Baby Delight Snuggle Nest, Green/White

Baby Delight Snuggle Nest, Green/White

The snuggle nest is Baby Delights original infant sleepers designed to offer a sense of security and safety for newborns when co-sleeping with parents. The Snuggle Nest provides has your baby’s comfort and security in mind, as well as more flexibility in use and convenience.

Main features

  • 65 Poly/35 Cotton
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Breathable mesh air vents help improve air flow outside and inside around baby
  • Soothing womb sounds and music and light help keep baby content and secure
  • Breathable mesh liner helps prevent heat accumulation on baby’s back

Verified reviews


Fits our queen bed

We wanted to cosleep with our newborn but weren’t comfortable just laying her in bed with us anymore and wanted a little "bed" of her own with ours. Unfortunately, we only have a queen bed and it is difficult to find a product that will fit semi-comfortably in our bed with us. The Baby Delight Snuggle Nest is the closest thing we found that is a good solution. I wish it was a little bit longer, as I fear our baby will quickly become too long for it, but the womb noise puts her back to sleep every night. It works for us! Also very easy to fold and travel with, which is a blessing as we take her on her first trip!

Lynette Townsend, WI

Not for active babies

As much as my husband and I loved the concept of a narrow, portable co-sleeper, it didn’t work for us.At 7 days, our very active baby started wiggling her way out of it, making for very uncomfortable nights for the three of us.We kept using it at night only for 2+ weeks, but couldn’t use it after that.

Carla Cranford, NJ


Well, I hate it because she hated it. The idea made total sense it just didn’t work for us. The mattress is so uncomfortable (not that babies mattresses are supposed to be cushy, but it was a plastic cover, too). Also, and maybe this was because my husband was not yet back in the room, but the snuggle nest kept leaning towards me and so she was like rolling into the side, which was so uncomfortable and dangerous for her. Again, the idea of it is great, and it may work for some, but definitely not for us.

Hattie Canyon, MN

Style Not as Pictured, Strong Odor, Limited Lifespan

I ordered the beige with white spiral style, a nice neutral for my newborn girl and the decor of our home. What I received instead was a beige/khaki version with blue and brown squares, a completely different style–and obviously meant for a boy. Also–the entire product and especially the synthetic foam mattress and bolster inserts smelled intensely of chemicals. The inner base/frame (plastic) smells as well. Doesn’t feel safe for newborns. If you purchase this, make sure you are able to leave it outside to off-gass for a couple weeks, and/or replace the cheap synthetic foam inner mattress with a Naturepedic small bassinet organic one. Someone should manufacture an organic, safe version of this item. I am returning it. No off-gassing toxins, which have been recently linked to SIDS, for my newborn.Update:Amazon sent a replacement for this item which did not have an odor anywhere near as strong as the first one we received. It still had some odor, and after airing it out for a week, we felt safe to use it, with a replacement Naturepedic natural mattress. Ironically, we ended up using it more as a travel changing table, instead of a sleeping nest, as once we got over our co-sleeping fears, we preferred to have her close to us and not in this bulky object. This item has a limited lifespan, as she had outgrown it by the time she was 12 weeks old.

Glenda Schiller Park, IL

Used for my newborn and now buy as a gift!

Love this item! I used it inside of the bassinet next to my bed. It added a bit more padding and feeling of coziness for the baby, and it also ensured that he wouldn’t flail his arms and legs into the sides of the bassinet. He slept very well on it, and I particularly loved the night light. It was perfect to check him during the middle of night screams; soft enough for nighttime illumunination, bright enough to see where I was putting my feet down or if there was a poopsplosion in the bassinet. although I never used it for co-sleeping, I did like that it provided an option should that have been needed for travel to grandparents, etc. I highly recommend it and buy it for others now!

Sheena Davant, LA

My baby hates it!

My baby hates her crib, bassinet/co-sleeper and pack and play. I think the mattresses are too firm and that is exactly what they suggest to prevent SIDS. This snuggle nest, in the same fashion has a pretty hard mattress, even with a fitted sheet, pillow case cover or plush blanket is still pretty hard and my baby hates sleeping on it. I’m still trying to find a safe but comfortable place to sleep for my baby.

Angel Bardolph, IL


Little difficult to get my baby to sleep in this – she got so used to sleeping on/with mummy that she’s slightly offended by my putting her anywhere else, but she’s slowly getting it. Defiantly requires a queen size or larger bed; I have to sleep with a sideways pillow. Be aware that one can also use only one pillow. Our nest originally came with a faulty nightlight, but one quick e-mail to baby delight and a new one was in the mail – it arrived in super quick time. Lovely. I also appreciate the breathable matrise topper that comes with the little baby matrise. Overall, I am very happy. It is, however, a little constricting for our baby who refuses to be swaddled and loves waving her arms about. Again, she’s getting used to it.

Shannon Colony, OK

has a nightlight, which is nice…

This didn’t work for a co-sleeper for us, because our newborn was able to squirm out of it. Unfortunately, he was able to get his entire body out of the snuggle nest, except for his head, so we woke to him screaming because his head was caught in the thing, while he was trying to get closer to Mom.

Alexandra Drayton, ND

Not worth it

Its too flimsy to make a real difference…if you are looking into co-sleepers because you are afraid to sleep with your baby in the bed you are better off getting an Arms Reach co-sleepier bassinet, because this product won’t instill too much sense of safety

Ophelia Lathrop, CA

Good for travelling!

We purchased this one when our daughter was approximately 1 month old and we were traveling out of town. It worked great and have used it several times when we are out of town. My daughter is now 4 months is getting a little too long for this. I’d say it worked until she was about 3.5 months only because she outgrew it. Highly recommended!

Lara Saint Charles, IL


I opened this and tried to unfold the “mattress” but it was so dinky that it folded right back! For $50, it’s a waste of money. I kept the Summer by your side sleeper though.

Darcy Viola, DE

Using on Changing Table Not Co-Sleeper

We’re not using this as a co-sleeper but on top of his changing table as a changing pad. It’s great because the raised sides help make sure that baby won’t roll off the table…even though the dresser sides come up a bit. I just wish that the pad was a bit longer.

Nell Government Camp, OR