion pan and buy a baby blender.

Marva Wanamingo, MN

A fun and functional appliance.

I bought this for baby #4 after spending untold amounts on baby food for the first three. You can certainly achieve all the functions of this device using appliances you likely already own, and it would be easier to prepare baby food in bulk with a regular blender. However, I found this to be great for day-to-day baby food prep and it certainly paid for itself. We recently had #5 and I am looking forward to using it again.My only complaint was that at times the blender had difficulty reaching a smooth consistency, but my regular blender has the same problem and usually by adding liquid to the mix, the problem was solved. I am not organized enough nor do I aspire to make a month’s worth of baby food at a time, so the small scale functionality of this product was just right for our family.

Sara East Schodack, NY

You’re better off with a real blender

I researched several different baby food makers before choosing the Baby Chef Ultimate for my registry. This machine seemed to be the most reasonably priced and the biggest selling point for me was being able to use it as a bottle warmer and a baby food maker. After my daughter was born, I took the Baby Chef out of the box to warm her bottles and it just did NOT work. I read the instructions several time to make sure I was using it correctly but the water never got warm enough to heat up even a 2 oz bottle. So back into the box it went. Instead, I bought a Kinde Kozzi bottle warmer which I still use to this day.Six months later, I took the Baby Chef out of storage because my daughter was ready for solids and the first few times I used it, it was great. I pureed bananas, steamed apples and made applesauce, steamed and pureed pears. Then I tried pureeing avocados and that’s where I hit a snag. Unfortunately the avocados were too thick for the little blades of the blender and I had to add a considerable amount of formula to it in order to thin it out for it to puree easily. It was an annoyance but little did I know that it was the first of many.My daughter is now one so I’ve been using this machine for 6 months now so I have a very good sense of its capabilities and limitations. First of all, this machine is good for making small quantities of food but when you’re a working mom and trying to make enough food to freeze and use for a few weeks, it’s a real pain. For example, in order to steam and puree one cauliflower, I have to do it in two batches because all of it won’t fit into the steamer basket and blender. The blender itself just plain sucks. I find it laughable that the advertisement picture shows the blender container stuffed with large chunks of fruit because there’s absolutely no way it would be able to puree that much fruit and in such big pieces. The blender works fine for anything soft like bananas and steamed fruit cut in small pieces. But anything else with any weight or thickness to it, like steamed carrots, cauliflowers, ripe avocados or sweet potatoes has to be thinned with liquid to get it to work sufficiently. If I didn’t want the food to be too runny with liquid, then I would have to take the blender container off the machine, shake the food around to get the solid chunks to resettle on top of the blades, place it back on the machine, blend and then repeat a few times until the blades got to most of the solids. Otherwise, the blades just whirl around uselessly while the food stays stuck underneath it. The design of the blender container is poor. There are plastic grooves that protrude out along the insides and gets in the way when you’re trying to scrape the food out with the spatula. The grooves lead down into the little plastic parts that lets you stand the blender container but I would think they’d put the grooves on the outside rather than the inside. Also, the instructions say that it’s not dishwasher safe. After using it for about 4 months, I finally decided to just take a risk and put it in the dishwasher and it’s been fine since then so not sure why it said it but it just added to my overall poor opinion of this machine.The one plus is that the steamer side does work pretty well and it’s nice to have the basket underneath to catch the liquid that drains off during the steaming process and reuse in the puree. Regardless, any decent food steamer can do the same thing so if I had to do it all over again, I would have just purchased a regular blender and a food steamer and saved myself all the headaches of struggling with this machine.

Amie Middlebury, CT

Words like a charm

I absolutely loved using this product. It steams the food on one side, and purees on the other (can also serve as a bottle/food warmer). Its so easy to use, and I love that it automatically shuts off when out of water so you don’t have to worry about the food burning up. The only problem that I had is that if there isn’t enough liquid, the food does not puree very well, leaving large chunks for baby to have to spit out. I’ve been using this product for over 6 months, and I do love it very much.

Nicole Spring Run, PA

love it! — not anymore!

Great product!!! Its small, doesn’t make too much noise, it looks good in the countertop, and my daughter loves all the food that comes out of it. Making your own baby food can’t be any easier.UPDATE – 6 MONTHS LATER:Don’t love it AT ALL! It had sooooo much potential! while it worked! At first, the power cord started to fail… electricity would not reach the baby chef at all times. I live in south america, so returning it was not a very easy option. I had an electrician look at the cord and he said it was a simple contact fix, and he fixed it. It worked perfectly for 5 months like that and I loved it. I really did. Then last week the blender stopped working. Electricity was reaching the unit ok, but it just wouldn’t move. I sent it to get fixed again, and now the say there is no fixing. The internal unit is dead… whatever that means… all I know is that I now have to go buy something else, and it won’t be Babby Chef.Too bad, I really liked it while it worked…but its too much money for something working for so little time.

Nell Alpine, AZ


Have been using this for a month and I absolutely love it!! It does what it’s supposed to and is super easy to use!!

Claudine Adelanto, CA

Purple Handle Broke Off, Unneccessary

The purple handle broke off in the dishwasher after 2 months of use. It’s really annoying to use a hot pad to remove the steamer cap at the end of the steamer cycle.It was a somewhat handy tool, but if we had a working food processor, it would have been completely unneccessary. I wish we had just bought a new food processor instead.FYI, the puree feature is useful for maybe 2 months before the baby is ready for more solid foods. We still use this to quick steam veggies and fruits for our 14 month old.We breastfed, but if we had used formula, perhaps we would have used the bottle warming feature more often. For us, it was just, well, unneccessary

Denise Rice, TX

Works well…

So far I’ve only used it to warm bottles, but it works great. Pretty quick to get warm and simple to use. I’d suggest using distilled water in the warmer so you don’t have to worry about mineral deposits. Hoping the blender works just as well… We will see in four months or so!

Gabrielle Prestonsburg, KY

Really convenient!

A time saver, it’s just very nice to have one appliance on your kitchen counter to be able to perform all those functions, but basically when you analyze it, it’s just 2 functions, a chopper and a heater. Having said that, it’s still very useful: the chopper is essential for making baby food and the dedicated steamer and warmer is much more convenient than using the stove to warm and steam food. The bottom line is that this is a time saver to combine all those functions into one appliance. I highly recommend this for those reasons.

Wilma Annandale On Hudson, NY

Convenient MultiTasking Product

I’ve never purchased a bottle of baby food for my kids and have always given my kids freshly blended foods – and I love to encourage other moms to do the same. The Baby Chef Baby Food Maker is great and doing just that – it’s easy to steam a small amount of veggies, then blend them for a healthy, and economical, meal for your baby! The steamer is also large enough to allow for a baby bottle to be warmed while blending. Freshly blended baby food is not only healthier because there are no additives, but it costs so much less than bottled. For one bottle of carrots (we’ll say about 50 cents), you can blend well over a pound of carrots for the same cost! We had no problems blending fruits smoothies, steamed carrots, potatoes, squashes, peas, and potatoes.My only gripe about this machine is the re-usability in the long run. Like the bottle warmer, once your child graduates from blended meals to more solid foods, this machine will end up in your cabinet. We used a pot to steam the vegetables, and then a stick blender to blend the foods for our first baby,and it worked out just as well. In terms of convenience and clean up, the Baby Chef has got that beat, but after that first year, we’re still using the stick blender to blend soups, smoothies, and so forth. All in all, this is a great product while you’ll use it. Highly recommended.

Consuelo Dozier, AL


I ha been looking at the baby bullet for some time but didn’t want to spend the money on the system as you have to buy the steamer separately. This product has it all in one.

Carly Marlboro, NY

Great baby food make!

Love this product. I use it all the time. I tried the baby bullet but you actually have to buy the steamer separate so I returned it and got this. Boy am I glad I did! My only issue with the baby chef is that I wish it can make bigger batches of food. I have to make multiply batches which is annoying. I like to stock up for a long time. Other then that this product is wonderful. I would defiantly recommend to a friend!

Dana New Albin, IA


I was so happy to have this and for 2 months (not every day use) it was fine than one day it refused to steam, ok i thought i can steam in the micro and use the other side for puree. Well this am while pureeing i saw and smelled smoke coming from the machine while pureeing grapes and a soft pear and then it just STOPPED. WTF. I am so disappointed in this product and will call kids line for a replacement ASAP since i no longer have the receipt to return it. It did work well while it worked though

Diane Bentonville, IN

not worth the money

the steamer does not work that well. great idea and will still use it though. but can save yourself the money by getting a magic bullet and just boiling veggies on the stove in less water to maintain nutritive value

Luella Paola, KS

Very versatile device but may be redundant for some

My husband and I were about to buy another magic bullet when I noticed that this device went on sale–so I bought this instead. It has a steamer on one side with attachments for steaming veggies and the space to heat a bottle. It also has a blender with one blade included. It does everything that it claims–warms bottles if your bottles fit, makes baby food and steams veggies. It’s a great value for those who do not already own a bottle warmer, magic bullet/blender or steamer/steamer attachment for pots–or those who live in a small space and are concerned about a bunch of items taking up counter space. However, if you own those things already–they most likely do a better job at each respective task then this device. Your bottle warmer will most likely be easier to figure out how long to heat for the right temperature, your magic bullet will have more blender attachments/functions/speeds and steaming will be a whole lot easier on the stove. It is cute though–easy to operate and convenient–less mess to clean up.

Kayla Atoka, OK

good for price

The blender part leaves some chunks but I still like it. I like that the steamer catches the water so u can use it when u puree the food and keep the nutrients.

Marietta Barataria, LA

Makes cooking baby food so easy!

We are quite happy with this product. Steaming and pureeing is a cinch and doesnt take too long (approx 10 min to steam and a min to puree). However, while pureeing, the entire unit sometimes moves if left alone…not sure this is normal? Also, steamer basket stained with orange hue after sweet potatoes and carrots, and transferred onto actual steam reservoir…hoping this will eventually clean off. Overall, i highly recommend!

Kathy Napavine, WA