Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym

Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym

Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Star shaped electronic toylights and 8 classic melodies are baby motion activated
  • Sewn in mat loops and 8 Baby Einsteing links to add more toys
  • Mat is machine washable
  • Star shaped electronic toy lights and 8 classic melodies are baby motion activated or play continuously for 20+ minutes
  • Sewn in mat loops and 8 Baby Einsteing links to add more toys
  • Mat is machine washable

Verified reviews


Very nice..

My baby play a lot in this gym, this item has a good size, I started to use whit my baby when he has 2 moths and was good because he looked the colors, don’t expended to much time playing.. But now he has 5 moths and he loved to play in this gym.. He touched all the toys and even is a good size for him and he is a big baby (25 1/2").. Is a good choice if you want stimulate your baby’s moving..

Nikki Morristown, OH

Attention Grabber

The blinking yellow/red sun light mesmerizes my baby. He likes the colorfulness and has improved his coordination trying to catch the toys. New links and toys can be added and moved. The fabric is slick to try to crawl on, but it is still great to have as a daily activity.

Lisa Orono, ME

No one liked it

We received this a gift for our 2 month old son. He is now almost 6 and still hates it.Why we hated it:- It was very difficult to hook clips onto loops. It would take us minutes just to get a single loop on a clip. The loop material was slippery and thin and the loops were very short.- Once clips are on the loops, they come off easily (thanks to older kids)- The mat doesn’t just pop open, you have to use two hands (and sometimes a foot) to lay it out and arrange the arches.- The toys were either low quality (key ring, mirror) or not engaging (bear, green teether which was too heavy to pick up).Why my son hated it:- Mat was too slippery for him to turn over and he just pushed himself off the mat.- The sun, with it’s crazy lights and loud music, made him cry.- Link/loop placement was awkward no matter now we arranged the toys.

Jeannie Coalfield, TN

Does the job

I love how colorful the mat is and the toys that come with. My daughter seems to enjoy the toys, especially the dog, mirror and star. I agree with other reviewers that the mat is way to slick for tummy time but that doesn’t bother me because we can easily do tummy time somewhere else. The star does blink VERY FAST and sometimes I am concerned if it overwhelms my baby but she is happy when she looks at it do that’s all that matters!

Britney Plover, WI


Bought it as a gift. They loved it. Since they already had the same one, it was returned. A hassle free return of course. Will consider for another gift again.

Sandy Galveston, IN

Baby loves it. Even after a year.

We got this to help with tummy time. All the colors kept her occupied. When she got older she loved the sun and hanging toys. Never used just the mat alone. By the time she was ready for that she was on the move and never stayed on it. But after a year she still uses all the toys that it came with. Her favorite is still the sun, frog and puppy.

Jill Ida, MI

Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym

My son is not quite old enough to get the full effect of this toy and leaning center but I expect once he grasps it he will have fun for months to come. It’s everything I expected it to be so I am very happy.

Susie Encino, CA

I love it, my baby, not so much

He never liked it. He hates tummy time. I love it, its cute. But he DOES however, LOVE the star. He’s afraid of the dark. so on car rides during night time, he FREAKS OUT and screams during the while trip as soon as the sun sets. So the "sun" stays lit and colors fasting keeping hiom occupied with it stapped to his car seat. I don’t leave home without it/. EVen during walks during the day.Sometimes It keeps him calm, sometimes it doesn’t. Its a hit/miss. Its soft and he likes to chew on it. He also likes the mirror.

Saundra Briggs, TX

What you would like and probably wouldn’t like

We like:- The movement-activated star that lights and sounds.- The variety of toys.- The print of the mat combining real images and illustrations.- You can attach toys to the mat, not just the arcs above the baby.We don’t like that much, but tolerate:- Polyester fabric is too… “slick” so baby can’t gain traction during tummy time in order to crawl.- Rings for hanging toys are not enough. Some of the toys would be too high so we got some extra rings and used then to also hang other soft toys we had. You could get theBright Starts Lots of Links.Hope my review helps you.

Lorna Laurel, MD

Little one can’t get enough of it!

My 3 month old love the activity gym! He can’t get enough of it… He plays by himself and laughs at the flashing star!!

Becky Grandfield, OK

Perfect toy to introduce to infants 🙂

It’s perfect for my 2 month old. He lays underneath it and waves his arms around. The toys hang down low enough for him to click and ring them around. He’s attention span isn’t very long right now but it’s a toy he can still grow into. I can picture him spending a lot of time with it once he starts to crawl.

Beatrice Leonard, MI

Fun play gym!

I have an almost 3 month old and she really loves to play under this gym. It is a bit slippery and she slides around, but I just put a blanket under her for now. The star can be taken off and put on a car seat or where ever.

Eva Maplewood, WI

Love the product!

I ordered this gym for my 6 week old grandson and he loves it! It is very simulating for him; from the baby mirror, all the different toys to the lite/musical star. He enjoys lying underneath all the toys making them rattle and move. He loves batting the dog house/mirror and the different shapes (circle/square/triangle) and looking at himself in the mirror. There are many tabs on the mat and on the bars in order to add more toys. The mat is so colorful and there are so many toys there really is no need to add more. He can’t see the colors yet but when he is able to he will be amazed how vibrant they are. I was debating on ordering the Fisher Price Rainforest mat and I am so glad I didn’t. Can’t say enough about this product. Love it! I forgot to mention; others thought the product was overpriced. I paid $44 which was a bargain and $44 well spent! Compare the price and amount of toys and stimulation of other gyms. There is no comparision. You can’t hardly purchase any gym for $50 let alone one of this status. Another person said the mat maybe hard for her little one to get up on during tummy time. I think the mat has enough padding and the material isn’t slick at all.I just wanted to add that my grandson is now 10 weeks old. He has no trouble with the mat being slick during tummy time. He scoots himself with his arms and chest off the mat very easily. I think he is going to crawl early! Still a wonderful product. A must have! I have bought two for baby showers I love it so much!

Laurie Fountain City, IN

Not as great as I would have thought, but good

The big STAR is the star piece of the ensemble, literally. The baby loves it…it’s just sad that we can only play it on the lower volume. On higher volume, it creates annoying vibrations in the case and alarms the baby. The rest of the gym is ok. The baby likes the frog rattle and the round rattle…the rest of the stuff she ignores.

Jami Chestnutridge, MO

Still making use of it…

Purchased this from Babies R Us after reading all the reviews on Amazon. Love all the colors and various toys for baby to play with. Safety for me is number one, and I appreciate that there are no tiny parts that come apart while playing. The blinky star face is cute, but FREAKED THE POOP outta my baby!!! Only at seven months was she able to appreciate its musical, blinky glory.I appreciate the versatility: Before she was able to flip over, she would lie under and whack at the toys. Once she started turning over, the toys were removed from the hanging slips so she could push them around. Her older friends that visit like to crawl under the double arch and use it like a tent. Another plus is how easy it travels. I enjoy throwing all her toys into it and carrying it like a tote.Sidenote: Read the directions carefully before setting up. In my excitement, I overlooked the caution about the tension bars. Almost whacked myself in the head!

Rose Blue Lake, CA

Very Happy Baby

2 month old loves it! The singing sun and it’s dancing lights is what he likes most about it. Machine washable and it holds up nicely even after putting in the dryer. Super fast shipping. Folds easily for travel.

Hannah Craigville, IN

Doesn’t hold my 5 month old Grandson’s Attention

My 5 month old grandson isn’t as attracted to this play mat as he is the other one at home. I had hoped it would keep his attention longer. The quality is great and there are a variety of toys dangling down for a child to grab for, chew on and kick. Maybe as he get older, he will use more and like it better.

Jillian Milton, WV

it serves it’s purpose

Very cute but the music and lights are too fast. epilepsy check? We like the images and bright colors. The toys are ok, but I had some higher quality toys so we use them as well to switch it up a little for her. Also glad that I had additional links on hand. Over all a good toy. I don’t see a point in spending a lot of money on something that won’t be used for very long. I am pleased that baby enjoys it. She is spending more and more time batting at and grabbing the toys. She does seem to like the spastic star on some days. Just wish the music wasn’t as rapid. Oh and the star doesn’t work on the motion setting unless it’s hit really hard from the top. It was sensitive enough for baby to set off for only the first day.

Janie Thackerville, OK

Good for my 7 week old baby!

I was worried about getting a play mat because I thought my baby might be too young to enjoy it. This play mat proved me wrong. Soon as I put her in it she responded right away to the musical sun and tried to hit the hanging toys. All the toys are located strategically to encourage play and the colors are just engaging. This was definitely a good choice.

Charity Narka, KS

Disappointed – Not Made in USA

Obviously, I’m not the first person with this problem, but I purchased this item specifically because I was trying to purchase an item made in the United States. If I had known it was made in China like everything else, I would have selected a different type of activity mat. My babies don’t even play with it anymore.

Maribel Nokomis, FL

colorful and fun

I like this product and my baby enjoys it. The reason it did not get a 5 is that I think the toys hang too low. They are right in her face. I wrap them around the bars or remove a ring to try to raise them up because she needs to reach for objects, not have them right in her face. Other than that, good product.

Charity Summerfield, TX