Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra Musical Toy

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra Musical Toy

The Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra from Baby Einstein introduces your little one to the beautiful world of classical music. Engaging and interactive, Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra allows your baby to explore how instrument sounds are combined to create classical masterpieces from M ounce art, Beethoven and Vivaldi each re orchestrated just for little ears. Colorful lights indicate active instrument and dance along to the music. Easy for your little one to activate and features 2 play stages that grow with your baby: Symphony mode for infants press buttons to hear 5 different instruments (piano, drum, cello, xylophone, and harp). Composer mode for older babies press buttons to add and subtract instruments; press top button for full symphony. Discover 8 classical melodies and together time fun.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Colorful dancing lights indicate the active instrument allowing baby to become familiar with that instrument’s sound
  • Buttons to hear 5 different instruments.
  • Discover 8 classical melodies and together time fun
  • Colorful dancing lights indicate the active instrument allowing baby to become familiar with that instrument’s sound
  • Easy for your little one to activate featuring 2 play stages that grow with your baby: Symphony mode for infants – press buttons to hear 5 different instruments (piano, drum, cello, xylophone, and harp). Composer mode for older babies – press buttons to add and subtract instruments; press top button for full symphony
  • Discover 8 classical melodies and together time fun

Verified reviews


tummy time life saver

My baby was fighting tummy time because she was getting bored. My mother in law bought this little wonder and now she loves tummy time. The colors and music keep her entertained. She even coos to the toy. The only downfall is the song play is not very long so you have to constantly push one of the buttons. On a seperate note keep this toy picked up dang it hurts when you stub your toe.This toy is sturdy.

Kirsten Luke Afb, AZ

Favorite toy

This turtle has been on my daughter’s top ten toy list since birth. When she was first born, she loved to look at the lights. Later, she began to appreciate the music. Now, at age 1, she likes to ‘compose,’ hitting the music tiles and making them light up and play. She also likes to multi-task with this toy – she makes it play a tune and then plays with some other toy. But the second the tune is over, she hits the tiles again to get her music playing.

Ebony Pascoag, RI

Like the music, maybe better for under 12mo.

I bought this for a friend’s daugther who turned 1yo. I really liked the music, so much that I bought the same for my 13mo daugther.My friend’s daugther loved it but mine does not have any interest in it. So I have mixed feelings. Got the impression I rather bought it for me because I like the music than for her because she does not play with it.Also, the ‘orchestre’ function is kind of odd as sometimes you add/remove instruments that I don’t think are supposed to play this song. But I guess they have to compromise to make it a toy!

Gracie Marysville, WA

Good Entertainment

My son enjoys the flashing lights and as he gets older I think he’ll enjoy the other sound mode where you can add in and remove certain instrument sections of the music. he has figured out at 14 weeks to push the buttons and start the music.

Maryanne Hiseville, KY

5 Month Old LOVES this!

My 5 month old loves this turtle! The lights and the music are exciting to her! The music is enjoyable and I love that you can just play different instruments!

Brianna Franklin Springs, NY

nice ! lights up very nicely !

I like this toy.. the music is fun and makes you want to keep playing with it.. the lights are awesome in different colors green, red, yellow etc.. I’m pleased with this purchase. The ONLY flaw I would say is that it is heavy.. like my 6mth old tries to put everything in his mouth and he can’t lift this up.. so I guess not really a flaw cause he is still young.

Juliette Creston, IL

Dancing Daughter

My 16 month old daughter loves to dance to this and has for months, the classical music isn’t annoying. Enough said.

Janna Davilla, TX

We like it. Baby loves it

Great song selection and not annoying if heard repeatedly. Love the feature of choosing separate instruments to play or not play. Bought it for a 6 month old who is enjoying it !

Tiffany Dove Creek, CO

Our daughter loves her turtle!

This is a great, engaging toy for a little one. Our daughter loves pressing the red button to make the songs play over and over and over again! As a previous reviewer said, she’ll press a button, run away, then come back and press it again as soon as a song ends. The melodies are upbeat and fun for a child. The bright flashing colors hold her attention. This is something we will use for a long time as it does allow for more complex play.

Vickie Hiram, OH

Great Toy!

My 5 month old twin boys went crazy for this toy! They were fighting over it. Buttons are easy for infants to push and the music isn’t that annoying.

Estela Fleming, CO

Great toy!!

Bought this toy for my 3 month old granddaughter. The lights and songs really get her excited. A lot of fun watching her. Great for learning to control her eyes and following the lights.

Annmarie Fredericksburg, VA

Cute and engaging.

The only negative I have was that this toy was shipped in the "on" position. I’m sure the UPS driver had fun listening to the toy go off every time he hit a bump in the road!I LOVE that this has a volume switch on the bottom, so many toys these days are too loud. It’s a nice quiet volume at the lower setting. My 6 month old loves this toy.

Ronda Philomont, VA

Makes her eyes light up

I bought this on a whim because I’m a musician and thought it looked neat. We pulled this out of the box for my 3 month old, pushed the button, and her eyes lit up like I’ve never seen. It’s one of our go to toys when we just need to give her a distraction. She can’t push the button on her own yet, of course, but this is one that will grow with her I think.

Alma Free Union, VA

9 Month Old Loves It

I don’t love plastic toys. I thought my 9 month old was on the same page with me about this for the first few days, but in the end, she has come to love this little turtle. Now, when she is playing with her toys, she stops periodically to press the buttons so she has music to accompany her hard work, and she dances along to it. Because this is one of the cutest things I have ever seen, I am willing to overlook the plastic. Oh, and I like the classical selections!

Lacey Hume, IL

Excellent toy!

I received this toy as a gift, and it’s fantastic! My daughter loves it. We have it since she was 4 months, and now she’s 14 months, she still plays with it on a daily basis. She loves the music and often dances to them. The songs are classic but the arrangement is engaging so you don’t get sick of them. I can see my daughter continues to play with it for a long time once she discovers the interactive nature of the buttons to add/subtract the instrument.

Claudette Jefferson, OH

Amazing vibrant lights and great music

I love this toy I just received it a few days ago and yesterday my son “played” with it for the first time hes only about four months so us playing with it meant me sitting him up in front of it and pushing the buttons for him.. But his eyes light up and watched all the lights going on around it. The buttons have musical instruments on them , you can press one or all and any combination of them. Each instrument will add onto the song with that specific instrument. So if you press the drums the song will be playing only with the drums and if you then press the piano the piano will add onto he song. So there are multiple combinations you can come up with to make a unique song. The volume is loud enough to be entertaining without overwhelming.He seemed to really like watching the colors and the lights.I am sure that he will soon love this toy. This is honestly a great buy and you will not be disappointed in this purchase!

Iris Glassport, PA

Keeps baby entertained

My daughter loves this toy! Now that she’s starting to sit it’s even more fun because she can me more interactive with it. The only thing I don’t understand is what’s on top of the turtle head. But we love this toy.

Hope Isanti, MN

We Like it, Baby Not so Much

My 1 year old is really into lights, music and buttons so I figured this toy would be right up his alley… but alas, there’s something about it and it does not keep his attention. He’ll look at it for a minute and then move on to other toys. My husband and I both think the music on it is great and not the least bit annoying but maybe that’s why our son isn’t into it. What a waste.

Eleanor South Hackensack, NJ

A must buy for any little kid

This is a great toy. It was given as a gift to a 1 year old who has a particular interest in music. She really loved this toy. Its larger than expected based on the photos and is really well made. The music is not too loud, which is always a concern for the parents that have to be around the toy. It has different modes that allow it to play full songs or give the child control over the instruments in the music. It’s a great buy for any little one!

Leann Green Valley Lake, CA

Wonderful (Non-Annoying) Musical Toy!

My son has loved this toy since he was about 4 months-old. Each of the buttons are large, brightly colored, light up, and, most importantly, are easy to press. Since my son doesn’t have to apply much force to activate the music, he enjoys it much more than the similarMunchkin Mozart Magic Cube. Personally, I think the music sounds a bit better (less tinny) on the Mozart Magic Cube, but the fact that he can more easily play with this one, and that it’s lighter (he can actually pick the turtle up), means I’d recommend this one more for a younger baby.

Clarissa Half Way, MO

very entertaining

My 4 month old loves whacking this turtle and watching the lights. It keeps her engaged and occupied. The classical music is great and the buttons give your baby an unlimited amount of song combinations!

Dona West Point, AR

Poor quality compared to Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

We got this toy for our 10 month old. She loves her Munchkin Mozart Magic cube and we were looking for something similar with different music. Unfortunately, this turtle is a poor imitation of the cube. The sound quality is mechanical, with little noticeable difference between the types of instruments and the lights are really bright. My child is actually scared of this toy! Too bad it was her Christmas present from her parents. Now we just leave it under the Christmas tree and she stays away from it.One additional comment – this product appears to be poorly made as well. It had a number of scratches/scuff marks on it. At first I thought it as due to shipping, but then I realized that the marks appeared where the manufacturer’s box should have protected it (and the Amazon box it came in was still in perfect shape). I can only assume that the product was damaged at the manufacturer.

Carolina Tontogany, OH

Cute musical toy

My 5 month old likes this toy. I put it on the floor by his feet when he is in his jumper and he steps on the buttons to make it play music, it’s cute.

Tamara Adams, WI


Baby loves this!! Lights up different colors and plays lovely classical melodies perfect toy for all babies… It also has 2 different choices for volume which is nice because some toys are so loud

Sophia Stewardson, IL

Bought 2

Bought one for my cousin and one for a friend for the little ones they are having. These play too much music for me to be very happy, but I love turtles 🙂

Gilda Sullivan, MO

Like it

This is a cute toy and the music is not annoying. Baby Einstein has the music part down! This toy is a bit cumbersome, however. And I thought the little part on the head was a mirror, which would be great since the child is looking down on it, but it is not. Still a great sound maker, however.

Norma Tazewell, VA