Baby Einstein Activity Keys

Baby Einstein Activity Keys

Baby Einstein Activity Keys Baby Einstein Activity Keys are a fanciful and colorful way to soothe little teething tots. A stop-and-go traffic handle light also promotes visual development to keep kids engaged. Why You’ll Love It: Soothe gums while promoting important development. Age: Newborn and up Features Various key based patterns & textures for tactile stimulation Three colorful keys Easy to squeeze and activate two blinking stop and go lights Ideal game for babies & toddlers

Main features

  • Set of 3 colorful activity keys
  • Press yellow button to activate red and green lights
  • Water-filled key soothes baby’s gums
  • Sliding beads to shake and rattle
  • Promotes gross motor skills, tactile stimulation and visual development

Verified reviews


On the heavy side

These are a bit heavy if your little one is just learning to hold things. Also, they tend to frustrate my almost 5 month old. I take them away when he gets too upset over them. He is very interested in them though.

Cherry Deer Creek, OK

great toy

My twins love this. My daughter refuses to let go of it and carries it around with her everywhere, so much so that I had to get a second for my son. They got more fun out of it once they figured out how to make the traffic lights come on themselves.Edit: 9 months later and my twins are almost 19 months old. They still dig these out of the toy basket every so often. Once they started to teethe in earnest, they bit the teether “keys” quite frequently. This is honestly the best toy in terms of enjoyment and sheer amount of use your child will get out of it.

Cynthia Dodson, TX

Best activity keys

We have several types of keys for our son and these are by far his favorite. He has loved them since he first layed eyes on them and at 7 months is enjoying pushing the botton to turn the lights on. This is a great, inexpensive toy that will last.

Valerie Waverly, NE

Great to chew on

My 4-month old son loves holding and putting these keys in his mouth. They are also easy to clean.

Meagan Beaverton, AL

Not that exciting, but very useful.

The price is right. The value is great. There’s nothing earth shattering about this, but it is very helpful in the car or attached to a chan of ‘rings’ that can be clipped to the stroller. It’s also easy to keep clean. Ours was a gift from my sister. It’s a great small gift to bring when you’re invited to a home where there’s a baby.

Valarie Pearlington, MS

Good teether, but my niece wasn’t interested

I thought my niece would really like this toy. It seemed interesting enough and had three different teethers for her to chew on. It also has lights to figure out how to turn on and of course, the toy clanks when you shake it. My niece wasn’t really all that interested in it though. I don’t know why. The product was well built though and looked like a fun toy which is why I will give it 4 stars. Maybe she will like it more when she is a little older.

Cara Argyle, MI

I would give it 10 stars if I could…

I’m really surprised that this isn’t much more highly rated- my daughter received this when she was 3 months old, and it has been her favorite toy ever since. She is now 6 1/2 months old, and still wants this over any other toy we have (and we have them all, the einstein’s baby tunes is a close 2nd but she’s only had that for a few weeks). She literally will not put this toy down, maybe she’ll grab for a 2nd toy and toss it within minutes, but she’ll still keep this one in her hand, and it appeases her every time I hand it to her. She likes the light feature, and really likes the water filled key. This has been a lifesaver for me- I’m back to purchase a 2nd one as godforbid we misplace this one, I’d have one sad baby on my hands!

Rae Jones, MI

Didn’t like this toy, kid didn’t chew on it 🙂

Lights are a little cheap and gimmickyThe keys my kid didn’t likeI just didn’t like the design of this toy overall. The center button lights up the red and green lights. The keys are not that great and my kid didn’t have the desire to chew on them which defeats the purpose of this toy.

Serena Hico, WV

Got our keys and ready to go!

These keys are great! My 1 year old just loves them. They’ve even helped her develop! She learned how to push the button to make the lights light up.

Stephanie Quinault, WA

Bright Lights!

This is a cute distracting toy. My 2 month old loves to look at lights, although these lights are quite bright for a small toy. I just hold it further away from her and she likes to look at it.

Patsy Hume, VA

Good toy for the price

I wanted to purchase some inexpensive toys to have on hand for when my niece (9 mos) and nephew (3 mos) come over. The 9 month old loves real keys, so I was hoping this would be a nice alternative for her. Good points are that it makes noise when you rattle it and when you push the yellow button the red and green buttons light up. She was slightly interested, but it didn’t hold her attention for long. She was much more interested in the Baby Einstein piano I picked up because it incorporates sounds and lights. Overall, though, this was a good toy for the money and I think the 3 month old will enjoy it.

Becky Bokeelia, FL

Cute but too big.

This the teether is cute but too big! I bought these for my three month old son who started to teething at 2 months in hopes these keys would help him ease his pain. He hates them. He loves toys but this one totally unintrests him. He gets mad if I try to show him that he can put the Keys in his mouth. The fews times he has tried he looks uncomfortable because of the large size and drops them to move on to another toy. Maybe better for a bigger baby?

Shanna Bennett, CO

My son really likes it!

Personally I love any baby Einstein products. These keys are great. I especially love the traffic light. My son stays engaged with this toy and the light always gets him to stops crying. I would suggest these toy keys to any parent.

Agnes Merrill, WI

Easy to hold, easy to love…

These Baby Einstein keys are inexpensive and very entertaining for little ones. They are small enough for your baby to hold onto, colorful so they draw their attention and they make noise. My son is 5 months old and he loves them. He can sling them around and hang onto them. They are great to just throw in the diaper bag and go.

Earlene New Florence, PA

As a toy…fine, There are better teether toys out there

My son likes banging this toy around on a hard surface to hear the noise but quickly tires of it. He doesn’t really like to chew on it as much as other toys (and he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth!) I have other teethers that he will chew on for hours (by “Sassy”).

Hattie London, OH

Great travel toy!

We received this as a gift and our daughter loves it! She loves to chew on it, and push the button to light it up. When she first started playing with it at about 3 months, she had some trouble pushing the button, but she loves to stare at the lights, but now she has no problem. This is a good toy to throw in the diaper bag to take places because it is small, and is easy to clean.

Renee Knoxville, PA


My son is 5 months old, and I really thought he would love this. He’s not all that excited about it. I’m kinda disappointed, because he is a huge fan of the Baby Einstein videos. This is the second Baby Einstein toy that I bought for him. The other is the Take Along Tunes, which when he was a newborn, the lights fascinated him. now, the lights fascinate him, but it is too heavy for him to hold on his own. Overall, I would not recommend this.

Natalie Oconee, IL

Great toy

My first daughter loved this toy! My second daughter likes the lights but loves her farm more. Just be warned that if you put it in the dishwasher it won’t work again…I did that the first time but she still loved it.

Shirley Penfield, IL