Baby Einstein Color Kaleidoscope

Baby Einstein Color Kaleidoscope

Brand new in factory sealed box

Main features

  • For 3-6 months can grasp handles to activate lights and melodies to develop eye tracking plus cause and effect learning
  • For 6-12 months can grasp a handle to see coordinating color light in the dome & hear the color in English, Spanish and French
  • 12 months+ can grasp two handles to hear the secondary color created when the two corresponding colors mix, plus see a light show with melodies
  • Music mode available for youngest babies
  • 3 months and above

Verified reviews


Great toy

for learning colors in 3 languages. Wish they had this when my oldest was a baby. But he is 4.5 and still loves this toy more than the little one. Easy for kids to grasp and use. We love it!

Patrica Boons Camp, KY

Just what I was looking for…

I purchased this for my 7 month old grand baby after purchasing a couple other items similar. My little guy loves the lights, and I was looking for something that would hold his attention. This is great, and it has the lights that I was hoping for on the top. It took him about 5 minutes to figure out how to make it sing to him, and I was trilled. It is easy for him to grip and handle, and I’m sure will be a favorite.

Francine Fredonia, WI

Dynamic Toy

This is a great toy and teaches names of colors in three languages as well as teaches how two colors combined make a single color (ie red and yellow make orange).

Maria Doe Run, MO

Not what I thought it was…

If you are looking for something for a young infant that is still exploring. I bought this for my ten month old and she likes the music but she is just too old for it. All it does it says the colors and lights up with different tunes. I thought it was a actual kaleidoscope but it wasn’t. I think I wasted my money on this product. Baby Einstein is over rated. If you want a good product buy Fisher Price…never unsatisfied.

Tabitha Graff, MO

Neat but not good quality

I really liked the concept of this toy so I bought it for my son for xmas last year, he was only 4 months at the time and has really only recently been playing with it now at 13 months old. Each handle says the colour and plays a light show with music and when you hold 2 handles it names the colour the 2 would make (ex. blue + red makes purple). Already the “purple” doesnt work, it doesnt say the colour, light up or sing.. nothing. I was not very happy about this since it was purchased less than a year ago. I am very disappointed with Baby Einstein toys!

Pearlie Champion, PA

Perfect hand-held car toy

My daughter loved this toy for car trips. It has a volume control option so it didn’t drive me crazy when she played with it and the light and music options kept her entertained for a decent amount of time.

Joni Warrenville, SC