Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker, Ocean Explorer

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker, Ocean Explorer

The Baby Neptune Ocean Explorer Walker provides sturdy support for little ones “on the go.” As baby moves from crawling to taking first steps, the durable elliptical frame from Baby Einstein provides the sturdy platform baby needs. When ready to play, Baby Neptune lends a hand with plenty of fun activities in the toy station. With loops for baby’s favorite toys and a steering wheel that activates lights and ocean sounds, little ones are happily entertained. When the toy station is removed, the built in tray lets baby play with other toys or enjoy a quick snack. The high back seat provides extra support for baby and wipes clean to remain stain free. Walker adjusts in height as babies grow and explore the world around them.

Main features

  • Uniquely designed elliptical frame provides a sturdy platform for little ones learning to walk
  • Removable toy station allows for fun on-the-go
  • Steering wheel activates lights and fun ocean sounds2 link loops for adding baby’s favorite toys
  • Steering wheel activates lights and fun ocean sounds2 link loops for adding baby’s favorite toys; High back seat provides additional support for baby

Verified reviews


Love it

I bought this for my 9 month old granddaughter. I already had a traditional walker, but it was so bulky, she couldn’t get anywhere. I love this one because it is easy to assemble, and baby could use with ease.The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because there is not much to play with. I am happy with the product and would purchase again.

Peggy Lydia, LA

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker

UPDATE: We have all been misled into believing that baby walkers help a child learn to walk sooner, misled into believing that walkers are important to a baby’s leg muscle development.However, quite the opposite is true. Baby walkers can delay babies from learning to walk. The muscles used to move a walker are different than the muscles a child uses to walk on their own. Babies in walkers tend to walk on their tiptoes, which can tighten heel and leg muscles. Thus, the baby doesn’t strengthen the muscle groups they need for sitting, crawling and walking.The American Academy of Pediatrics says that walkers actually slow a baby’s development. Studies have shown that 6 to 15 month old children with walkers sat, crawled and walked later than babies without walkers, and they scored lower in mental and motor development.So there you have it. I didn’t know when I bought ours, but then I noticed my daughter standing on her toes while attempting to stand. The walker was the culprit. After taking away the walker and working with her, she now stands flat on her feet.______________________________________________This is a descent walker in many regards.Cons:My main gripe is it doesn’t have enough bells and whistles to keep my daughter interested. Only the horn button causes sounds. Turning the steering wheels is boring, and a great example of nothingness is the frog that slides about 1 inch on the arch above the steering wheel. Totally meaningless and most children would never realize that it is moveable (ever so slightly.The sounds actuated by the horn button are too few, and too similar.The only light is the horn button itself. There’s barely any interesting excitement for a child here.In summary of my dislikes, I would gladly have paid $20 to $30 more for more features.Pros:This walker has the smallest size packaging of any on the market, which allowed me to put the box inside a large suitcase with room to spare and conveniently take it overseas.It assembles AND disassembled easily. You simply push in on spring-loaded pins to disassemble. Couldn’t be easier.It’s compact size is also a plus if your house has limited travel space.The wheels, obviously an important component in a walker, are high quality. They spin freely and appear to be rubber coated.I also like how the frame (chassis) has an abundance of rubber bumper guards.Note: I really wanted to buy the Jeep Liberty Renegade walker, but apparently it’s no longer available (never fails). We borrowed one and our daughter loved it. It’s larger, but more interesting.

Madeline Strongs, MI

Good walker with annoying toy feature

This stroller is visually appealing and fits nicely through doors ways as long as the child is walking strait forward. I like that there are some rubber stops on the under side that impede movement on bumps or edges to keep the tike from tumbling down the abyss.The tiny little tray is annoying. Although the toy is removable, you have to flip the walker and use a screw driver or butter knife to pop the toy out. It’s not a click off and go situation like it’s implied.The construction is sturdy and the colors are tolerable. It promotes forward motion which is helpful because your kid doesn’t get the idea that they can walk like some side winding snake.

Josie Cooper Landing, AK

cute but flawed. not for chunky babies!

I purchased this walker bc we love our baby Einstein Jumper. This walker looks nice but it’s design is very flawed. Instead of changing the height of the walker on the plastic base, you change it with straps on the back of the mesh seat. So when your baby grows it has two snap settings that you can raise the height with. Here’s the problem with that. If you have a chunky baby or a baby with thick thighs, the higher u raise that seat, the less room is available for their legs. Whoever engineered this walker did not take into account that some babies are above average in weight. Who wants their babies circulation in their legs cut off?? My son is 7 months and is on the 2nd level for height and it’s a tight fit for his chunky legs already. Hopefully he will walk early and won’t have to go to that 3rd level bc I cant see it being enough room in there for his thunder thighs. All they had to do is make it like their bouncer and most other walkers and change the height on the base of the walker and it would have been great. So it gets 3 stars from me.

Suzanne Culbertson, NE

Love it!!

My 7 month old grandson loves this walker. He gets so excited each time he uses it. The seat isn’t a real seat…it is for those babies that can stand most of the time. The openings are small for sitting but just right for standing. A quick sit down will work but your child should be attempting to stand in order to get use out of this walker.

Harriet Branchville, SC

I think it’s great. Even if the back wheels don’t swivel

I’m the kind of person that doesn’t look at the instructions until AFTER I try to put something together. This walker was so simple I didn’t need the instructions. I think it’s great. Even if the back wheels don’t swivel, it’s all good because it gets the job done. The only part I don’t like is, I have to disassemble it to store it. But that’s not a big deal. My son will be in it so much, I won’t even bother.

Jasmine Twin Brooks, SD

need better wheels

It’s too hard to roll and turn. Plus, I’m not sure if they are swivel wheels or not. But I do like how it’s adjustable height (just the seat is not the entire walker), and how baby can stand behind and push it.

James Sugartown, LA