Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Carrier Toy Bar

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Carrier Toy Bar

Turn routine errands into undersea adventures for Baby with the Baby Einstein Neptune Carrier Toy Bar. The brightly colored toy bar attaches to most infant carriers so Baby can enjoy a water-filled wave tank with sea creatures and characters plus a bead chaser with beads and a bright movable fish and starfish. Parents can activate classical music so Baby can watch fish swim to melodies of Handel and Strauss. Made of durable plastic. Imported. 5Hx1-1/4Wx10-1/4L”.

Main features

  • Plays 2 soothing & classical melodies
  • Fun sliding beads for additional play
  • Easily attaches to most infant carriers
  • Birth & up

Verified reviews


got as gift & they love it

I got this as a gift from my sister-in-law and she loves it. She said her daughter plays with it all the time in the car

Corina Grambling, LA

I could have done without this one

It really doesn’t attach well to the car seat or stroller. I have a Graco Quattro Tour and the straps aren’t long enough for either. My daughter does like the music but it doesn’t play long enough and it is irritating to have to continue to activate (she isn’t able to). I still get some use out of it though. She likes to pick it up, shake it and then toss it on the floor.*Update*I had to update this posting because this toy has become a big hit in the last few months. Around my daughter’s first birthday she began to play with this. Now in the car she hits the button and plays the music over and over again. It is her favorite car toy. I’m actually glad I purchased it. Of course it still doesn’t attach well to the car seat, but boy does it keep my daugher occupie. My opinion on this toy has totally changed.

Helen Daingerfield, TX

So much fun!

My daughter first saw this a couple months ago at babies r us while we were shopping. She immediately fell in love with it! The music is not loud or obnoxious in any way. She loves to watch the turtle and dolphin bob inside the toy and play with the toys dangling at the bottom.I was hesitant to get this because I would soon be taking her out of the infant seat and she would be sitting upright. But now I just give it to her to play with on her lap while we are in the car and she still enjoys it.The only reason I didnt give this 5 stars is because I wish there were a better way to make this toy “grow” with my baby. But she still has a blast with it.A great toy for the price.

Carolyn Camby, IN

Cute but not as safe as I would like it to be…

This carrier toy bar is cute and my baby likes it a lot. She loves the colors and the music.I don’t care for the velcro straps you use to attach this thing to the car seat handle. I have a Graco Snugride II seat and it’s a stretch to position this toy where baby can see it and where the straps don’t have an unsafe amount of tension on them at the same time. If only the straps were snaps, buttons, or clasps, anything besides velcro which could pop open at any moment, I would be happier. I am using it as a crib toy instead. This thing is made of hard plastic and isn’t particularly light weight, so imagine if the stretchy velcro strap popped open and this toy was flung at your kid’s head…see where I am going with this?So my 3 stars are for entertainment value and the fact I managed to find some safer way to use this toy, but I take away two stars for the poor safety design on the straps. I don’t think I would necessarily recommend this toy for the safety issues alone…

Gilda Bell Ranch, NM

Great toy but could be improved.

This is a great toy. My son eventually learnedto push the button himself while traveling inthe car. He loved it. Other children were drawn to it as well.We only used it in his newborn carrier until hewas about 6 months old. The drawbacks I experienced with thisitem were that it was too close to baby’s head where it could be attached to carrier. It was difficultto remove or place baby in carrier for fear of hitting his head.I think it’s a great toy but could be better if theyfound a better way to attach to carrier.

Regina Deane, KY

Gets in the way

My mom bought this for my sons infant carrier. Thought it would keep him entertained. The good parts about the toy are the sounds and the floating fish. He did like that part. The bad part is that when it was on the carrier, you were not able to hook the carrier to your arm because the toy was in the way. YOu had to hold the carrier by the handle. For some people this is not a problem but when you have a big baby, it gets tiring. The velcro needs to be longer so the top connection will hang lower.

Sherri Spencerville, MD

My baby loves it…

My baby boy loves this toy bar and so I’m glad we have it. It’s been a lifesaver on vacations when he’s in his carseat a long time. He didn’t start actually playing with it until he was 4 months old but still liked looking at it earlier on. However, it’s a bit of a pain when you have to pull the shade over the carseat to have to remove first (although removing is easy). Also, you aren’t supposed to drive with the handle up (carseat guidelines/law) so this really isn’t a ‘good idea’ although we still do (bad parent!!).

Heidi Holdingford, MN


My son loved this toy on his carrier. But, one week after we attached it to the car seat, it started leaking! I was so disappointed because my son really like the music, and especially pushing the beads back and fourth, and making them rattle.I also found myself constantly attaching it and removing it to be able to get him in and out of the carrier. While it was at a fine height with the carrier handle raised, it hit him in the face when the handle was moved back so that he could be put in or taken out of the seat.A really disappointing product from Baby Einstein. We love and own many of their other items.

Corina Wewoka, OK

Attention Getter

Great item. Our baby (3 months) was pitching a fit in his car seat until I hit the music button and bingo! he was all ears and eyes on this toy. The music is tolerable for adults and soothing for our baby. Just wish the little cut-outs inside did something or that it was outfitted with a light to see them better. Otherwise, a good deal for what it does – keeps baby occupied.M…

Gay Yachats, OR


It didn’t fit well on my Graco snugride. My daughter loved it, but the song was so short. I couldn’t reach the button to restart the song from the driver’s seat. After I used it for about a month, my pediatrician told me not to drive with it attached anyway. That it is a safety hazard if I should get into an accident.

Doreen Detroit, OR

It is SO loud!

We loved this item when our daughter was in her infant carrier. She loves any Einstein and this item was no different. She would sit there and bat at the fish and watch Neptune bob around. She also loved the music. The only problem was that it was way too loud for an infant! My husband but 25 layers of masking tape across the speaker to get it to a level that wasn’t deafing. It also got a little annoying when it would play the some songs over and over. So it’s good item that just needs a bit of improving.

Marylou Towanda, KS