Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood Friends

Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood Friends

Little ones will jump with delight as they explore the neighborhood with their favorite Baby Einstein friends. The neighborhood friends activity jumper special edition has 12 plus activities that surround babies and encourage 360 degrees of fun multi-sensory experiences. The electronic piano has lights, volume control, and three modes: classical melodies, piano key tones, and language discovery in English, French, and Spanish. Other fun activities include a spinning frog bead chaser, spinning rattle drum with beads and a mirror, and more. It also includes additional link loops to add some of baby’s favorite toys. The secure support seat provides extra support for little ones, and with five height settings the jumper grows with baby. Start exploring.

Main features

  • Secure support seat has added height and padding to provide additional comfort for baby
  • Seat rotates 360 degree to give baby full access to toys
  • 4 fun activity stations-includes piano that activates lights, classical melodies, and language learning in English, French and Spanish
  • 5 height settings grow with baby

Verified reviews


Potentially unsafe plastic!

When my baby started chewing on the teether toys that are part of this jumper (the yellow sun and the bead chaser) I wrote to the company to make sure these toys don’t contain BPA and other harmful chemicals. I could not get a straight yes or no answer from Kids II who actually manufacture this product. All I got is that “the materials in our products meet global phthalate and BPA requirements”, a remarkable statement given that, to the best of my knowledge, there are no such global requirements (every country has their own widely varying safety standards, and the US regulations in particular are ridiculously out of date with the current research that suggests that even small amounts of BPA are harmful). This leads me to believe that the plastic is indeed unsafe. The company has lost my trust — I will no longer buy any Baby Einstein products.

Pearl Chestnut, IL

Most fun toy!

We just got this jumper for my son a few weeks ago and he is having a blast. We also got him the Baby Einstein Activity Center and he likes that too, but he loves that jumper more. When we bought this, my son was 5 months old and 95th percentile for height and we had it set on the lowest setting and he fit perfectly. It took him a week or so to learn that he could really jump in it, but now he can’t stop. The seat is a little big, but he doesn’t seem to mind. As soon as we put him in it he jumps his little heart out and giggles the whole time. He has so much fun jumping he really doesn’t pay much to attention to the toys. I really like the keyboard. It plays fun music that isn’t annoying like other baby toys. It isn’t too loud either. I also like the toy hooks. We attached the Baby Einstein bendy ball on one and a teether on the other. I also got more Baby Einstein Links to attach to the 6 overhead hooks, the jumper only came with 7. We went into a store and checked out the Fisher Price jumperoos first and they felt wobbly and not sturdy. The FP jumperoo toys were fine, but I could imagine the noises and music getting very annoying after a while.

Shannon Victor, ID

Its okay, my daughter perfers the FP Jumperoo

I registered for the baby Einstein jumper because in store it seemed sturdier and a better value than the Fisher Price jumperoo. I have this one at home and for my moms, I got a second hand Fisher Price jumperoo (the one with the monkey seat). My 6 month old definitely rathers the one at my moms. The music plays by motion or touch, with the baby einstein one, you have the touch, pretty hard, the piano key in the right spot. The FP also bounces alot more and she can reach the ground better (both are set on lowest setting and she is about 26″ long right now). The FP is also alot lighter and easier to move around. The baby einstein is pretty heavy and can’t even fit through doorways in my house other than the front door.

Carmela Graniteville, VT


This took a bit to put together (at least it felt like forever for us as we waited for hubby to build it).As soon as it was done, we were EXCITED! My son was just learning to sit up…he was a little small so we wrapped a blanket around him to keep him upright. The music is similar to the other Baby Einstein stuff. Some fast, some slow, some fun, and some irritating when it’s been playing for the umpteenth time.What makes this special compared to other brands – it really doesn’t. It’s all about preference. We got Baby Einstein b/c it was on sale (VERY GOOD DEAL). We also have a FP Rainforest and an ExerSaucer. They’re all the same, music, a few activities, kiddos get to spin around and bounce.Am I glad I got this – YESWhy? – It’s different from all the other things we have – music/characters. It kept me son engaged while he’s in it – which meant I could cook dinner w/o disruption, or do a load of laundry.Would I buy it for someone I know – most definitely. It’s a quality product. It’s very well built. The frame is sturdy. It’s lightweight enough to move from room to room, but heavy enough that my kid can’t pull it and tip it over. The liner comes off with a little effort so you can wash it – and that we did (often with spit up and drool) – didn’t fade or shrink.I’d suggest buying extra links so you can dangle more stuff over the bars (or lower them if your kiddo is tiny – like mine is) so he could reach it – or pull it.

Erica Church Road, VA

Good, but limited use

We were very happy with this product. It’s made well and our son loved it….for about 60 days. Once he started crawling, he hated being stuck in this.That’s obviously not the product’s issue, I just wanted to share our experience. If I had it to do over again, I probably wouldn’t have purchased this item. It’s over $100 and we didn’t get very much use out of it before our son was done with it. Just sold it in great condition for $15. What a waste of money!

Tia Royal Center, IN

A comparison of 2 Jumperoo’s

I have owned both this Baby Einstein Musical Motion Jumper Green and the Fisher Price Blue Sky Jumperoo. Having used both, this Fisher Price one is my favorite and here’s why:It’s MUCH easier to bounce. The Einstein one is rather stiff and was harder for my girl to bounce. She LOVES to bounce, but in the Einstein, it was rather rigid. It bounces up and down with no move from side to side at all, while the Fisher Price has a little bit of movement from side to side as well as up and down. Plus the Fisher Price is just a lot more springy.Also, the toys on the Fisher Price are more interesting to my baby. She wasn’t interested in anything at all on the Einstein, with the exception of the piano. However, she was unable to activate the piano on her own as the keys were hard to press and made confusing by the addition of purple raised bumps. The raised bumps look to baby like they are what you should press, however they do not do anything. On the Fisher Price, she likes to play with the toys that light up.The Einstein is easier to adjust as far as height goes. But that is not something I need to do often so to me it’s not a big deal. I feel that both of them were stable and safe.One other comparison is the music. The Einstein wins in that department. The music in the piano is much better quality and classical music, compared to the annoying animal sounds and goofy songs on the Fisher Price. If I could put the Einstein music on the Fisher Price, it would have 5 stars from me. However, the Fisher Price music activates when my child bounces, whereas with the Einstein you have to actually push the keys to make music. My solution to the annoying music of the Fisher Price has been that when I get sick of listening to the annoying sounds, I set up an infant gym I have that plays classical music, and let her bounce to that. For my daughter, the music really enhances her enjoyment and she LOVES to jump along to the sounds.So overall, I prefer the Fisher Price as it’s MUCH easier to bounce, has more stimulating toys, makes music WHEN she jumps, has a teether that she loves, and she will play in it probably three times as long as the 5 minutes she would spend in the Einstein. Her smiles tell me all I need to know.

Cecile Grand Haven, MI

Not worth the investment.

I was excited to purchase this item for my four month old son. I had visions of him jumping happily or turning around and playing with all the toys. Unfortunately that was not the reality:Pros:-colorful-music is nice and high quality, not tinny or annoying-lots of spots to hook toys with links-spinning frog is cute and our baby likes it when he isn’t trying to look in the mirrorCons:-HEAVY The unit can be taken down for transport but it is then partially loose, hard to move around, impossible to carry easily, and too heavy to really want to take it with you to grandma’s house-Piano buttons are hard to push for a baby. Ours only plays music if he beats on the buttons with his fists or if an adult pushes it for him-Doesn’t come with engaging toys…most of what my son plays with when in the unit are toys I’ve added to the crossbars-Mirror is a great idea, babies love mirrors, but this one has a frog in the way so when baby tries to look at himself in the mirror he hits his head on the frog-Springs are so tight that my son can’t jump in this at all, he gets more jumping action in his exersaucer (he is twenty pounds and it barely moves at all when he tries to jump)-Large Takes up a lot of space in the living room and seems even larger because of the top barsOverall I wouldn’t recommend this to others. Buy a jumper that is looser and allows jumping or an exersaucer that has lots of engaging toys. This was a waste of money for us and has very little play value unless you add other toys.

Mandy Sherman, WV

Cool but now it’s too late

My daughter is almost 10 months old and she’s big for her age at 23.5 lbs and 29″ long. We’ve been putting her in this thing since she could hold her neck and back straight really well, so maybe 4 months old. She hated it at first, crying when I’d put her in it. At about 5 months she started let me put her in without crying but she wouldn’t really play with the toys. She really enjoyed it when I would push a button on the piano but it was too stiff for her to press them. At about 6-7 months she started to really enjoy the toys, buut it wasn’t until about 8 months that she started figuring out the bouncing part of it and now she LOVES it. It makes me sad because she’s only a pound and a half from outgrowing this toy and she’s just starting to get the most out of it. I guess she’ll be cruising soon and it won’t matter anyway but I do wish that they’d go up to 30 lbs. It’s a fun toy, but for the price, you really ought to get more than a few months of fun out of it.

Lea Cheyney, PA

quality entertainer / jumper

my son began using this just shy of 4 months. he can just touch on the lowest setting, but he greatly enjoys all of the features. we had friends in town with a 14 month old that is quite tall for her age, and she used it on the tallest setting, and was well entertained by it as well.

Michael Verda, LA

Baby Boy 5 Months Old Loves it!

Great Activity toy. I went to a physical store that had several different models to demo. Although my son was amused by all of them, he liked this one the best. Instantly started bouncing, smiling, laughing and engaging with the toys/activities. BINGO! We found a good match for him. He just turned 5 months and is still small so we adjusted the height settings to the last/shortest level and it’s perfect. It was also very easy to dissemble and put in the trunk. Lastly, when asking the sales rep which jumper model/brand was her favorite, since she sells these things, she voted for this one. I’m glad she showed it to us. Happy Momma!

Natasha Patagonia, AZ

Great Jumper

After using for a month. Delivered in less than 48 hours.Slightly challenging to assemble. NOT hard, not heavy. When attaching the suspension (rubber, elastic? – springy, bouncy things) you must line them up to their grooves or it will seem much more difficult. I figured this out by the last one. It was late when I put it together.The jumper is great. Easy to clean. Lots of places to hang toys. Our 4 month old took about a day or two to figure out the whole bounce concept. He is still working on rotating the seat with intention. He likes to have teething toys attached to the side to gnaw on when he takes a break from the bouncing. The keyboard is cool for me, but not very interesting to the baby at this point.This has a LARGE footprint. It is 30″ x 30″. This is not a bad thing, but was a little surprising to see how wide it actually was when assembled. But it won’t topple over, that’s for sure.I haven’t seen any other jumpers in use in over a decade. I am impressed with this product. I highly recommend it and I would buy it again.

Debra Bluffs, IL


This jumper is perfect! We started using it when our baby boy was about 4 1/2 months old. He loves it! He goes nuts in it! And when he’s out of energy he explores the different features. I love how you can hang things from it and you can switch what you want to hang. For that matter he loves just plying with the links that you use to hang things with…I wasn’t really sure what purpose the sun had, it seemed kind of pointless, but boy was I wrong! He loves grabbing it and bending it, and most of all he loves chewing on it. Now he’s 6 months old and has just discovered the “piano” part. He’s completely amazed by it.

Kathi Mankato, MN

Closer to the ground than fisher price

This jumper is closer to the ground than others I’ve looked at. My three month old is able to touch the ground with his toes on the lowest setting. He’s not able to touch many of the toys as they are just out of reach. I’ve resolved this issue by hanging toys across the two overhead bars (using links). He does love pushing up off the ground even though he hasn’t mastered jumping yet. This toy is great for any age baby who can sit up with some assistance. The seat is really wide so you may have to add extra support by wrapping a blanket around your child. It’s a great alternative to “tummy time” for babies who like being in an upright position. I feel this was a great purchase that my child will be able to use for many more months!

Sharlene Riverside, CT

Six Months of Happy Bouncing and Still Going Strong

We started using this bouncer when my son was 4 months old. At that point, he would just pretty much sit in it and reach for the toys, but he enjoyed sitting in it. Now, he’s 10 months old, and he loves to bounce in it. My son is big for his age (about 24 lbs and 29″), so we have the bouncer on the highest setting, but he can still bounce in it without any trouble.He has enjoyed playing with the toys that came with the bouncer (a piano that either plays songs or single notes, a teething flower, a frog that spins, a mirror, and a flower that twists and makes noise). It would be difficult for the same toys to appeal to a 4 month old and a 10 month old, so we have added some toys to it over time.We have never had any problems with the sturdiness of the bouncer, and the only thing we’ve had to do was to change the batteries once. One disappointing note – the jumper doesn’t fold flat unless you disassemble it, which is a pain. Also, I took the seat out to wash it, and it was fairly difficult to get it back on. Overall, though, we’ve been very happy with this bouncer, and our son has really enjoyed it.

Shauna Dysart, PA

Baby very happy with jumper

The jumper has been great entertainment for my 8 month old son. He loves chewing on the flower teethers and gets really excited playing with the keyboard. The only negative feature is the adjustable height. I bought this when my son was 6 months old and put it at the lowest level. He could only touch one foot on the floor if he leaned to one side. He was in the 50th percentile for height so I was surprised he could not touch especially when the jumper supposedly can be used by four month old babies. Pretty easy to put together although I had a few issues trying to adjust the height.

Catalina Alburnett, IA

Shop for a deal

My son likes this thing. A lot. When we first put him in it, he would just stare at the sun/flower face. Babies have to be a little taller to use this thing as opposed to stationary activity centers. It has a huge footprint. Huge. I don’t really know what the purpose of the bars with the plastic loops hanging down is, because they are so far away from baby they are useless for toys. But, my son really likes this. We keep this one at Grandma’s house where we all spend a bit of time. I like that it plays music, but if you have very many baby einstein toys, it’s the same music you’ve been hearing in your sleep. I wouldn’t personally pay full price for this, but that’s just me.

Corrine Hart, TX

Totally Washable!

What I like best about this is that is cleanble. Many infant items now say don’t immerse in water. Well how are supposed to keep in germ free then? We got this as a hand me down from a friend and we love it. We were able to take out the seat fabric and throw it in the washer (warning: don’t wash in hot water as it will shrink), We were able to take out the toys and really get around and underneath them clean. Then we just used a Bissel steam cleaner to get everything clean-even did the coils. However I used a blowdryer right away as not to rust them.I also love the height adjustment – 5 adjustments. It just seems very well made. And my kiddo loves it.

Francisca Brookneal, VA

Grandson loves this….

My grandson loves hisBaby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper. I’m impressed with it, too. He’s been using it since he was 4 months old. He was a bit short for it, so his parents folded up an exercise mat to put under his feet. He plays with all the toys, and loves chewing on the sun. He makes good use of the swivel seat which turns 360 degrees so he can play with all the toys. The jumper gives him exercise and helps with his hand/eye co-ordination.When set up it measures approx. 33L x 33W x 27H inches.When he was younger, he loved theBaby Einstein Around The World Play Gym. Speaking as a grandma, I think the Einstein products are well-thought-out and well-made activity toys for babies. I wish they had been around when I needed them.

Claudia Jemez Springs, NM

Great Baby Play Device!

We purchased this for my son, who was born 10/21/09. He is very big and very coordinated for his age, so we started him in it at a little before 4 months (package does not recommend this, but we supervised). He didn’t get much use out of it when we first started using it, which discouraged us at first, but now that he is a solid 4 months, he LOVES it! He will sit in this thing for 45 minutes and bounce, play, and stare at the toys. That’s nice because it gives Mom and Dad a break. :)I would not recommend trying to use this with babies who cannot pick up their heads well, as there is not much support in the sling seat. Also, make sure your baby weighs enough to bounce (I found that my son needed to be at least 15.5 lbs – he weighed this at 4 mos – before he weighed down the bouncer enough to touch the floor on the lowest setting).Pros: easy to assemble (except putting the seat cover on required a bit of strength), baby loves the toys, music is not overly annoying, music has 2 volume levels, frog spinner is delightful for my son, mirror is very good, links are handy, product is fairly well-made, packs away easily.Cons: takes up a lot of space, doesn’t “fold” for storage – must disassemble a slight bit. Also, there’s one spot with “anchors” to put your own toys – would rather see another activity or just a blank tray to put cheerios.UPDATE: 6/21/10 – My son is still loving this bouncer at 8 months. The mirror and the teether stems are a bit hit, as are the reaching loops. I really think the loops for hanging objects helped develop his hand-eye coordination and reaching skills earlier. Now I really wish the “anchor” hooks were replaced with a food tray, but that’s not a big deal.

Maggie Georgetown, GA

Awesome Jumperoo

Pros:1) Easy for parent to adjust height (but not too easy in the sense that my son couldn’t mess with it.)2) Looks better than that rain forest one fisher price makes, just looks more classy to me3) Overall one of the BEST baby gear/toy purchases we made. My son got a lot of use out of it and it is still in great shape to use for another baby down the road.Cons:1) Just comes with linkeroos it would be nice if it came with hanging toys my son did like the weird flower and leaf thing, though2) I often shut off the key board as it is way annoyingSEE THE PICTURES I SUBMITTED… my son clearly loved using this toys and I have a feeling your child will too!

Nadine Bena, MN

Excellent for Jumping

My LO is 8 months now and can jump and jump forever in this thing. It’s better than a free-floating jumper because the springs are tougher, so she stays in one spot and can just safely jump up and down. She also loves the frog, and I really like how you can change toys on the bars. I also love the multiple height settings, although it took 7 months before my LO’s toes could finally touch the floor on the lowest setting and she’s not a short baby. But now that she can, the jumping is endless contentment for both of us. The three criticisms I have are: 1. the height setting problem meant that I had to buy a different excersaucer until she was tall enough to totally enjoy this one. 2: the piano keys have to be hit in a very specific spot at a very specific intensity, or they do not make any sound. It would be better if the keys were more sensitive because the sound is what makes baby want to play with it more. When it doesn’t make any sound, she loses interest, gets bored and then cranky. 3: There aren’t enough toys in general that come standard. I appreciate the hooks being changable, but for this price, there should be a little more flare than a piano and a frog and flowers.

Charlotte Farnham, VA


I got this from my neighbor whose daughter is now too big for it, and it’s still in perfect shape! My daughter couldn’t touch the floor til she was 5months old, and she still has trouble making sure that her arms stay out above the seat or they’ll get pinned between her and the seat, haha. But she still loves to bounce in it every now and then. I love how many height adjustments there are.My 2yo loves to check out the toys on the bouncer to show his sister how everything works. It’s fun to watch them play together.

Tabitha Mc Minnville, TN

Baby Einstein Saves The Day!!!

Finally, there is something that will entertain your child for hours! My 6 month old son is not easily entertained. However, when we found this product by Baby Einstein he fell in love!First off, this product is extremely easy to assembly. Everything snaps right into place but it is still extremely sturdy.It has different heights you can adjust it to so as your child grows taller they can still use this jumper. This is a great feature because most toys, swings, etc children outgrow very quickly…but not this one.The Pro’s of this product:-It plays 4 different musical tunes which are upbeat. Your child is sure to love them.-It has 4 different activity stations. The seat spins around so they can easily turn and access each station. One of the stations has a mirror built into it. My son LOVES looking at himself in the mirror.-There are linked rings that are clipped right onto the Baby Einstein. I hook different toys to the end link, (i.e. play keys, teethers, pacifiers, etc) This way if my baby drops his toy he can still grab them as they are hooked to the Baby Einstein. I no longer have to walk over and pick toys up from the floor and hand them to him. He can get them himself. This eliminates a lot of frustration on both parts because he can get them back himself when he wants them.-The bouncer is amazing. My son loves to bounce up and down in this! I set the Baby Einsiten in front of the television and put his favorite DVD in and he is content for at least 2 hours. It allows me to get so much more done around the house!-With this product you know your baby is safe and having fun at the same time!The only con to this product is the fact that it does not fold up and it takes up quit a bit of space. We have a small living room so the Baby Einstein takes up a large portion of it. It is not something you can just store in a closet. However, if you have a decent size living room or play area this is perfect.-I have seen this product range anywhere from $76.00 to $79.99. There aren’t many comparable products to this one. The other types of products like the Exersaucers tend to run around the same price or higher.My son seems to like the jumper more than the Excersaucer because he has more freedom to move around. He can not only play but he can jump up and down as well.It is definitely worth the money. We purchased two of these, one for our house and one for Grandmas!**Note: The new Baby Einstein we purchased has a different station that one of the ones shown in the picture. The new ones no longer have the station that you can turn the little noise makers. They’ve replaced it with a standing flower and some other standing toy. If you can find the older model my son prefers it. I’m not sure why they removed that particular station**

Ola Burley, WA

Best Purchase yet. Wish it went lower

We went to several toy stores and put my 6-month-old daughter into ALL of the jumpers and exersaucers. It was fun, kind of like going to a free playground. This one and the Fisher Price Rainforest were her favorites. We went with this one because it had more height adjustment notches, so we thought it would last longer. Also, other Baby Einstein toys play the same songs, so she has continuity from home to the car. It assembled easily and quickly with no small parts. I LOVE the bright colors, unique shape looks great in the living room, and all of the toy hooks. It encourages her to reach for her favorite toys. Her favorite part is the keyboard with the mirror and the lights. (her other favorite part is the tag that hangs off of it-go figure!) I can put her down into the jumper and she’ll entertain herself for an hour! This comes in handy when I’m getting ready in the mornings. When we go away for long periods of time, it folds up well and can fit safely in the backseat with her and even more easily in the cargo area when we take the SUV. It is light and easy to carry even when not folded down. There are only 2 cons that I’ve can see with this–1–my daughter is in the 60th percentile for height but her feet don’t hit the ground at ALL, even on the lowest notch. Right now I have a photo album under there so she can bounce. Speaking of bouncing, that’s the other con. It might stretch out eventually, but now two months into owning this jumper, it’s still very stiff. In fat, my daughter didn’t start bouncing in it until she spent some time in a Jenny Jump-Up which bounces easily. Once she figured out how to bounce in that toy, bouncing in this one was easier for her. Bottom line–I wish I would have bought one of these for my daughter earlier, she loves it SO MUCH and it’s made life so much more convenient for me. But I wish it went a few inches closer to the ground.

Debora Mc Lain, MS

just ok…

We got the triple fun jungle exersaucer as a shower gift and that thing was HUGE and, also 150 dollars. So we took it back to Babies R Us and we found this bouncer at Sams for $40. Not bad! But honestly I am so glad that is all we paid for it, because my daughter gets bored after about 4 minutes in this. She is 5 months old today but we started her in it at 4 months. The seat is entirely too wide, providing no support. She just wobbles in there backward and forward. When she was still a little unsteady at 4 months she would startle herself falling backwards because it is such a large bowl. Secondly, the video on this green one is misleading… there is not the fun activity caterpillar… the sun comes is a teether and next to it is a clicky rattly type thing… but where the activity caterpillar is supposed to be is just two old boring hooks where you are supposed to hook your own toys. I attached a bunch of links to each other and connected them on there. That was probably her favorite part. They provide hoots on the arches so you can also hang more of your own toys but from 4-5 months old she couldn’t reach any of them. I tried short ones, long ones to no avail and she just gets frustrated. She likes the spinning frog ok, but again… not all that interesting. The piano is difficult to engage so I have to usually do the music for her, so much for getting the dishes done and having a little help! My final dislike is that it is not so bouncy. The springs go out instead of up, and it is really stiff so hard to bounce in. A friend loaned us the rainforest jumperoo from fisher price and she is like a different baby in there. The music is continuous so I can actually get things done around the house instead of having to entertain her in the entertainer. The music activates when she bounces. Which by the way the springs go up and are looser so she bounces and is delighted. And the activities are much more fun for her. Not to mention the seat actually supports her so she doesn’t fall backward. It is worth the extra money in my opinion to “spring” for the fisher price jumperoos. Best of all the toys are included so you don’t have to add a ton of your own.

Dolly Nesbit, MS

Fun for my baby

Our daughter started using this when she was 5 months (she’s 9 months now) and loves it! There are several toys she can play with (and put in her mouth, which she loves). She can rotate 360 to reach whatever she wants to play with and with baby’s attention span of 3.2 seconds, it is good for her to have options. The music is fun and its very colorful. I love the fact that the height is adjustable so its always perfect as she grows. We have added some other toys to one of the bars which we change often for variety. We are very happy with it.

Mariana Montgomery, AL