Baby Delight Supreme Snuggle Nest Sheets

Baby Delight Supreme Snuggle Nest Sheets

The Supreme Snuggle Nest Accessory Sheets by Baby Delight are custom designed to fit the mattress of the Supreme Snuggle Nest. The safe envelope design completely encloses the mattress pad so that there is no risk of loose sheeting gathering in the baby’s face. Keep extra sheets on hand for your quick changing needs. Available in white only.

Main features

  • Safe envelope design that won’t come loose from mattress pad
  • Washable poly/cotton blend
  • Custom sized for Supreme Snuggle Nest
  • Easy on and off
  • Recommended Age Range Newborn to Four Months
  • Snuggle Nest Accessory Sheets: Fits Baby Delight Snuggle Nest.

Verified reviews


2 packs = 4 sheets

When I ordered, the $5 packs weren’t available, just these $10 ones. The reason they are twice the price is because they are twice the sheets. So, now I have 4 spare sheets, plus the one that comes with the snuggle nest: entirely too many for me, but if you’re looking for 4 sheets, this is it. They fit the snuggle nest supreme perfectly. Also, the snuggle pad is a waterproof material/plastic, so these sheets are 100% cotton…so unless you have an ill-fitting diaper, you shouldn’t need any additional water proof pads with this product.

Nettie Saint Charles, KY


These work great on the cosleeper I have and I love how it doesnt have velcro the one that comes with the cosleeper has velcro and sticks to everything in the wash.

Sofia Kila, MT

Sheets fit well, but not soft

The sheets fit our Baby Delight Snuggle Nest perfectly, but they are quite rough and I don’t love putting my 1 month old on them. However, they meet our needs and we are overall pleased!

Marva Lynch, KY

Baby Delight Supreme Snuggle Nest Sheets

The Baby Delight Supreme Snuggle Nest Sheets are soft and snuggly and fits well on our First Years Close and Secure Sleeper.

Vickie Clinton, OK

LOVE my snuggle nest and love extra sheets!

With babies you go thru lots of sheets. I LOVE my snuggle nest. I’m on my 2nd baby and we’ve used it for over 6 months now, so it’s a must to have extra sheets.

Wendy Camp Creek, WV

Work for the snuggle nest, but could be softer

We purchased these to have extra on hand for when baby spits up in the middle of the night. They fit the snuggle nest well. I wish they were a little softer or were available in jersey knit, but they serve their purpose.

Hillary Glouster, OH