Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Surround – Beige Doodles

Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Surround – Beige Doodles

Safety and Security for your Newborn Baby Delight’s bestselling line of infant sleepers designed to offer a greater sense of security and safety for newborns The New Snuggle Nest Surround is the latest model in when co-sleeping with parents. The Snuggle Nest Surround provides a new, enclosed design that offers more features with your baby’s comfort and security in mind, as well as more flexibility in use and convenience. Snuggle Nest Surround Features Soft cover and firm mattress allows baby to be comfortable while sleeping Vented walls create exclusive space for baby The Snuggle Nest Surround is comprised of two rigid, vented wall units at each end, which serve to block adult bedding and create an exclusive sleeping area for baby. Two flexible side panels built into the soft quilted cover, are filled with 1″ structural mesh, and allow easy and comfortable access to baby, while forming an air barrier from adult bodies and bedding. Also included are a firm mattress with a wraparound sheet and optional 1.5″ incline wedge. By placing the Snuggle Nest against the headboard of the adult bed, infants are more removed from the “rollover zone’ and adult bedding. Sound & Light Unit for your Newborn to Sleep Sound & Light Unit For additional comfort and soothing, a Sound & Light unit is included, featuring music and familiar womb sounds, as well as a soft light for nighttime checks on baby. The Snuggle Nest folds quickly and compactly for handy portability for parents on the go. 0-4 months or until baby begins to push up or rollover or is too active to remain in unit. Not for use in cribs or bassinets. Requires 2 AA batteries.

Main features

  • Polyester ( 65 %) , Cotton ( 35 %)
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • The New Snuggle Nest Surround is the latest model in Baby Delight’s best selling line of infant sleepers designed to offer a greater sense of security and safety for newborns when co-sleeping with parents. The Snuggle Nest Surround provides a new, enclosed design that offers more features with your babys comfort and security in mind, as well as more flexibility in use and convenience.

Verified reviews


Beautiful but potentially hazardous

I bought this Infant Sleeper for my premature newborn at Babiesrus for $60 and returned it.I loved the colour scheme and the design concept. I also loved the fact that it is light weight and portable. My husband and I travel a lot and I thought it would be convenient in hotel rooms. I said it was portable but please do not attempt to left the sleeper while your baby is in it unless you place your hand under the bottom to support the child. It is portable in the sense that you can travel with it. It also has a very useful night light so you can check on your little one without having to turn on bright lights.I however think it is potentially hazardous to the health of an infant. The “mattress pad” does not fit inside the sleeper properly!!! It does not lie flat at all. In fact, they elevate the lighter, lower half of infant’s tiny body and (maybe it is my child) but no matter how much the baby was positioned in the centre of the sleeper on her back she would end up in one corner, with her nose too close to the quilted side. As a result I would jump out of my sleep worried she was suffocating on the sides.

Geneva Asbury, NJ

Sides to low

I purchased this for about $55 at babies r us for my preemie. I liked the idea of the snuggle nest and he loves the white noise it plays. The night light on it also comes in handy, but unfortunately the sides are way to low. They should be at least 2-3 inches deeper. I am constantly nervous that he is going to squirm right out of the nest. I want to purchase another one I have seen with much deeper sides. I do not recommend this product at all. My baby is 6 lbs now and I will no longer put him in this out of fear of him falling right out.

Deborah Penitas, TX

Sleep tight

I love the snuggle nest. The little light provides the perfect amount of light for checking on baby or for nursing and not disturbing my husband. The heartbeat sound has soothed baby many a time. We are still using it at 11 weeks, which is way longer than I had first baby in bed with us. He is just now starting to outgrow it in length, but he is tall (99% in height). But by three months I want him in his crib anyway. So this product has definitely lived its usefulness. It’s still in perfect shape. I will be able to pass this along to a friend once we transition out of it. The fold up feature is also nice as it makes it easier to throw in the suitcase for our trip to see my parents.

Beryl Radcliffe, IA

Safe for baby. Super for parents!

I don’t use the Snuggle Nest Surround during night sleeping; my baby has slept in her crib in the adjacent room since day one. This makes it possible for dad and I to get some solid zzz’s and not wake up to her every sleeping peep. However, for daytime naps or simply daytime activities, the Snuggle Nest Surround is awesome. It’s totally portable, so I can place it anywhere to give her a nap or a place to be safely contained. For example, while I read or work on something at the coffee table, I often set my baby in the Snuggle Nest on the coffee table as well where she can nap or stare up at the fan for entertainment. She’s near me for interaction, but I don’t have to be holding her at all times so I can actually get some things done! I love the breathable mesh sides, which makes it safe for her in case she gets too close to the edge. Haven’t put the batteries in to try out the music or the LED light, but I’ll give this a try once I get around to it. 🙂

Ella Otwell, IN

Great Co-sleeper

We use this for our newborn each night. She sleeps very well between us and it minimizes the number of times I must get up to nurse. She’s already learning sleep patterns and additionally feels safer and secure by having her parents nearby. We’ve had no need for the music/womb sounds either. Folds well for travel, which is the original reason we purchased it.

Juanita Castle Creek, NY


I bought this product to try co-sleeping during nap times with my baby because I knew it would be too big to fit in a queen sized bed with two adults. I figured we could use it at times when the baby and I were home during the day, after my partner had gone off to work.Positives:It’s cute.You can get extra sheets that fit.It would be good for traveling overnight somewhere to avoid bringing a bunch of baby stuff.Negatives:Hard plastic near baby’s face/head area.Doesn’t lay flat on a bed without props. It slants on the mattress and newborn slides to one side.It’s not the solution I hoped it would be, but it will likely get a little bit of use. It’s spent most of its time on the floor next to the bed unused since we bought it and tried it out a few times.

Dayna Tetonia, ID


I was hesitant to buy this because the reviews weren’t convincing. Our son loves to be just close enough to hear your breathing, so I was looking for something to help with co-sleeping. This far outshines my expectations. The top and bottom are firm, and the sides are soft. I was concerned that it wouldn’t last long, but it looks huge for my 9 pound son (it’s early yet – but it looks REALLY huge on him) – he can sleep sideways in it right now, so it will last long enough so that I don’t have to be so worried about him sleeping at my side. When I sleep, I like a pillow on each side, and the pillow can lean against this without any problems and without any worries for him. I never thought I’d use the music, but my son actually really likes it.The light is each to find – touch it and it’s on. The sides are low enough to be able to reach your son/daughter easily, but tall enough to provide safer separation. This has provided some relief for us – sleeping in the bassinet next to our bed wasn’t close enough, and when he was sleeping next to me I was always concerned something would happen to him. Perfect happy medium.

Karla Depue, IL

Better than I expected

Works great in the transition from hospital to the home. Not too expensive and keeps our baby safe but within arms reach for all of the middle of the night feedings in the first couple of weeks.

Janell Plymouth, PA

Great buy

We’ve been using this since our baby was born. We place it in the middle of us and so far it s working great. We do put a soft blanket on top because without it, the bottom seems too hard. But overall happy with my buy and wish they come in bigger sizes.

Selena Ringgold, VA

Short term greatness, fairly pricey

I bought this item from another mom in my social group. I bought it from her for $15 used. I probably would never spend $50 on one.1. I was worried a little bit about the volume of the noise maker right in his ear, but when I switched the end and put the incline piece on the other side, my baby kept kicking the light on and off! So I didn’t use the sound (but it is a nice feature)2. Once the baby started rolling, he didn’t really stay in it, or he would wake up. So it only lasted about 3 months.3. If your baby is disturbed by hitting sides or end, it may wake them up. I think if they start sleeping in it early, they would get used to it. I know there is a similar product that the bottom part is open to allow for leg growth.Overall, it was helpful to contain the baby in our bed, especially for my husband who was paranoid about rolling onto him. Just a little short-lived. I passed it on to my sister who is expecting.

Hester Kathleen, GA