Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano

Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano

The feature-packed Baby Einstein Count and Compose Piano combine auditory, visual, and language development all into one toy. Your baby will love their introduction to numbers, instruments, and melodies with this piano. The large screen has colored lights that dance in time to playful classical melodies and the roller drum with rattle balls promotes fine motor skill development. Multiple music modes and instruments are sure to provide your baby with hours of fun and discovery. Also it features three play modes; Instrument key mode-Slide left selector over keyboard image, then slide right selector over desired instrument image, where baby can then play the piano keys to hear the notes of the instrument selected while watching the dancing lights on the screen. Baby Composer mode -slide left selector over the Baby Bach image, where each time baby presses 1 of the 5 keys, a consecutive portion of the melody will play along with dancing lights until the melody is complete. Baby can compose 7 different melodies in this mode. Counting mode-slide the left selector over the numbers image, then slide the language selector button on the front for desired language, where your baby will get an introduction to numbers 1-5 in English, Spanish, and French as each numbered piano key is pressed.

Main features

  • Multiple music modes and instruments
  • Comes with three play modes; Instrument key mode, baby composer mode, counting mode
  • High quality speaker with volume control
  • Baby will get an introduction to numbers 1-5 in English, Spanish and French as each numbered piano key is pressed

Verified reviews


Baby Moron Toy

This toy appeals to parents because the music isn’t obnoxious, its marketing promises a brilliant (bilingual) baby, and it isn’t very expensive. The reality is there are so many switches, settings, and keys on this thing that it’s all but impossible for your child to learn cause and effect. My son seemed interested in the toy, but grew frustrated after a while because the effect of hitting the red key with the setting on Spanish with one knob turned to the picture of the metronome with the other knob turned to the picture of the violin was completely different from the day before when he hit the red key with the setting on French with one knob turned to the picture of the keyboard and the other knob set to the picture of the clarinet.My mother gave this toy to my son envisioning a valedictorian or the reincarnation of Beethoven. I ended up lying to her, telling her the toy was great, and sending it to the thrift store. If you want your toddler or baby to learn about music and cause and effect, simply put them in front of a keyboard or piano. Overall, we’ve found that while they have a great marketing campaign, Baby Einstein makes pretty poorly designed baby toys.

Estela Eastland, TX

Just ok.

My son (now 9 months old) likes this toy – somewhat. It can hold his attention for max 2-3 minutes. There are better and more interactive toys out there. I would recommend to keep looking. Also, the music is really low as the speaker is on the bottom and it gets muffled.

Dorothea Estillfork, AL

I don’t know how this gets such good reviews!

I purchased this with three different toys. When they arrived I was so excited that they were here that unwrapped everything and threw away the packaging before my daughter and I played with the toys. I wish I wouldn’t have done that because I would have without a doubt returned this item.It is made well, but the music and sounds are terrible! I don’t get what all the fuss is about?!? My niece has a piano of a similar style made by fisher price. I wish I would have purchased that piano instead, but I was swayed by the overwhelmingly positive reviews. Sadly, I am so UNDERwhemled by the sounds and interactive qualities of this piano. Ugh… Live and learn I suppose.

Effie Princeton, KS



Joanna White Owl, SD

kids favorite toy

This is one of my kid’s favorite toys. It never gets old and she still loves it after 8 months.

Bethany Woodstock, IL

A winner!

I bought this toy for my son at around age 7 months. At first, he showed little interest in it, but as he grew older, he started liking it more and more. I like that it is small and compact, plays a variety of tunes, isn’t too loud, lights up, and has the rolling rattle feature. Depending on his mood, he will bang a key, kick the piano off his lap, or just spin the roller endlessly. The toy has pleasant music that both my husband and I find ourselves humming throughout the day! At 11 months now, my son still enjoys this toy. It’s not his favorite, but as long as I cycle through his collection every few days, he continues to find it interesting again and again.

Teresa Gasburg, VA

Cute easy to use toy!

My son loved this toy! The sound is the right volume- not loud enough to annoy parents, but loud enough that it will keep the baby’s attention. It was a fun toy for my 6 month old, but he was done with it in a few months. I will be holding on to it for my future children.Great choice for a musical piano for babies that are just sitting up and crawling!

Jade Commack, NY

Great toy for babies

Oh how my son adores this piano. It has a permanent place on his high chair and captures his attention the moment we put him in it.When we first used this he was ~3-4 months and he would press on the keys a little. Now, at 6 1/2 months, he slams this thing around and we’ve never had any issues. He loves the spinning part on top with the little balls – he is simply fascinated by the way the balls spin around. He knows how to (accidentally) switch from piano mode to counting mode with the little lever too. When in piano mode (or just normal play mode, as you have the option or flute, piano or xylophone) he slams the keys down and thinks he’s really playing. It keeps him occupied for long periods of time which is great.We used ours for ~3 months before the batteries it came with (3 AA) died but we’ve stocked up on plenty of rechargeable batteries at this point.Overall, a great toy to keep your young baby occupied and stimulated.

Judy Warrior, AL

Fun and smart little piano.

I was amazed at how fast my little one took to this piano. He was able to flick switches and push keys by four months old. He loves to play with it, bat at it, and roll around with it. It really encourages tummy time. The three languages are great (especially the French for my French Canadian heritage) and I’m sure that with coaching from myself and his dad that the piano will help him learn colors and numbers. I do wish it had at least two more keys, so that it plays a full musical scale.

Serena Kirby, AR

My 5 month old loves this!

This was one of my first “big” toys I got for my daughter. she is 5 1/2 months old and needed something more substantial than a rattle or small toy to play with. She was immediately intriqued by this. She loves the fact she can bang on it and it lights up and plays music. She learned quickly how to make it work. She also loves trying to chew on the upper spinning rattle part which is hard to do but she always gravitates toward it. I can sit her in her bumbo and put this on her tray and it keeps her entertained for 20 minutes at a time which is saying a lot for a 5 month old. I would recommend this.

Selma Pineola, NC

Cute but needs some changes

This Baby Einstein gift was colorful and looking like it was going to be really fun however when turned on we could hardly hear the sound. Our 7 month old grandchild loved the colors and lights but grew bored (quicker than normal) when the sound was so low and with talking around him, he could not hear it. We looked for the speaker and it was on the bottom, so when sitting on the carpet or blanket the sound was so muffled that you could not hear it nor the words. I cannot believe a company would place that on the bottom. Unless you have hardwood floors or expect that the child will control it on the table so that the sound could be heard is not realistic for this age or normal carpeted homes. A real disappointment.

Aurora Barre, MA

Not the favorite, but still a fun toy

My 5.5 month old son is not fully entertained by this toy for long periods, but he does like the lights that come up on the screen. He does not use the roller part at the top for making noise. I’m hoping he starts to like playing with this more as he is more able to sit up on his own. It’s kind of difficult to play with this until they can sit up.

Luisa New Hope, VA

Nice item

Right now my daughter love the rattle part of it. She is only 6 months. I love how it has multi funtions (piano, flute, etc, french, english, spanish language, numbers, etc. Bought this from amazon warehouse and glad I did. not a problem with it.

Vicky Dairy, OR

my son loves it!

My son has been playing with this BI piano for the past 2 months and has really enjoyed it. He is now almost 5 months and still enjoys it and is more able to press the keys as he is getting older and stronger. My only complaint is that when in the # mode when you press a key it says the corresponding number, but the next key you press it plays music instead of saying the number. Not sure why they would have designed it this way because it makes it harder for kids to learn numbers with it. The speaker is on the bottom of the toy which is kind of odd. It makes it difficult to hear the sounds if on a soft/squishy surface but I prefer it to be a little on the quiet side as opposed to too loud and obnoxious. Great toy overall. Cute, colorful, nice size and good sound quality.

Tracie Youngsville, NY


I got this for my son when he was born (okay, too soon I know haha) He started playing with it when he was around 4months and starting at around 5 months he was consumed by this thing. He is 6 months now and we can’t even have it on his play mat with other toys cause he will just reach for this! The spinning thing on the back just keeps him so busy…plus smacking keys!You will be happy you got this small size toy…so much fun for babies!

Karin Fancher, NY


This works great for so many ages in the first year. Tummy time, sitting, crawling. We love this at our house. Easy for kids to use, great music and it lights up. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Althea Burley, WA

4 month old loves it

My baby loves to hit number 3 on this thing. The music doesn’t annoy me and she seems to like it as well. It has some of the same music as her Gymini and Fisher Price mobile so I find myself humming along and pressing the buttons to finish the tune 🙂 Very entertaining, I sit it in baby’s lap and she has fun for a long time.

Autumn Linn Grove, IA

Fun toy for baby

We bought this last year when our son was about 4-5 months old and he is now 14 months old and still likes to play with it. I would recommend this to others!

Sheree Bena, VA

Love the Spanish version!

Love this little piano! All toys are pianos these days, so it’s a bit of overkill, but I love that this is petite enough to sit in my little boy’s lap AND the raised numbers on the keys make it an interesting texture experience for him. We use the Spanish version for fun and the Einstein bright lights are great. Haven’t had any problems with the speaker being on the bottom of the toy.

Cornelia Goose Rock, KY

We love it

We got this piano used from a friend. It was used from 3 girls already and my 17 month old plays with it since she is around 9 month old. It got thrown around, had lots of accidents and it still looks great and plays music. We really love it and it’s a nice sound so it doesn’t drive you nuts like other sound toys.

Lucia Hurst, TX

Great for infants and toddlers

I bought this for an infant at the time he was three months…well a year later he is still playing with it and it is the first thing that he picks up and drops..yes it has been dropped over and over and it still plays. I now have a 18 month that I am caring for and she loves it too. They both dance, baby dance, it is so cute. They have their favorites songs and click their tongues to the tune. I just love watching them.

Deanna Wardsboro, VT

Cute piano ….keeps him entertained

This piano is very cute…with the English Spanish and French it is something he’ll use for a long time….the keys are easy to press and the different musical sounds are great….my son loves this even as he’s getting older he still plays with it!

Patty Downers Grove, IL

My daughter loves!!!

A very cute toy! I thought there was going to be a bit more to it, it is kind of simple, but she loves it! It is a quiet toy which is very nice! You kind of have to push a little hard on the buttons, but my 6 month does pretty well with it! It’s fun and you can mix it up some with the couple of different things to do. Worth the money!

Ina Templeton, CA

Great toy, keeps baby entertained and affordable.

Bought this for my 6 mth old baby .Pros1. affordable.. a baby toy for a price that does not burn a hole in your pocket.2. very entertaining for a 6 mth old. My baby will spend long time on this toy and not get bored easily.3. a form of entertainment:a. lights up whenever a key is pressed.b. keys are easy to press, for a baby.c. rattles keep my baby entertained.d. can choose if you want it to be a piano, flute or xylophone. also, there is option if you want the sound to come out as notes, music or numbers (it will say out the numbers in 3 different language, english, spanish and french.. you can choose which language you want.. AMAZING!)4. small and light5. no sharp corners or protruding parts that may hurt baby.Conscant think of any so far!!One reviewer mentioned that the speakers are under the toy so the sounds will be muffled. I have placed the toy on our bed and we have no problem hearing the music. so that is not a problem for me.If you have a 5 mth old baby and above and are out of ideas on how to entertain the little child, this will be your best bet.

Joann Umpqua, OR

Perfect for tummy time

My 5 month old loves this piano. It is perfect for tummy time. She loves the lights and the music and there are several different settings so it isn’t the same noise over and over again to drive mommy crazy. =)

Helena Black River Falls, WI

Pretty popular with my kid

My daughter has been using this since she was 4 months old. She’s now 9 months and is still playing with it. I don’t think it’s teaching her anything – but she seems to love to bang on it and roll the wheel at the top – and at the end of the day – isn’t that what we want from a toy ? Something our kids will actually play with 🙂

Billie Belews Creek, NC


To most babies love to make sounds, my grandson is no exception, is delighted with his piano. I recommend it for children between 1 and 3 years old.

Olivia Meredithville, VA

Age appropriate

This is a perfect toy for a baby who is just starting to be interested in pushing buttons and seeing results. Like most Baby Einstein toys who has beautiful music as well!

Judi Wadsworth, IL

Cool but not used that much

Its not the most used toy i have for my son but he likes it. I would say that this should go to a older child like 12 months or more.

Cathleen New Hampton, NY

Good toy…arrived In the on position so not sure ow long batteries will last!

My four month old loves this. Came in the box playing music cause the sound was switched on so wondering when I’ll have to replace batteries. The only negative is the speaker is on the bottom of the toy. So it’s muffled unless its sitting on their lap

Marcella Pinnacle, NC