Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center

Babies get plenty of seafaring delight as they bop, spin, pull, and swat interactive ocean toys. With the Baby Neptune Activity Saucer, baby can choose from eight undersea activities to engage in play and use coordination skills. The cozy sand-dollar patterned cradling seat rotates 360° to give baby access to all toy stations. Interactive play stations include a three-mode piano with ocean sounds and classical music melodies, octopus popper, whale spinner, turtle pull toy, and more. The melody maker detaches so little ones can listen to it wherever they go. Three height adjustments accommodate babies for comfort as they grow. Recommended for infants 4 months and older. 3 AAA and 2 AA batteries required, not included.

Main features

  • Piano has 3 play modes: classical music, piano sounds, and language discovery; also real-life imagery and a mirror
  • Electronic Baby Neptune toy activates sounds
  • Octopus popper, starfish bead chaser, fish teething stalk, orca spinner, Crab, and mesh toy bar with sea creatures
  • Seat rotates 360 degree so baby can access all toys
  • 3 height adjustment settings grow with baby
  • 6 additional toys: Octopus popper, starfish bead chaser, fish teething stalk, orca spinner, 360° ratcheting crab with tags, and mesh toy bar with sea creatures
  • Seat rotates 360° so baby can access all toys

Verified reviews


Sturdy base and well made toys = one very happy 4 month old!

I have NOTHING negative to say about this activity saucer. We looked around at our options for awhile and landed on this one because it was the most sturdy and the toys were not cheaply made little reject toys like some of the other saucers tend to have. When our son was 3 months we first put him in it even though it says its meant for 4 months. He’s a tall baby but he still wasn’t quite tall enough so I placed a square piece of kitchen shelf liner (the grid kind that’s made out of some sort of gripping rubber) with an old anatomy book on top. He could easily stand and it was sturdy thanks to the liner preventing the book from sliding. I sat there with him playing with each of the toys to help him familiarize with it and he enjoyed watching. We did this a few times but now that he’s 4 months the real fun has started. He can reach the floor sans textbook now and has figured out how each toy works and how to walk around to make the seat spin in order to access all the toys. Included toys are:- Octopus you push down that makes beads spin in a pod underneath (his favorite so far)- A three key piano that has 3 modes: music, colors (says color names in english, spanish and french) and ocean sound effects. There is also a mirror on the piano and it detaches from the unit for solo play if you’d like it to. -3 AA BATTERIES– A squiggly bar that has three circle beads baby can slide from one end to the other (this toy is also the closest one to the seat and it’s very sturdy so it helped our little guy early on because he could hold onto it while learning how to balance him self steady)- a brightly colored fish made out of flexible material that baby can pull towards him and kind of dances when let go of (hard to explain, but its the simplest toy out of the bunch and on the box it’s labeled as “tropical fish teething stalk”)- a spinning orca whale (easy to bat at and the black and white colors seem to captivate him while the whale is spinning really fast)- a crab that has ribbons on him and when you twist him around it makes a very interesting noise that always makes our baby laugh- a detachable plush Baby Neptune (sea turtle) that hangs and has a pull handle (when pulled makes different noises or plays a different tune, I believe there are 4 sounds total) -3 AAA BATTERIES– two toy loops to attach what you want (we have the baby einstein discovery flashcards attached to one loop right now)- small tray between the two toy loops. (Where we keep his pacifier at for him to grab if he wants)- there are three height adjustmentsThe seat rotates 360 degrees and due to the round bottom and rounded edges the whole unit rocks with baby so if he makes a hard sudden movement the spinning and hanging toys don’t hit him in the face. Unlike most other saucers on the market, THIS ONE DOES NOT BOUNCE. That may be a con for some but was a big pro for us as we were looking for stability and with a bouncing saucer, stability is not really an option. Overall, very pleased with the product and would recommend to anyone looking for a safe, sturdy and fun activity saucer for their little one.

Monica Hidden Valley, PA

Fun, Interactive

The Neptune Activity Saucer is a nice, durable, safe toy that provides an array of sights, sounds and movements that will stimulate your baby’s senses as he/she embarks on their journey of learning. I recommend this saucer because it has tangible features that allow for interaction, such as the ring that you pull for sound effects and music, and a toy that you simply push down on that activates a spinner. The height can be adjusted for three different levels, and the base is solid and lightweight. The assembly of this saucer was completed in a minimal amount of time, which is always good. Good product overall.

Eloise Mauriceville, TX

Not what I expected!

The activity center looks nice on the photos but in reality it’s not that great! I completely Agree with the review that this person left on here: Mum,Dad Please Read Warning! I fell like its a little unsafe for a 5 month old and it should b 6 months or even older! When I bought it I paid full price for it wish I didn’t! I buy my son a lot of activity centers, jumpers ect…. He’s my first child and he’s spoiled and of course safety is my main concern. I put this center away till he gets a little older and fits better in it or I just might return it. It’s really not worth it! I bought him the rainforest jumpero and he likes it much better!

Josie Elba, NE

Works well for big babies but the weight limit should be higher!

I have a tall (95th percentile) and heavy (21 lbs) 6 month old. So, the first thing I look for now with any baby product is something that will accommodate his size for a while. I borrowed a Baby Einstein brand saucer from a friend and he was still on his toes at the shortest height setting! In other saucers we had tried he was almost flat footed on the highest setting. So, that pretty much sold me. The toys are pretty standard and enjoyable. It isn’t overly large and it can easily fit in a medium sized bathroom while mom takes a shower. So, it does pretty much everything I was hoping for. My only gripe is that after I bought it I noticed the 25 pound weight limit. ARG! I really wish it were at least 30. I don’t know if they intended to cater to the “big and tall” baby but I am afraid my baby might bust through the limit before he outgrows his enjoyment of the saucer. Hopefully, he really gets “exercised” in this deal so that his weight gain finally does slow! 🙂 Oh, my baby also keeps trying to bounce in it (I think he is used to bouncing in a seat from his Bumper Jumper). It is a very stable saucer and does not claim to bounce but he’d probably enjoy it more if it did. Finally, I really like the option to add your own toys in several places as that can help stretch out the use of the item.

Gretchen Cary, MS

Love it! Custamer service great too!

Love this! My daughter loves all the toys with it as well. It came in and the turtle was broke. The battery plate would not come off. The screw would just turn and not come out or tighten to the point of not moving. I emailed them and by the end of the day they had the manufacture call and they sent out a "temp replacement" (something other then the turtle) because it is on back order. I was told in about 2 weeks the turtle will be sent out. I am very pleased. She will get some sort of pull musical toy to use right away and they are still replacing the turtle. Could not be happier!

Lynne Morning Sun, IA

My son loves it.

My 5 month old son is just a bit too small to spend too much time in it, so we allow for only 15-20 minutes at a time. He loves the colors and interactive toys attached. The red crab is probably his favorite. We did not put any batteries for the music to play yet, we anticipate our 4 year old to overuse those parts and drive us nuts.

Kerri Bowring, OK


My son got this as a gift and he loves it! He can sit in it forever and have fun. I can actually get some house work done!!! When i got it the seam was sewn over twice so now there is a string loose and hanging down. I need to sew it back but that is my only complaint.

Barbra Modest Town, VA

Fun at first

I looked at a lot of activity centers before deciding on this one. I liked that it played music. My daughter has had it for a couple months and seems to be getting bored with it now. We ended up getting a jumperoo so she could move around a little more. Its great for keeping her contained for a few minutes though!

Janelle Mohall, ND

We love it!

My daughter got this at 5 months and has loved it very much. What she mostly likes to do is pull on the turtle to hear it make noises, and teethe on the crab and dangly fish. The cover is removable for washing, which is nice, albeit kind of an irritant to get it on and off. Because of the musical parts you cannot just take the whole thing outdoors and hose it down if something awful happens (and it will if you don’t watch that diaper and they start jumping up and down) but the curved bottom collects any liquids so that it doesn’t get out onto the floor. We are satisfied with our purchase but kind of annoyed that it was QUITE a bit more expensive when we bought it.

Brenda Sackets Harbor, NY

Almost Perfect!

We got this for our son and started him in it a bit early (3.5 months) with bolsters and a blanket underneath. He has always been interested, even as young as that, when we had to turn him manually so he could see and play, up till now, at 6.5 months. The neat thing is that we have gotten to see his interest change as he has gone from playing with the simplest toys to the more complex ones. He still has not mastered a couple things, so I know it will continue to keep him entertained. I only have 2 complaints: the first is that the seat is rather difficult to remove for washing (which is needed often as he spits up on it fairly regularly). It’s gotten easier with practice, but the first few times, I was sure I was going to break something. The other drawback is the whale toy. It rotates along the horizontal axis, but the head has a shorter radius than the tail, so when my son bats at the head to make it rotate, it often comes back with the tail and beans him right on the forehead. I’d say its teaching him cause and effect, but in truth, it’s just taught him not to play with this toy. An equal rotation toy would be much better. We’ve borrowed a friend’s spinner and he likes it just fine (the nice thing is that the toys are interchangeable, so you can stop by a thrift store and pick up a substitute pretty easily). We’ll replace the whale in a few weeks and see if it’s any better.

Caryn Cheneyville, LA

The Circle of Neglect.

I have 5 month old twins and this is needed when they are conspiring against me.I would have given 5 stars if all the corner caps would stay on.

Chrystal Winterhaven, CA

Baby loves it

Our 6 month-old daughter loves this Neptune Activity Center. We have an activity center for downstairs made by Bright Starts but wanted one for our upstairs to keep her busy while we get ready for the day (brush teeth, wash face, etc.) or do laundry or clean up. She loves all the toys on this one and is kept entertained as long as one can hope with a baby. Assembly took some doing — it’s frustrating putting any of these sorts of things together. My husband and I accomplished it in about an hour (while fending off our "helping" 4 yr old and keeping the 6 month-old happy). We own the Baby Einstein jumper as well and we’re overall very pleased with this product line. We assume it’s somehow connected to Bright Starts because the parts look and fit together in a nearly identical fashion.

Juliette Menlo, WA

It’s all been said – AWESOME toy

We started using this when our little one started sitting up with support – we put a blanket around him for some extra support. At first, he just looked at the toys as we spun them for him. Then he started touching and twisting and spinning. It was so exciting to see! This is one of those toys that we got at least 4-5 months out of. Eventually he started to prefer the stationary jumper (also by Baby Einstein), but this was his favorite for months.

Jessie Troy, NH

Does the job, but not perfect

Our son has an exersaucer at his daycare that he loves, but it unfortunately is no longer made. So the search began for a home purchase that would compliment the one he adores at daycare. After much research my husband and I settled on this one because it 1) played music 2) had height adjustments that meant he wouldn’t need books underneath him for the first several weeks of use and 3) had an area on the gym that had stimulation above his head.Overall we are pleased with our purchase however there are two elements which we would improve/share with people.1) The base does not have as much stability as I would expect. Other models have components that help keep the base from wiggling around with the baby’s movement. I can see this becoming even more of an issue as he throws himself around in it/gets heavier. For the price, I would have expected a little more sense of safety.2) The octopus has an activity right in front of it which makes the station a little busy. Additionally, the Octopus has balls that move around at its base if one pushes down on it. This sound and activity currently scares our child. I am guessing he will grow into the latter and he enjoys the Octopus except for this sound right now.

Mayra Attica, NY

Great Activity Toy

We bought this when our 4.5 month old daughter seemed to get bored with the lack of toys/places to play in our house. She is on the short side, 24 inches, so we have to put a little pillow under her feet still on the smallest setting. She really seems to like the toy so far. Her favorite right now is the plastic fish hanging from the turtle, because it is the easiest to get to. She loves chomping on it. It is also easy for her to spin around in the seat to get access to the different toys. I can tell she will still enjoy this as she grows and figures out more of the activities.It took about 30-40 minutes to put together, because there are a lot of small pieces, but it was not too difficult to figure out. The instructions are they type that just show pictures and numbers, not words, so make sure you really look at them. All in all, we would definitely recommend this to other parents.

Cathryn Ingalls, MI

Wish it played music longer, but it still deserves 5 stars!

My son loves this! it has 3 buttons they can press to play music and they are each played for a second. it would be nice it if played a little longer.

Lawanda Lakewood, CA


We ordered this a couple of months ago. Our daughter is petite but now at 6 months fits perfectly. She enjoys all of the toys and colors. My husband did not complain a bit about putting it together.

Rosa Arlington, IA

Baby Einstein does it again!

I have been a fan of these products since the early 2000’s and this activity center reinforces that Baby Einstein puts out great products that are appropriate, safe and of high quality. I did look at other activity centers before purchasing this one, but the other ones didn’t offer ALL of the elements that I was looking for: stability/safety, adjustable size, easy to assemble and easy to clean, engages baby and provides many colors, textures and sounds.

Janell Camden Point, MO


My son started using this (with a pillow for propping up) at 3 months. He was very engaged with it from the start. He’s he’s grown to 5 months, he has found new ways to interact with this toy. He LOVES the turtle.

Kirsten Dycusburg, KY

Awesome toy

We bought this for my son when he was 4 months old. It was the first toy/baby item that he actually liked. Our baby likes to be on the move – you have to be walking while holding him, or bouncing him, etc. He did not like his swing at all, and could only be content in his bouncy chair for 10 minutes. We bought this activity center and from the first day, he loved it. He was a little young at first, he couldn’t quite reach all the toys or know what to do with them. By 4.5 months, he was happily playing in it if we were right next to him. He just turned 5 months and he can reach everything and entertain himself while my husband or I prepare dinner.I like that there are 3 height settings which allow him to grow and still play in it. He’s already on the 2nd setting, but I expect we still have at least a month left before he outgrows it.I wasn’t sure about getting an activity center/ exersaucer vs. a jumperoo. I ended up buying this one because it had high ratings, lots of toys and was a good price. My son did try a jumperoo at a friend’s house, which he also liked, but was entertained as long in that as this activity center. I know we made the right decision.

Belinda Farmington, KY

Love it

Entertained our daughter from 4 months old. She mastered all the toys by 6.5 months, but still enjoys it at 8 months. We like that it’s a safe, non mobile option for play.

Jeanie Harmony, MN

As good as it gets…..fabulous.

This is worth every penny. The seat is comfortable, safe and offers excellent support……being used by a 6 month old, and this has enough bright colors, things to do, sounds and items that move that it has become indispensable at our house. We call it The Office. The surfaces are smooth and well made, parts move smoothly and easily, everything is within reach so no frustration, lots of variety to keep interest up. The only word of caution, and it is a minor one, is that a few of the assembly instruction photos don’t exactly match the parts…..took about an hour to put together. If I was doing a second one, it would only take about 20 minutes. Hey, experience is everything.

Alyson White Oak, GA

Excellent exersaucer!!

This exersaucer is seriously awesome! I worked at a daycare before having my daughter and I have had experience with a ton of different saucers and this one is way better than any other. It is easy to clean, has a million fun things to play with and has been keeping my daughter busy since she was 4 months old. She’s now 9 months and almost too big but she still loves it. The songs aren’t annoying and we both love them. For some reason she cracks up when it says the colors in French, especially jaune 🙂 I will be sad when this seat gets retired soon but I totally recommend it!

Mitzi Lawndale, NC

great saucer

Easy to assemble and take apart, seat is machine washable (have washed it twice now, easy to reinsert into saucer unlike jumper I have). Baby loves it!

Jo Fritch, TX

Son Loves It

I had my son using this when he turned 4 months old. At first he did not do too much in the activity center, but slowly each day he started playing with more and more of the things on it. Now at 6 months, he wails at the keyboard and chews on the fish like crazy. It is amazing how much they can do in a short period of time. I can leave him in here for 30 minutes and finish some work and he just stays in here and has fun. It is like a baby sitter for me especially since he loves to be held all day. It has 3 height adjustments but the max height they want your child to be is 30 inches while using this. Make sure your child can support their neck well before using.It is easy to assemble but make sure you have the parts where they are supposed to go because it takes a bit of effort to remove them. Mine came shipped in its original box with no added packaging material, but came undamaged.This has been working great for me and I highly recommend it.

Kerry Hawthorne, NY

get one that bounces

This was our first activity center. We bought it because it was rated very high. We got it for my son when he was about 4 months old. He seemed to like it but once we got one that bounced this one never got used again. All babies are different but he loves his bouncy one and seems to get bored in this one.

Gayla Fort Covington, NY

Very happy with it!

My little boy LOVES this. It seems like he loves all the toys that are on it – the music, the spinning whale, the clicky crab, and especially the little turtle with the pull string. I would very highly recommend!

Jewell Richardsville, KY

Fun little activity center; could use more variety of textures.

This is a very colorful little play center; and that keeps our little ones interest for a bit. We were hoping for a bit more variety of textures for babies little fingers to explore. All the sea animals are plastic…except for the hanging turtle, which has fabric limbs…and the crab has tiny ribbons on it which are fun to grab. The piano is a great idea, but the buttons are too hard to push, so our little one just bangs on it without being able to get it to play on her own.Overall we like this activity seat…and would recommend it…but again wish it had a little more variety!

Florine Sylvania, GA

BEST exersaucer

I’ve had several regular brand exersaucers, but this is by FAR the best. My son absolutely loves the toys. They are all within easy reach and really cute. The only cons are it took a little while to put together and there is a sort of indented ring around where the seat is and crumbs and dust get in there. It’s easy to clean out, but a pain. I still HIGHLY recommend this for the entertainment value! Also if your baby has a flat head, it’s a good way to keep them entertained and upright.

Socorro Ohlman, IL



Rhonda Jonben, WV