Baby Einstein Discover and Play Piano

Baby Einstein Discover and Play Piano

Introduce infants to music with the melodies, fun sounds, and dancing lights of this magical keyboard. With the discover and play piano, baby enjoys three modes of play and over 20 classical melodies. Soft, numbered piano keys allow little ones to hear the numbers one through five in three languages. When in instrument mode, baby can listen to the musical melodies made by a drum, violin, or horn. To delight baby with a quack, meow, or woof, select the animal discovery mode for more playtime fun. When melodies play, the instrument buttons flash to catch baby’s eye. The baby play piano includes speaker with volume control and 3 AA batteries.

Main features

  • Soft piano keys respond easily to baby’s touch
  • 3 play modes instruments, numbers and animal sounds
  • Features 20 plus classical melodies and fun sounds
  • Instrument buttons light and flash while melodies play

Verified reviews


Parent and Baby Approved!

My 6-month loved playing the piano on Daddy’s iPad but was getting too rough with it, so we needed an alternative. He already is in love with his Baby Einstein activity jumper and DVDs, so this was the obvious choice, and it was also the right choice; my son loves it and so do my husband and I! I like that its a toy that will grow with him and is educational. And most importantly, it met my "any toy with sound guidelines": the music is pleasant and not annoying, sound can be turned down and most importantly OFF! An added bonus, as other reviewers have mentioned, is that my husband and I catch ourselves playing with it, too 🙂 Bottom line, you just can’t seem to go wrong with Baby Einstein!

Lora Clinton, LA

Great toy!

My daughter loves this toy and it’s not super annoying to listen to as a parent. Giving 4 stars because the music is very electronic and a little bit short (I wish it played longer versions of the songs). I love the 3 language settings, as my daughter is being taught multiple languages. The keys are easy to hit for a 5-6 month old, and she enjoys playing with it. For a small toy, it does a lot (3 instruments, 3 animals, numbers, musical notes, and all of these in 3 languages).

Merle Maynard, MA

Sounded like a good idea

The buttons are far more interesting than the keys. My 7 month old grandson loves to hit the buttons but is not interested in the keys.

Jackie Waynoka, OK

5 keys only

From the picture you might assume the black keys are also functional, but they are not. The keys are a padded fabric over harder keys. It’s a cute toy, though the animal sounds can become very irritating very quickly when a little one is playing. As long as its on the piano part it’s fine though.

Colleen Columbus, GA

Highly recommend

Young children are delighted by anything that will provide music at the touch of a button. Age range 6-18 months .

Millicent Swaledale, IA

The buttons are more fun than the keys.

My 7 month old got this for Christmas; he enjoys the buttons very much because they light up and respond to his touch. The keys, not so much. The music is great (Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach) and not annoying. The voices speak the names of instruments, numbers, and animals in French, English, and Spanish. I can’t see this really being a language-learning toy, as it seems more fun to just bang on the buttons to see what they do. All in all, a good purchase.

Bethany Valentines, VA

Nice toy

My 7 month old loves this piano! The keys are soft which is something I didn’t realize until after I received it, but it’s very nice.

Summer Kent, IL

Just OK.

My son doesn’t really like this toy. It’s like he has to push too hard on the piano keys to make music. It’s a very cute toy, my little guy just didn’t care for it.

Tammie Porter Corners, NY

Good travel toy

I purchased this toy for our son to play with at Grandma’s house. My goal was to have a toy that was similar to the Baby Einstein Activity Table that was smaller. This is a smaller version, but keys are made out of cloth and do not light up (the instruments light up). The music is the same; 12 songs in total. It’s fine for travel, but my son prefers the activity table.

Tania Plainville, KS

Best toy

My husband and I bought this for our 3 month old son…he loves it! At this point we push the buttons and he likes the music and the lights. Especially effective to try and distract him during tummy time to increase the amount of time he’ll happily play on tummy.I love that this is a toy he can grow with and that plays beautiful classical music on piano, violin, and trumpet. It also features counting to 5 in English, Spanish and French. This toy does more than initially meets the eye.Oh- my husband and u have just as much fun playing the piano and making up songs for him. Fun for all of us. A MUST buy.

Jami Big Cove Tannery, PA

Lights and sound

Everything a child could want. It makes noise, it lights up. Those are pretty much the major things for our child. Additionally the keys are soft and my wife and I kind of like that.

Sue Edneyville, NC

Perfect for 6 month old

I purchased this for our 6 month old grandson. He likes the lights and sounds. It is made well and has held up to babies abuse. It is one of his favorite toys.

Isabel Bruce Crossing, MI

Great Music, fabric keys

This is a nice toy. Small enough for travel. It does have a great variety of music. It is not too electronic sounding and I don’t get bored listening to the same 5 songs like some other toys. One thing I didn’t realize when I bought it is that the keys are actually synthetic fabric. I thought they were plastic, which I could wipe clean. I bought it for my four-year-old with special needs. She drools all over it and it gets soaked, clammy, and stained. Yick! But it’s probably good for your average baby.

Kaye Scarborough, ME