Baby Einstein 2-in-1 Safari Adventure Gym and Tunnel

Baby Einstein 2-in-1 Safari Adventure Gym and Tunnel

Send your baby to the jungle and back in the Safari Adventure Gym and Tunnel. At 4½ feet long, this creative play space provides a padded, roomy environment promoting three fun ways to play – tummy time, sitting and crawling. It mixes in real life imagery with vivid colors and 3 languages to enhance babys sense of discovery. Mesh side panels let you tag along on their adventure. The tunnel also includes 3 toys¬¬ a sun rattle, leaf shaped teether, and a ring rattle with beads and extra links to attach your babys favorites. The Safari Adventure Gym and Tunnel is lightweight and easily folds so you can always take the expedition with you. Get exploring.

Main features

  • 41 by 2 feet long offers plenty of padded crawling space for babies to explore
  • Tunnel mat includes real life imagery, vivid colors and 3 languages to create a unique crawling experience for baby
  • Mesh panels along both sides encourage parent interaction with peek a boo play. .
  • Includes 3 toys plus 6 links to attach babys favorite toys
  • 41/2 feet long offers plenty of padded crawling space for babies to explore
  • Mesh panels along both sides encourage parent interaction with peek a boo play. Includes 3 toys plus 6 links to attach babys favorite toys.

Verified reviews


Keeps It’s Shape! Great from 6 to 13 months (and counting)

I got this as a gift for my son turning 6 months, and my kids love it. If you have ever had a play tent with small children, you know how all it takes is one time of them jumping on the support rods to bend it out of shape. This tunnel has been crushed countless times by my son and his older sister, who is 2 1/2 years old, and it has stood up through it all. Sometimes it might collapse when they are very rough with it, but all I have to do it reach down and pop it back upright, and it’s good as new.Another great feature is the machine washable cover. If you don’t mind taking out the support pieces, there are about 7 of them, and putting them back in again, it really washes up great. I always use the delicate cycle, then let it line dry.

Elisa Belleville, NJ


Our little guy likes this – we’ve added a few more toys and at night when he goes to sleep, I put different toys in it for him to find the next day. The vented sides are nice – I don’t know that our son would want to go in it if the sides were solid. It would probably be better if the poles made it more sturdy. My son keeps trying to use it to stand up, but it basically just falls on it’s side. But he does enjoy crawling through it and greeting us at the ends.

Tammie Hebron, NE

Great for active infants

Our 10 month old still loves this tunnel. We purchased this when he was 6 months old and he was climbing through the tunnel before we got it all put together and has not stopped since. Now he loves to roll sideways around the living room and play peek-a-boo ‘hiding’ inside and popping out the other end. Best toy for the price we have purchased.

Louisa Wetmore, CO


Dangerous, turned around for a second to grab a book and my daughter was wrapped in it. She is a feisty little, but I can not see this being safe at all for anyone. She doesn’t even roll over yet and still got wrapped in it. She did like looking at it from afar. She would stare at it from her sit me up frog and swing. So I give it 2 stars for visual stimulation purposes!

Lea Thompson, MO

Love this gym and tunnel.

This tunnel is so bright and fun for babies that are starting to crawl. I wish I would have bought this sooner to use for tummy time for my baby.

Dawn Drakes Branch, VA

Fun tunnel, I want it for me 🙂

My first child loooved this tunnel. She used it from 4 months old to two years old. Unfortunately, it broke down eventually with how much she used it, and personally I got sick of storing this thing…it’s huge and doesn’t store well unless you disassemble it.So, fast forward to our next baby that we had…I missed my old tunnel and was disappointed to find that it was discontinued. We did not use the tunnel for baby #2.When baby #3 came along, we found the tunnel was on the market again. A little different, but mostly the same. I eagerly assembled it and gave it to our 4 month old. He liked it at that time, while he was not mobile. As he got more mobile, the tunnel frustrated him. He would roll inside it and it would get it all twisted up. He is seven months old now and really has no interest in the tunnel whatsoever. I’m kind of sad that something that brought my first baby so much joy irritates my other baby. But it is what it is, and I personally love this tunnel. But it is big, and takes up room, and doesn’t break down for storage without disassembling it. We are getting rid of the tunnel, after only having it three months 🙁

Sharlene Mason, WI


I would recommend this tunnel to anyone with babies and toddlers. Our daughter is 9 months old, we have had it for 3 months and absolutely LOVES this. She can tip it over quite easily if she sits up in it and leans one way or another, but has yet to hurt herself doing so. She loves to follow the cat through it and the physical activity that she get daily from it (especially this winter) has been wonderful at tiring her out!

Bettie Minoa, NY

So cute! 7 month old has mild interest.

I love it. It’s big, its so cute, and the colors are awesome. My 7 month old scoots around and still doesn’t care for it, but he probably will. My 2 year old niece loves it.

Gina Kimberly, WV


My child loves this tunnel. He climbs in it and likes to play peek a boo through the mesh. Also, it is really bright, colorful, and educational.

Marva Medford, OR