Baby Einstein Around The World Discovery Center

Baby Einstein Around The World Discovery Center

The Baby Einstein Around the World Discovery Center allows baby to explore sights and sounds from around the globe with 12 activities for baby to enjoy! Includes musical piano with 3 modes: melodies, nature sounds, and color learning in English, French, and Spanish. Features music from the New Baby Einstein World Music DVD. Includes real-life imagery and a baby-safe mirror for self-discovery.

Main features

  • Polyester, Plastic
  • Features: plays music, adjustable height, 360-degree swivel, jumping pad
  • Includes: musical piano with color learning in English, Spanish and French, real-life imagery, Lion hand puppet, and more
  • Not included: batteries
  • Care and cleaning: wipe clean with soap and water
  • Minimum weight supported: 6.0 pounds; Maximum weight capacity: 25.0 pounds; Manufacturer’s suggested age: 4 Months and above

Verified reviews


DEFECTIVE, parts do not fit.

Yes I read the directions. About 4 parts just do not fit. One main piano piece is about 1/4″ too shallow for the screws to reach and hold it in place. It won’t even balance on there. And the other 2 or 3 tall pieces won’t hold even the slightest tug. I’m telling you, the entire thing is garbage. Maybe you will have a better experience, but keep reading reviews. Off to Babies R Us to see if they will let us return it.Maybe I will upload a videoFrank

Carrie Summerfield, TX

good product, but missing parts

We decided to order this exersaucer after we saw how much our son loved playing in one at daycare. We did some research, asked around, and after consideration, decided on the Baby Einstein. The product arrived on time, and was relatively easy to assemble. However, we soon discovered that several pieces listed in the manual were missing — specifically, the Giraffe and Stabilizer Feet. My wife called Baby Einstein, who referred us to the manufacturer, who informed us that these items were no longer included with this particular model. Unfortunately for them, we had a manual that included a list of parts that stated otherwise. They finally conceded to the fact that they owed us these parts, and shipped them about 3 weeks later.As for the product itself, our son LOVES it. He’s been using it for about 3 months now (he’s now 8 months) and he still loves to play in it. In fact, when we put him in it, he’ll usually play for up to an hour without wanting out. There are a variety of different toys and attachments that have different movements, sounds, and colors, so there is always of variety of stimulations.I have no complaints about the safety of the product. He loves to bounce himself around in it, and we’ve never had reason to think that it might tip over, as the base is wide enough that this really isn’t a possibility.All in all, a good product. 1 star deducted because parts were missing.

Phoebe Huron, OH

Daughter Loves it

I got this used when my daughter was 4 1/2 months. We had already bought a jumperoo and she really wasn’t into it for more than 5 minutes so I thought she needed more time to develop, but I put her in this the first time she got so excited that she started shaking. The only sign of wear it has is the stickers wearing off of the round purple thing.Cons: There is no bounce to it like an exersaucer. The music on the is kind of annoying (the piano is the least engaging toy to her though). The drum is just hard plastic. I wish it where more drum like so the lion could play the drum. The penguin was scary to her at first, but now she is figuring it out and doesn’t seem to mind it.Pros: She loves the spinning bird, the beads, the giraffe, the pandas, the purple disks and the green stem. She even likes to play with the rings that are meant to attach other toys to.

Beth Superior, WI

LOVE IT!!!!!

We got this as a baby shower gift for a friend.My wife says they love it and the quality seems to be pretty good. Plenty of activities for their little one.

Vicki Decatur, MI

my daughter loved it

i got these at around 6+ months, my daughter loves it, played with it for at least 30min at a time, this goes on for at least 3 months or so. My other 2 kids (baby B & C) wasn’t too crazy about it. I have 2 others and i think this one has the best toys. Only the lion fell off, but we didn’t miss it, there were so many other toys to play with. I love the choice of colors on this one.

Julianne Folsom, LA

Too wide for thin babies

Had to returned it. It’s pretty, nice concept and color, but the seat it’s too wide for thin babies. It doesn’t have good suppport. I would recommend the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo instead of this exersaucer.

Edwina New Castle, CO

There Are Better Exersaucers

I have twins and needed another exersaucer. This is a nice exersaucer for the money, but I definitely think it’s lacking in some departments. For one thing there are no arial toys, everything is at eye level. The seat spins, but not easily. You cannot collapse the item flat and you can’t remove the toys from their locations. The base is a bit smaller in circumference than others, which makes me wonder how secure the product will be when the babies really start moving around. The product directions state that a child who can stand on his own should not use this product, had I known this, I wouldn’t have purchased the item. Many babies around the age of 7-8mos are standing on their own and would still benefit with use of an exersaucer.I also have an evenflo exersaucer, abc-123, and I feel it is a far superior product. It has a larger base, there are springs in the legs that allow the whole thing to bounce, the toys are more sturdy and have more manipulatable parts, there is an arial section which encourage babies to reach and stretch. The product also collapses for easier storage.I was reading some other reviews and there seemed to be a concern about the Einstein exersaucer flipping and another poster commented that there are stabilizers to ensure this does not happen, however, the company has eliminated these stabilizers, they do not come with this product. I, hopefully, assume they had recalled all the products and fixed the issue. Others complained that the toys came out of their sockets easily, this has been remedied…to the point that it is near impossible to remove the toys without risk of breaking them in the process.Overall, a decent product for the money…however, if you can spare the extra $30…get an evenflo.

Kris Nowata, OK


My baby loves this Discovery Center. I went to Toys R Us to look and compere all the activity center and this turned out to be the best looking one.It has better toys than all the otherones I saw and my baby really enjoys it.

Leanne Portageville, NY

Great but one small complaint (certain toys not well-anchored)

My five-month-old daughter has tried many different kinds of activity centers (at daycare, at friends’ houses, etc.), and this one is her favorite by far. The raised bottom means that her feet touch the floor without trouble on the lowest setting. As she grows taller, we can move the seat to a higher position, so the activity center will grow with her for many more months. The platform has the added benefit of keeping the playing experience cleaner. Instead of putting her feet on the actual floor (which gets mopped only once a week in my house), my daughter only touches the plastic floor of this toy, and it’s easy to clean it regularly.The toys are fun and eye-catching. My daughter particularly likes the toy with washers that move along a track and the toy with two pandas on a see-saw. As she gets older, I expect the more complicated toys will start to catch her attention more (like the “piano” that plays sounds and words when the keys are pressed). The puppet toy is a fun way for me to interact with her while she’s playing. The seat swivels easily, so my daughter can change toys whenever she feels like it.My only complaint about this activity center is that the three toys on the corners (the puppet, the bird, and the penguin) are not anchored to the base very well. My daughter likes to pull hard on the bird toy, and she is constantly pulling it completely out of the base. I am going to have to glue it down. That’s a minor complaint, and the rest of the toy seems very sturdy and well-constructed.

Dorthy Clayton, WA

giraffe hurt my baby’s gums

my baby has been loving this excersaucer for months now, and now that she is 7 months she has recently hurt herself on the giraffe toy. This toy is not even pictured anymore. I did not get any information since registering it that anything was recalled but this should me. My baby likes to teeth on the ears and horns of the giraffe but the last two times she’s done that she has screamed and cried in pain. I am trying to call the KidsII number but no one ever answers. After only 1 minute of waiting for the next representative, it forces you to leave a message, which no one has called me back at all. I called the baby einstein number and they gave me the same KidsII number to call and they said they gave them my info and they will call me. Hopefully they do asap. I cant just take the toy out because it clips into the unit, which if i leave it out, my baby could stick her fingers in the holes the toy clips into.

Yolanda Oakland City, IN

Will last my 28″ 9 month old a long time!

We have a small house so I had resisted getting an exersaucer when our little guy was big enough for one. But after seeing how much fun he had in the ones at school, I wanted to give him the option for playing in one on the weekends. I was concerned that we’d only use it for a couple of months as he was already 28 inches, but said what the heck. Got it, easy to put together, and was delighted to find that on the low setting he is almost flat footed, but at the middle setting he is barely on his tiptoes. I have no worries that he will be able to use this until he grows out of it or is walking. It’s a very busy center, but he is old enough that it’s not overwhelming. Without the stabilizers he can get some nice rocking and rolling but it is nowhere near tipping it over.We have only had it a few days so can’t say how well the toys wear but if there are any concerns will be sure to come back and report!

Jeanne Catawba, OH

The little guy approves!

The research and development team did a fantastic job on this play center! My sleepy 4 month old was immediately drawn to all the fun toys on as soon as I placed him in it. The only thing I find odd and dislike about this play center is that it says not to use if your child is 30 in or taller. My guy is tall for his age (25.5 in) and on the lowest setting, his feet don’t touch the bottom! If all his weight is shifted to one side, his toes touch. That part confuses me but other than that it’s excellent, a lot more lightweight than it looks so it’s easy to move with one hand and they toys are fun for mommy too! 😉 I highly recommend this play center. The height thing is what keeps me from giving this that 5th star!

Margarita Belleville, MI

Bad design on the bottom pieces

My baby really really likes this center. However, you have to be very careful with the bottom. There are three pieces that must be well places under each of the legs because otherwise, the whole thing sits on the center of the bottom surface (which is concave!!) and it can swing from border to border, posing a fall hazard. The three little pieces keep getting turned when we move the center for cleaning the floor, for example(so this doesn’t happen for lack of properly installing them. Also, now that he’s older, he likes to play with it from the outside… and again, it is not as stable as it would be if it had a different design. We’ve been careful when using it, but if I had to do it all over I would definately not get this model. I give it 2 stars thought because the toys on top are very well thought out for babies.

Sybil Nellis, WV

Best Entertainer

I received this entertainer for my daughter as a gift and at the time I thought it was a bit big and was not sure if at the time I would use it…. little did I know that I would use this as much as I use her carseat or crib! She loves the entertainer even now at 9 months. I keep it now in the kitchen where she will play with other toys in it while I prep dinner and it is a lifesaver since she is crawling and almost walking.When she was an infant she loved the colors and as soon as she could play she played with each toy almost changing everyday to a new toy, it was a amazing to see her grow with the toy.The colors are bright and the activites are all focused on learning it is great. This unit also raises for height adjustments which makes this a very versatile center.I would recommend this to anyone; best entertainer.

Denise Hughes Springs, TX

Lots of Toys and Stimulation for Your Infant

Fun toy! Did not have any problems so far with instability or toys breaking off from the set. My baby is very happy in her discovery center and can engage her for a good 30 minutes + (unless she gets hungry!) See my Youtube video for a demonstration and a run through of the toys and the settings on this activity center: […]

Graciela Forest Hill, LA


Pros:Most of the unit comes apart easily for cleaning.The music console has parent-friendly controls.You get 6-8 months of use out of this seat.It’s sturdy and can be re-gifted or donated.It’s unisex.You can hang other toys off the rings so the baby doesn’t get bored.Cons:The lion is hard to remove and replace, but rarely gets dirty.The drum isn’t very hollow so it doesn’t create a drum-like sound.Some plastic parts can not be sterilized or washed, as they warp and/or have stickers.The pegs that balance the saucer to do not lock, but the saucer is flat enough that it doesn’t matter on a carpeted surface.Shorter babies may not be able to use this until they’re older.My son is obsessed with trying to bite the penguins head. He also enjoys pressing the buttons on the music console. He will sit in the seat for about 20-30 minutes at a time.

Whitney Clare, IA

Disappointing in comparison to other exersaucers

We have triplets and purchased this “exersaucer” along with two other actual exersaucers, and we definitely prefer the real thing. The toys are difficult to install, they don’t stay well, and the lion came off within weeks (broke and couldn’t fix t). The legs are adjustable, but are difficult to adjust and don’t seem very sturdy. The snack tray is not removable and therefore can’t go in the dishwasher. Oh, and it doesn’t bounce which is a feature my babies love in the other exersaucers.The one positive thing I can say is that the musical portion of it is well-loved around here (though it is textured and therefore difficult to clean).Given all the options out there, I wouldn’t buy this again.

Dale Doniphan, NE

Great entertainment for the little ones

Daughter loved it. Provided hours of entertainment when she was less than mobile. Held up to all the abuse a small child will put it through.

Lola Mapleton, ME

Wonderful toy

My 5 1/2 month old daughter absolutely loves this toy. She is extremely active and this is just about the only thing that keeps her attention for longer than 15 minutes! The moment I put her in it for the first time, she started banging on the piano and singing! She figured it out really fast aswell, she’ll play with the 2 toys in front of her for 5 minutes or so, then turn around to something else when she starts to get bored. Her favorites are the piano, the giraffe, and the pandas. I do wish the lion puppet with the drum actually made sound, because my daughter loves to hit drums. I’ll sit her on my lap with a djembe or darbuka and she’ll bang away- and she can keep time! Very musical little one. Some parents expressed concerns about how easily it can tip- I see this potential, and that is why I play WITH her as opposed to using it as a baby sitter. I sit right next to it and interact with her, applauding her music and putting my hand in the puppet and such. If I do go even a few steps away from her, I put pillows all around the base just in case, but I would never leave her unattended in this or any toy. Some babies might not have a problem with this, but she is a big girl and doesn’t hold still- she is constantly bouncing and dancing, and she’s 28in tall and 18lbs.

Lessie Batesville, TX