Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

Main features

  • Soft, flexible plastic make this ball easy for little fingers to bend and squeeze
  • Recognizable Baby Einstein caterpillar character on center band
  • Colorful rattle ball inside for additional sounds

Verified reviews


My four month old loves it!

A mom in my group had a similar one of these for her baby who just loved it. So when we were walking through the baby aisles at Target, we saw this one and just put it in the stroller with our baby to see if he would like it–and he played with it the entire time! So, of course, we bought it!He has many other rattle-type toys meant for grabbing, but this is the first one he has actually grabbed on to and played with. It is very sturdy and actually a little heavier than I anticipated by just looking at it–I was worried it might be too heavy for him to pick up (since we had never really seen him pick up anything before) but he manages with no problems!

Socorro Holden, MA

Good for grabbing

I like this toy because my almost 6-month old son can easily grab and hold on to it. However, he’s at the stage where he wants to put everything in his mouth, and he tends to get frustrated becaues this doesn’t really lend itself to being chewed on. I think he’ll like it more when he can play with it like a ball, rather than trying to use it as a teether.

Evelyn Oyster Bay, NY

Not the same toy now than what I bought in 2009

**Please see my update at the bottom of my old review.My twin 9-month olds, like all babies of that age, love to show when they’re displeased by throwing something. When they try that with the Bendy Ball, most of the time they forget why they got upset.This cute thing can be bent while holding and you can put your fingers inside it. Plus the ball inside that you can’t quite get out has a little ball inside it that sounds like a bell almost. If you want to throw it to show your displeasure at something, you’ll end up putting your fingers into it first. Those distractions are priceless.By the time baby finally rolls this ball, it is with a positive frame of mind, and she wants it back to try again.I can see that this durable little toy is going to be used in many ways and constantly. It’s a lot of fun to roll their way and see how they try to figure out what to do with it.Beyond that, the colors are great. The 5 outer caterpillar parts on diameter are cute. I think this is an educational toy that teaches about hand manipulation.**Update 11/23/2013:Wow, has this toy changed! One look at the photo and it’s obvious it changed. It now looks like a cheap hard plastic with a shiny surface and less intricate shape. What I got and my girls enjoyed back in 2009 was a denser non-reflective rubber-like toy that wouldn’t hurt if it were thrown by one toddler at another. My twins threw it at each other and nobody cried. I had this at 5-stars because it deserved it at that time.

Luella Lynchburg, VA

Unresponsive company

After receiving this as a gift, I contacted the company that produces this toy to ask whether the plastic contains any BPA, PVC, or phthalates. I received a form reply, indicating that their plastics comply with federal law for children’s products but failing to actually answer my question regarding the content of the plastic. I wrote back, asking for more detail and never received a reply.My child likes this toy very much but because everything goes in his mouth (whether it’s intended for that or not), I can’t let him play with it.

Olivia Two Rivers, WI

dog toy?

Looks like a dog toy. We thought it was much bigger than it actually is. The rubber is not the softest and the ratteler inside could get annoying. Not as bendy as we thought. For the price it was not worth it…but at least i can give it to the dog…cheaper than buying a dog toy.

Grace Gravel Switch, KY

I would not reccomend it

My son got this as a present when he was born.He’s never been very interested in it.I don’t reccomend this toy.

Pamala Flagler Beach, FL

so simple yet entrancing

It could be that my daughter has a thing for balls b/c she also likes the plastic Gymboree balls. I bought this around 4 months. It was easy for her to pick up and mouth. At 7 months she likes to throw it and shake it.I will say that it’s not very bendy. I’d describe it as “having some give.” My daughter can’t bend it herself, and it takes some effort on my part. It also don’t roll around like a ball, owing to the caterpillar running along the outside of the ball. I find this useful b/c it doesn’t roll out of my daughter’s reach, but don’t get it if you’re expecting to play ball with it.

Donna Pompton Lakes, NJ

My 3 month old can actually hold this!

We bought this toy for my three month old son because I figured it was something he could actually hold and enjoy. We have so many toys and it’s unfortunate because his tiny hands still have a hard time grasping onto many things. That’s not the case with this one. This toy is easy for him to grasp through the many holes and shake. The little ball inside that rattles is not obnoxious sounding either. As for the bendy feature, I think my son will have to get a bit older before he can actually bend the blue and red parts of the ball, as it is pretty stiff.Overall a perfect toy for a baby!

Selena Palo Verde, AZ

Is it safe for infant ?

Made in Ch…. It is not safe for kids as there are negative feedback from inspectors. Toys were made of material with lead. I rather spend more money for the one made in USA

Jackie Naches, WA

No interest what so ever.

I was very surprised when my son showed no interest in this ball what so ever.colorful? check.rolls? check.well made? check.when i recieved it i also see the holds are very well sized for a babys finger to grasp it easily. I dont have anything bad to say about the product other then it’s a bit of a gimmick & not much different then a regular ball. I just wanted to share my experience.

Francine Woodlawn, TX

Perfect infant toy

Perfect ball/rattle for an infant. They can easily get their fingers into the holes to allow them to hold onto it.

John Osakis, MN

Not interested

This just might have to become a cat toy, because the kid ain’t interested in playing with it. Not sure why I bought it.

Earlene Hopewell, PA


He’s bored after 5 minutes. He likes to bang it on things, even accidentally hits his own head sometimes doing so. He’s tuff, doesn’t bother him. 6 months.

Reva Kirksville, MO

Not “Bendy” at all

I bought it thinking: "oh well, it is Baby Einstein, it has to be good". Wrong.It is a very hard plastic to play with, specially the "worm" in the middle (my baby is 5 months old and smacks pretty much everything she has in hand).Babies won’t be able to put it in their mouth and if the "worm" hits their head, oh boy! Crying time!It might be good for an older baby (to push back and forth like a regular ball) but not for babies learning how to grasp.

Angie Malaga, NJ


We introduced this toy to our 5 month old and he really likes it. His little fingers can grab the ball easily, he shakes it and throws it to hear the rattle and it has nice bright colors. It doesn’t roll very far because of the little caterpillar along the outside and I’m not really sure how to feel about that! On one hand, I’m glad I’m not constantly chasing it down after he throws it but on the other, eventually he’ll want to roll a ball around smoothly. It’s cheap enough this isn’t much of a price issue rather than a longevity issue. This will probably go in the baby toys needing to be packed away instead of something timeless. The quality of the product is great; I’ve been smacked in the head with it and it doesn’t hurt as much as headbutts, flailing arms or other various things babies do to abuse their parents. I feel safe in letting our son play with this; no sharp edges or anything to choke on.

Brianna Newark, OH

Okay but Oball is better

Fortunately, we received this ball as a gift. Otherwise, I would regret having spent money on it. I gave this ball two stars because it does have the benefit of being graspable and somewhat bendy, but overall it’s sort of lame. It’s heavy and solid so baby can easily bonk himself in the face with it depending on how he’s playing with it and some parts of it are rigid plastic so it’s not all that bendy to begin with. Plus, there are little screws that could potentially fall out. They haven’t yet, but I don’t love that they are there at all.We received an Oball later as a hand-me-down and it is a far superior bendy rattle ball. It’s lightweight, very flexible, and noisy. Buy that. Don’t buy this.

Teri Glade Valley, NC

Small holes for small fingers to get stuck in

This is awful. The small holes around the caterpillar and plastic circle that goes around the ball makes the holes underneath very small. It was truly upsetting to have to jump out of the shower because my screaming 9 month old had her finger stuck in one of the holes. I threw it in the trash.

Velma Newcastle, TX

Great little ball

My baby really loves this little ball. He loves trying to get ahold of the little ball inside and also loves shaking it with his hands and hearing the rattle. Over alll, a good product

Tonia Parnell, MO

Great for babies even in the supported sitter stage.

I bought this toy unsure if it would roll well enough. It rolls just fine and the holes are a bonus making it extremely easy for baby to grab hold of it. All they have to do is reach a hand out and most likely they will knock it about or grab hold. The jingle ball inside of it is an added stimulation bonus. I definitely recommend this product.

Lilly Danville, ME

Great little toy

My 6 month old loves this ball. It’s not really bendy but it’s great cause she can actually hold onto it through the holes.

Corinne East Spencer, NC

kids love this

This toy has no age limit because it will remain relevant for it’s fun noises and bright colors that children love. My boys sometimes fight over this ball and I have to show them that there are other things to play with as well.

Keisha Whitewright, TX

Durable and cute but…

My baby finds this ball boring. I bought it for her when she was one month old and I’ve been waiting for her to start playing with it, but she’s not interested at all even though she is now TEN months old. However, the ball is durable, easy to clean, and cute, so I don’t think it deserves less than three stars. Maybe it’s just MY baby who doesn’t like it.

Frankie Henderson, MN

excellent ball

excellent ball.. love the colors and size. baby can throw it easily and it rolls nicely. big thing is the safety.. very smooth and no rough sharp edges on plastic.

Claudia Mainesburg, PA

Bendy Ball

I bought this thinking that this was going to be a really good ball for my daughter to goof around with. And while she does like to stick her fingers inside to hold onto this ball, she doesn’t really get any excitement from the rattle ball inside the bendy ball.The bendy part is a little harder than I would think it should be, especially for a baby toy, but my daughter doesn’t really care about that. She does overall like it.I have tried to roll this ball, and it doesn’t do well. Not really made to roll anyways, but I figured I’d put it out there. Overall, the price was good, it keeps my daughters attention for a little bit, she likes it.If I would have been able to touch and see this in hand prior to purchasing, I probably wouldn’t have.

Staci Orfordville, WI

Fun Rattling Ball

This toy is fun, cute, and rattles. It is easy to roll as well. Isn’t that all you can ask of a ball anyway? This is a great one.

Robyn Dixon, MT

Two grandbabies, two Bendy Balls

I originally ordered this for my 4-mo old grandson. When my 9-mo old granddaughter went to visit she was crazy for it. Of course grandma had to get her one of her own! It came today and is awesome! Colors are bright and the rattle inside has a pleasant sound.This is def going to be a “go to item” for any future baby showers or child gifts. Great product. Two thumbs up!

Angeline Hudsonville, MI

Much more fun than expected

It looks like a very simple and common toy. It’s one of our sons favorites. He always looks at the little ball inside trying to figure out if there is a way to take it out… Since his mission will never be accomplished, it keeps him going for much longer than his other toys. 🙂

Lizzie Cutler, OH

pretty awesome

our boy loved this ball, would buy for a friend or baby shower for sure… in the top 10 of his favorite toys

Antionette Decker, MT

Fun for little one

Although very basic my little one really likes this ball. Easy for him to hold, and he loves the noise it makes.

Esther Oxon Hill, MD

Perfect for Little Hands Learning to Grasp

This was the first toy my little girl could begin to play with as she was learning to grasp. She loves it. Well worth the money!

Melissa Thorndike, MA