Baby Einstein Discover and Play Activity Center

Baby Einstein Discover and Play Activity Center

It’s Baby’s job to play, and he’ll do plenty of that in this award-winning activity center. As he spins himself around in the 360-degree swivel seat, 9 interactive toys stimulate and entertain your baby while introducing him to color, shapes, texture, animals, nature, language and music. This unique, engaging collection of toys and real world imagery develops important sensory and motor skills, and even teaches bi-lingual language learning. With a gentle rocking motion, 3 height positions, a machine washable seat, and stationery “kick-stands” to limit mobility. There’s even a dragon hand puppet to let you get in on the fun too.

Main features

  • It has 9 interactive toys to help develop sensory and motor skills
  • Introduces bi-lingual language into child’s learning vocabulary in a fun and interactive way
  • Item has a gentle rocking motion with a 360 degree swivel seat
  • 3 position height adjustment
  • Stationary stands inhibit mobility for play and snacks

Verified reviews


Disappointed; Boring for active alert baby

I had high hopes for this activity center. I read the reviews and finally selected this one because it had geat reviews, the highest maximum length and my 4 month old is quite tall and I thoght she’d have longer to enjoy the toy. I also had high hopes for the bilingual nature and the stimulating toys.My dismay started with the instruction manual (which lacked words) and ended with the exceedingly dull “activities” and the few hard to understand sounds. Few toys make noise or move and our baby likes the best her toys that are stimulating on multiple levels. At best she would play with the wheel toy for 10 minutes, at worst she just sat in it and looked at me like “Why am I here?”. This toy was certainly not the stimulating and engaging activity center I had hoped for.I suggest this may work for a more sedentary or inactive baby but my very active girl likes to bounce and she kept trying to bounce in this and got nowhere. Nor was she able to move the seat in a circle. I also found the book pages hard to move. I doubt she would be able to do it. To their credit, the product is made well enough that I could not fully disassemble it because three toys were impossible to remove once they were locked in place.In the end I returned it and bought the Blue Sky JumperooFisher Price Precious Planet Blue Sky Jumperoo. She loves it!

Etta Klemme, IA


We love this. My friend had the red one (I hated the colors) so we thought we’d get this one. The toned down colors are very nice and fit in with our house much better. The reason for the 4 stars and the Arrrgh title is that the toys can come off easy (not a choking hazard) and it is EXTREMELY hard to get them back on, if at all. I am sure it is a problem with most exosaucers though.

Eula Slaterville Springs, NY

great exersaucer

we bought this when our son was 5months old. it has been such a life safer for me, it gives me time to do things, like eat and get ready for the day. my son also loves it. even now (10 months) he still uses and loves it daily. it’s super easy to clean. i just wipe it down with a Lysol wipe and it’s good as clean. he even plays with the boring toy (the soft stack of red, blue, and yellow). chews on the sun and starfish. laughs and giggles when i use the puppet, spins the music maker and bangs on the music pad until it plays music. he loves looking at himself in the tiny mirror and turning the pages and the caterpillar is always nice to spin and move around, the globe with balls inside doesn’t spin as easily but he enjoys it when mommy or daddy spin it. now that he crawls, he is always crawling into the bottom and hanging out. he also loves pulling himself up (it’s not very sturdy so it can tip) but he still likes to do it and play with all the toys outside the exersaucer. i also love that it has so many bright colorful colors. unlike the solid colors (pink or orange).

Loraine Wells, MI

Only one flaw I can think of

This is a great saucer and love everything about it! The only problem I have with it is with one of the toys on it. The “book” has 2 “pages” that you are supposed to be able to turn, but they are difficult to turn for babies. Also, my son is 6 months old and can’t touch the bottom, but he is a little small for his age so not everyone will have this problem, I just wish it had one more lower height setting. Otherwise, I love the toys, they are different and offer different textures and sounds.

Marva Geyserville, CA

Fabric toys not washable

My 7 month old loves this. The only problem is that it is not possible to wash the fabric toys. My baby chews and sucks on everything. I have washed the seat cover, but the hand puppet, sun, and triangle are not washable as far as I can tell. I did wash the sun with a towel and a bit of soapy water, and the red color stained the entire thing.This does keep my baby entertained longer than any of her other toys, and I know she is safe (contained) if I need to wash dishes or take a quick shower. I can move her to any room in the house and keep her occupied for a little while.

Araceli Rochester, VT

Our boy chose it.

When our boy was about four months old, we took him into Babies R Us to see what type of activity toys he might like. We looked at a variety of things that neither my wife, the boy or I had any particular interest in. Then, there on the floor was a demonstration model of the Baby Einstein Activity Center. We placed the little dear down into the seat and he immediately began pounding and pulling all the objects within range. He loved it! There was no question; we’d get the center for him.Well, he’s now 8-months old and he still loves it. He whirls the rollers, spins the globe and pounds the music knob. All other objects come in for a good number of twists, pulls and chews. We can plop him into the seat and his attention span is absorbed for up to a couple hours. He’s now getting big enough that he stands in it (at lowest setting) and whirls around from side to side. This is a great toy and has had more lasting usefulness than most of the other gadgets we’ve purchased. It seems to be sturdy and well built and we’ve had no trouble at all with it.Gary Peterson

Beverly Kirkland, WA

Wonderful toy!!!!!

I have owned this product for almost three years. My daughter used it until she was over a year old and now my five month old son uses it. It has stood the test of time very well with little wear and tear. I have had both of my children in other activity centers (at friends houses, daycare, etc.) and haven’t found one that I like more. The attachments stay on the tray even with the hardest of tugging by the little ones and there are so many fun attachments that they don’t get bored of it easily. The volume control on the noise maker attachment is great too. Sometimes the loud setting is a little TOO loud so it’s great to be able to turn it down. There are three height adjustments so it really grows with your child, which is nice. I would highly recommend this activity center!

Winifred Vale, OR

A staple in our home!

I bought this before my daughter was born and it sat in storage until she was 3 months. When she had “head control” I put her in it and padded her with blankets (because she was too short for her feet to touch the bottom and I padded her around her seat, too). She loved it the moment I put her in it…seriously a good product! She was able to see the world from a whole new perspective. She’s 4 months old now (no more padding) and it’s SOOOO fun to watch your baby learn how to interact with the toys on the saucer. Personally, I’m bored with them, but she’s in it every day and loves it everytime. I don’t know how Baby Einstein figured out exactly what babies enjoy playing with but she’s intrigued with every toy on the thing. It’s a nice way for Mommy to be able to put the baby down while cooking dinner or folding laundry to keep her entertained. Highly recommended from a skeptical Mommy.

Hester Portland, OH

So much fun

Can’t find any flaws yet. My son loves being able to jump and play. He’s almost 5 months and got this for Christmas. There are so many activities for him to choose from. The design seems sturdy and well put together. You can leave it “free form”, meaning it will tilt and rock as well when they jump or you can use the kickstands for stationary jumping. Love it!!!!

Elizabeth Seaford, DE

Baby’s favorite toy!

This is my daughters favorite toy hands down. Her favorite was the Sun face when shw was around 3 months, but as she has grown, she enjoys each of the toys, with the exception of the dragon puppet.It is heart warming watching her try each toy out and see her learning in front of my eyes. Now she has “mastered” the spinny noise maker ans does it now with full confidence.I highly recommend this excersaucer over any other!

Jamie Coarsegold, CA

Best exersaucer I’ve seen

My daughter loves this! We started using it around 4 months (when her back and neck got nice and strong) and now at six months she still loves it and uses it every day. She plays happily in it while I am getting ready in the morning and when I am working in the kitchen in the evening. It gives her the opportunity to be upright and see what’s going on, but have a good way to entertain herself as well. The older she gets the more she enjoys it because she can do more of the activities herself instead of needing me to show her how. I shopped around a lot and this is the best one I saw. Some of the activity centers really don’t have much on the tray for the kids to do, play with, or learn. This one is really great. Oh and for some reason my daughter loves the alligator puppet. She will sit and kiss and talk to it forever.

Lynn Coaling, AL

Reviews helped me purchase this item

This is my first review online ever and thought I should start. I have based all of my purchase decisions for my new baby boy on reviews and once again this “technique” has not failed on me. This activity center is GREAT. I was a little concerned my little one would be too small and not ready for this. However, since he can hold his head up, I thought I may give it a try. Well, we put him in last night (had to put some blankets around him due to his small size) and the sun caught his attention immediately. My husband then started flicking it and suddenly, my little one started laughing so hard. This is the first time he has actually laughed this hard. To make the long story short, my baby played in there for about an hour last evening and slept real good last night. I guess he had fun!

Elvia Terry, WV

Wonderful entertainment for baby and great help for grandma!

It’s a well-built, well-thought out toy. Baby loves each and every colorful “station” in the circle, he quickly learned to move from one to the other, and to use each one. He loves the freedom “standing up” gives him and the feeling of power and control he gets from being able to do something by himself. My grandson is only four months old and I am sure that I will get many more weeks or months of use and my grandson will continue to enjoy it and continue to enjoy playing, perfecting his movements, and learning. I also will have the pleasure of watching him enjoy his toy and smile happily at me when he feels he has done something wonderful. I wish I’d had it when my own children were babies, but it’s a joy to see my grandchild enjoy himself.

Rosalie Buchanan, NY

Baby’s Favorite Toy!!!

My baby is 11 months old and I would say out of all the toys & gadgets purchased for him, this was by far his most favorite & put to use.We received this as a gift when he was about 5 months old. He started using it shortly afterwards. It has helped him with coordination and muscle control. He started standing up better, and reaching more for the toys around him and was really fascinated by all the toys. He spent much time in this jumperoo. My son needed to be held a lot, and so this was our answer when we didn’t want him crying and needed to get things done around the house. It made me feel good to put him in it knowing he was learning, and happily playing. We actually still have it up in the living room even though he’s now standing and almost walking. He’ll still stand up next to it and play with the toys. It has been an obvious favorite. Have not found any other toy that captivates him as much. Your little one will love it!!!

Juana Mountainburg, AR