Baby Einstein Animal Discovery Traditional Flashcards, Cow

Baby Einstein Animal Discovery Traditional Flashcards, Cow

Baby Einstein Animal Discovery Traditional Flashcards, Cow

Main features

  • 5 soft, fabric discovery cards with cover featuring crinkle
  • Real life imagery and language discovery in English, Spanish, and French
  • These cards give babies the oppurtunity to enjoy animals in their natural environment

Verified reviews


Too Many Details

My grandson (14 months) likes the cow and his mom likes that they are all attached with a ring. I think there’s too much information on each “card”. Keep it simple and then move on to other languages at a later time.

Victoria Rosenberg, TX

Highly recommend for young babies

This was my daughter’s favorite toy from when she could first play with toys until almost a year old. She would crinkle the cards, chew on the plastic part, and chew on the cards.

Tara Isanti, MN

Love them

The first letter is crinkly, which my daughter loves, these cards are simple and clear and easy for little ones to spend lots of time looking through. My little one loves them!

Sondra Walsenburg, CO

My 4 month old LOVES this toy! **Updated** Paint comes off toy!

Update:I’ve had to take this toy away from my son when I noticed that the paint on the cow’s hooves started coming off when my son put it in his mouth. Since babies like to put everything in their mouths it’s sad that the company did not make this more durable with better materials.I can no longer recommend this toy.Original Post:My son loves to play with this toy. He studies the pages as much as he puts them in his mouth! the first page is crinkly, I’m guessing cellophane in between the material, while the others are just fabric. I haven’t had any problems with color coming off the cow like another reviewer stated. I highly recommend this toy.

Samantha Crozier, VA

daughter loves this

my now 5 month old loves these flashcards while on tummy time. I feel like it is something that she will grow with

Alexis Energy, IL

Great for baby, noisy and soft

Flashcards have the "tissue" noise, which baby loves. Would actually like more flashcards on it, but it’s really not made for kids old enough to comprehend the letters anyway. A great smaller toy, especially for the in the car or stroller.

Susan Albertson, NY

Bought this for my nephew

I had bought this but the caterpillar one and she loved it, so I bought it for her cousin too. He loved it. The babies like the crinkly sound lol

Brandy Prescott, KS