Baby Einstein Around The World Play Gym

Baby Einstein Around The World Play Gym

The Around the World Play Gym introduces baby to animals, sights, and sounds from 5 different regions of the world. The large, 34inch mat features crisp, real life imagery and animals from Africa, Asia, Australia, South America, and the Polar Regions and offers a whole world for baby to discover. The star shaped marquee toy features lights and melodies from the Baby Einstein; World Music DVD, and is mom or baby activated. Marquee toy separates and can attach to playgym, crib or a carrier for on the go fun. Mat is machine washable and folds easily to take anywhere. Gym mat also has sewn in loops for attaching extra toys. Marquee toy requires three AA batteries (not included). Additional toys include: Panda rattle toy; Soft Parrot with crinkle; Large baby safe mirror; Spinning globe rattle ball; Animal Discovery Cards; Igloo shaped Teether; eight links to attach more toys.

Main features

  • Star-shaped marqee toy features lights and melodies from the Baby Einstein World Music DVD, and can be taken on-the-go
  • Each section of the mat features a different region of the world and features real-life and character imagery from that region
  • Additional gym toys include: Large baby safe mirror, discovery cards, Panda rattle, Parrot plush and teether
  • Mat is machine washable and folds easily for travel or storage

Verified reviews


not for tall babies

It’s kinda small for my tall girl. plus the mat itself is very garish and not soothing to the eye.. it’s too much going on for li’l kids.. i dont think kids at this age care to learn about the whole world.. i wish there was a cheaper option for something like kushies shangrila mat.. the kushies mat is simple and pleasant for babies.. The musical toy is handy but again it is not the best design for babies.. it could be simpler in color and could use some hanging toys and a combination of contrasting black and white and soothing colors. I returned it.

Marcy Wakenda, MO

“The Magic Mat”

My 3 week old grandson quiets down when we put him on the Baby Einstein Discover the World Play Gym. He quiets down so much… that his parents have dubbed this baby play gym, “The Magic Mat.” They love it; he loves it; it’s a win win situation. The music grabs his attention & the adults like it, too. The Light-Up Musical Globe is removable and can be fastened to a stroller or crib, etc., use your imagination…it can be taken with you. The globe can also be set for motion detection which helps save batteries.When he gets tummy time on the mat, the colors keep his interest. He’s too young to focus on much right now, but has been checking out the panda, too. When he’s on his back, waving his arms around, he’s moved some of the hanging toys; it won’t be long before he’ll deliberately reach for them.I was surprised how easy this mat is to fold and put away. Because of its design, all that needs to be done is to bring up a side and carry it away. Very quick, easy to be put away, easy to set back up. It doesn’t take up much room when it’s folded and could be stored right next to end of your couch, behind a chair, etc.The Light-Up, Musical Globe takes 3 AA batteries..not included.This has proven to be a great purchase for our grandson!

Lucia Morley, IA

Interesting Toy

We got this one first, and the music globe plays very pleasant music, my baby liked this gym when he was one to three months old, and with additional links and toys added (LOTS of them) he loved it. But I later got him the Fisher Price Rainforest baby gym, and that one has a much more useful structure. In the Baby Einstein gum, the two arches are held together in the same direction, while the Fisher Price Rainforest gym has them crossing each other. The Fisher Price gym allows you more ways to add toys and links, and has a brighter more appealing look to it. The Fisher Price gym came with only a solid plastic mirror to hang down low, however, so we took the mirror from the Baby Einstein gym and moved it back and forth.Both have great features, and in the long run, we needed both, as my son loved them so much. Only now, as he is standing and pulling himself up all the time has he even begun to abandon the two baby gyms. But he still loves the music.

Gertrude Trail, MN

Perfect for Tummy Time

I really like this mat a lot and so does my little girl. She LOOOVES the star/sun thing that plays music. I like that you can take it off and attach it to the crib, stroller, carseat, etc if you want to. I also like that you can detach and move the toys around if you want, or if the baby has a favorite toy you can take it with you while away from home. Right now her favorite toy is the mirror and the rattle ball. She isn’t that interested in the chip things with the tigers on them. She likes the panda and bird okay. The least used toy is the teether though since she isn’t teething yet, but soon she will be able to play with that one and I suspect she will like it better then.As far as assembly, its easy as pie. For travel it collapses easily so its easy to move around, but since we have another, smaller mat I doubt we will travel with this one.Another reviewer mentioned that after washing their mat warped and would no longer lay flat. I also had this issue. Although my mat does lay a lot flatter than the picture posted by the other reviewer. I washed mine on a light gentle cycle with cold water and hung it up to dry. The same reviewer also mentioned that the star/sun whatever it is is at an angle. I don’t think that is a product defect. I think that is on purpose. Since a baby on its back would only be able to see it if it were laying in the very middle of the mat if the sun faced directly downwards. I place my baby on her back towards the end of the mat, and the angle of the sun allows her to see the face perfectly. Its all in how you position the sun and your baby. To mix it up I move her around all over the mat to give her different views. Another thing to consider is that most babies will scoot or roll around and they get different views of their toys that way as well.

Marsha Barneveld, WI

Our baby’s favorite thing!

I’ve been putting my baby on this play mat since he was about 4 weeks old and it is his favorite thing in the world! now at 9 weeks, he smiles and laughs and “dances” around on the mat whenever we put him on it. the toys are colorful and bright and can easily be moved or replaced with different things. the best feature by far is the star that lights up and plays music. it has a friendly smile which my baby loves to stare at. the best part is that the singing star is removable so we can attach it to other things to keep him happy. this was a great purchase and we get lots of use out of it!

Dollie Corydon, IA

So fun!

My son has played with this since he was a month old! He really liked the bird’s hair and wings. He also liked to get right under the panda and eat his feet. The rattle is great to but he likes it better when I take it off so he can hit things with it. Now at 10 months when he rolls over the whole thing will come with him and he will cover himself with the pad & play peek a boo with it – so fun!

Bessie Middleville, NJ

Hours of entertainment

When our baby was a newborn, he would lay and stare at the star blinking and singing to him (bonus for parents, the star doesn’t play the same song nonstop for long periods of time and has 5 tunes). At 3 months, he bangs the completely movable toys that came with it and ones we’ve added (there are extra loops for adding toys)and plays with his ‘buddy’ in the mirror. A slight downside to everything being able to move is that the star and mirror don’t tend to stay where you put them. It folds down and can be stored just about anywhere, but you usually need both hands to pop it up. The mat is washable- and has been washed several times- thank you Huggies for the blowouts :-/ The whole thing is well constructed and I don’t see it falling to pieces in the near future.

Laverne Joshua, TX

Great play mat!

My 8week old LOVES this play mat! The centre light up globe especially captivates her attention everytime! I put the rattle next to her which she loves to hit and play with. The rattle makes lots of noise which my little on loves so they couldn’t have put a better one there.Panda provides the black red and white stimulation though she hasn’t gotten into him much as yet, and she loves the mirror as well. I was back and forth between going with the fisherprice rainforest or the tiny love gemini, I decided on this one particularly because of the removable/portable world and I’m very happy that I did!EDITI have to disappointingly say the the globe has stopped working! I thought the batteries needed changing, but I’ve put in new ones and it seems as though the product has malfunctioned! A real shame too because my daughter loves the globe! Rating was 5 stars, but the globe quitting on me is of course a HUGE problem.EDIT 22.1.2012 We end up receiving a replacement for the globe, we end up with a second one of these mats, and I find it disappointing that the top is now a ‘smiley face’ rather than the old glove, luckily my globe still works so I’ve been using both!

Aimee Lyman, SC

Not impressed

I got this for my 4 month old so I would have a 2nd playgym to leave at his sitter’s house. He also has the Tiny Love gymini. I think the Baby Einstein mat is nicer looking than the gymini’s. Also, its easier to fold up because the arches are smaller and don’t crisscross. But my son was not really interested in the hanging toys like he is with the gymini. The globe was interesting to him, but it stopped playing music after a couple of uses. Now it will only light up, so I must have received a dud. I will be returning this product, and probably will get the Fisher Price Rainforest gym instead. Also, the Baby Einstein is currently ten bucks cheaper at Wal mart.

Edwina Groesbeck, TX

Using this for the second time!

Purchased this item for my daughter 2 yrs ago. My infant son is now using this and it is still in perfect condition. Easy to clean. He smiles at the star every time I turn it on!

Velma Boone, CO

My baby loves it!

I started putting my baby on this play gym when he was first born! He always loved staring at the toys and the lights flash. Now he is three months, and bats at the toys, and cries when the lights stop. I don’t like that the music stops playing after a very short amount of time, and the motion sensor mode doesn’t work. I have added other toys to it, because the toys that come with it aren’t very exciting. The realistic pictures of animals I really like, because most baby toys are cartoon like. The bars are stable and I feel safe with my son under it. My baby likes tummy time on this mat and have learned to roll over on it.

Susie Sumiton, AL

Not bad, but still liked my fisher price rain forest gym better

this is a great little gym for my newest addition. I however thoroughly enjoyed my fisher price rain forest themed gym better. this ones sound is a lot quieter then the fp one. and i feel like it is much smaller. but all and all great item and great price very cute too

Lizzie Norwich, NY

Baby boy loves it!

He loved it so much that when i thought he outgrew it i got rid of it, the next say my little one noticed it was gone (didnt think he would) and laied down on the floor and stated looking up and kicking and moving his arms. I felt terrible, im having to order another one because i know he misses it, and now so do i.

Belinda Keensburg, IL

Good playmat

Before my son was born I looked and looked at playmats- we finally chose this one. It is colorful and I like the sun/star thingie that lights up and plays music. I have washed the mat and it washes up great! Keep in mind that really any mat will work for you baby because you can add all the toys you want to onto it and will change them up often to keep your baby interested.

Jaclyn Mauricetown, NJ

Good Product

I ordered this product for my 3 month old daughter. It was easy to put together however the directions say to put the rods parallel and to get it to sit right I had to cross them (the directions say not to). She really likes the star music maker and loves all the colors. The only problem I have is that she is starting to ge tmore mobile and the toys hang down in her face, but I imagine as she gets older she will move away from them. Overall, I really like this product and more importantly my daughter seems to like it.

Lara Danville, AL

son likes it

son likes it well enough. after he began gaining awareness he likes to play with this. doesnt really care for musical star much tho. i take the cool toys and clip them onto his stroller, other toys (fisher price jungle bouncer for example) and that is a nice feature that they can slip onto about any other surface, including graco handle for the snugride carrier handle. creates multiple toys. also the little rings are perfect size for teether for him.he can actualy hold it and put it into his mouth.6:1:11/ 4 month old. Doesn’t really care about this very much anymore. i will continue to try it, maybe he will like it at some stage. maybe i just got the little one who is more interested in dollar store colorful windchime than a $50 toy. 🙂 Hope you aren’t that consumer mom then, like me, and waste your money.

Maureen Medina, NY