Baby Clear Cut Nail Clipper Pigeon

Baby Clear Cut Nail Clipper Pigeon

You are getting the new yellow color baby nail clipper. It is easy to use and great for baby and kids. (Pigeon is a renowned Japanese company producing high quality baby products. Selling in over 50 countries and for nearly 50 years, the company has earned a reputation for safety and reliability around the world.) 100% Made in Japan. Low flat rate shipping per combined shipment.

Main features

  • Sharp blades give baby nail clear cut every time.
  • Flat angle blades design gives clear view of the little finger nail and close cut without cutting too deep.
  • Handles give you steady hold and has a nail file
  • Slip cover keeps cut nails for disposal. Comes with a blade cover for storage.
  • The metal parts are made from carbon steel.

Verified reviews


nothing special

I think I paid too much for a nail clipper that doesn’t seem to be anything special.

Kasey South Naknek, AK

Have not used it yet

The clipper looks very nice it seems that is good quality, I have not used it yet.I am using baby scissors -more comfortable with that.

Rosemarie Mooresville, AL

Sharp blade but a bit small to hold

The blade is sharp and cuts well, but the nail clipper itself is small and can be a bit difficult to hold.

Ericka Gordon, NE

Worth the money!

These seemed really expensive to me. However, after cutting my daughter’s fingers multiple times with the other ones, I was willing to try anything. They work and have enabled me to quickly cut her nails without hurting her. I would gladly pay twice what I did to not hurt her. I have bought these for several friends since.

Connie Mohawk, MI

Well made though not sure if its any different from adult nail clippers

I have no complains about this product. It’s well made, not cheap looking and efficient nail cutter. I take away a star since I am not sure how this product is a different from adult nail clippers.

Natasha Rowesville, SC

AMAZING!! I wish I had for my first born too.

I’ve always been amazed by how the Japanese manufacturers come up with the best products. I have to say, this one exceeded my expectations. It looks pretty similar to my “Summer” brand nail clipper but the experience is entirely different. With this one, it is so easy to cut my 2 month old’s tiny nails. I also cut my 3 year old’s nails too and it works amazingly well. I would recommend this product to everyone.

Lucy Eagle Grove, IA

Very nice!

The product is smaller than your typical oversized baby nail clippers. Very easy to store. I would buy another one if I needed it.

Carolyn Ranburne, AL

After almost 3 years of use… still my “go to” pair!

We are now on our second child and still primarily use these little clippers. I have others that are good and use occasionally, but these are definitely first choice. They are still sharp and provide an accurate straight cut. Before ordering I was worried about their “sharpness” but after almost 3 years of use I have had no issues.

Eula Lenox, TN

Function and quality can’t be beat.

These nail clippers are of superb quality. Perfectly sized and precision aligned, the sharp cutting edges make easy work of trimming your baby’s nails. If the alignment were poor, they wouldn’t work. Dull edges and they would tear or imperfectly cut. These clippers have neither defect. Try them. You’ll learn that Pigeon makes quality baby items. You’ll not be disappointed.

Esperanza Cygnet, OH

Okay Clipper for Toddler

I am using this clipper on my almost two year old daughter. The clipper is easy to use and my daughter does not seem to mind me using it. There are a few times where it does not clip through her nail (the nail is still attached), and sometimes I cut her skin and not the nail. I am still looking for the perfect nail clipper, but will keep using this one until I find one that works better for me.

Jacqueline Browder, KY

works great

This clipper is amazing. I had brought a nail & hair set at Target store and the nail clipper sucks. It barely clips. This one is prefect size and cuts right where you want it. so don’t get the cheap one. this one is expensive but I think it’s really worthed it.

Emilie Cummings, ND

no more finger clipping

these work great! I clipped my babies finger twice with regular small finger nail clippers. I am not sure how it works, but I haven’t clipped my babies finger since and she is not an easy nail clipper baby :-).

Kate Waukee, IA

great clippers for wee little nails

We have used these clippers since our daughter was a month old, I don’t have anything to compare them to but really I don’t need to because they are great. Easily and quickly trims little baby nails… when I can keep the itty bitty hands still.

Gilda Wisconsin Rapids, WI

super sharp but wish the head was smaller

these work great and are super sharp, however, somehow i thought the clipper part would be smaller to work the best for tiny fingers – they’re just the size of normal nail clippers. again they work great but don’t think i really needed to get them for my little one.

Lillie Coral, MI

Great baby nail clipper!

After reading many reviews I went for the best. This nail clipper was a bit expensive, but well worth the price. It is easy to hold while baby squirms, and never have I cut her fingers. Excellent quality too. Looks like it will last.

Ila Union Bridge, MD

easy to use

Small enough for the baby. I have this kind of nail clippers for myself. So I have no problem with using.

Kristin Wawarsing, NY

Worth the money

I have invested in 3 different baby nail clippers and finally this is the one! I could have saved money to buy this to start with! It’s sharp enough to cut baby’s thin and soft nails while I feel safe enough not to cut his finger. Easy to hold and easy to use! Seems pricey but definitely worth the money.

Zelda New Glarus, WI

Works well

I’ve been using this since my baby was a week old. It works very well on cutting his tiny nails. My only complain is it’s too expensive!

Adriana Baileys Harbor, WI

Love these!

These are wonderful little nail clippers! Just what I was looking for; couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase. Highly recommend!

Kristie Eastman, GA

Super Sharp

Great nail clippers. They are very sharp, which is great when trying to go fast with a fussy baby or annoyed 6 year old.

Kate Chenango Forks, NY