Baby Einstein Discover & Play Color Block

Baby Einstein Discover & Play Color Block

Baby Einstein Discover and Play Color Blocks are soft, textured blocks that are perfectly sized for tiny hands to hold. Each block features a Baby Einstein character including the duck, frog, robin and octopus, real-life photography, objects from baby’s world and a stimulating, developmental feature. The developmental features include pulling frogs leg for vibration, baby-safe mirror, and jingle and rattle sounds.

Main features

  • Four soft plush color blocks in red, blue, green and yellow
  • Pull frog’s leg for vibration
  • It has a baby-safe mirror
  • Provides fun sounds
  • Multiple textures for tactile stimulation

Verified reviews



DO NOT BUY THESE BLOCKS! A warning was issued in 2007 due to high amounts of lead in the blue block. Supposedly, if you already owned the set you could send in your blue block for a replacement. Every state has different laws regarding safety warnings, and unfortunately in NY state the stores do not have to remove items like this from the shelf unless it is officially recalled. I still see them sold in older packaging at drugstores and at Target! How pathetic is that? Your child will most probably be putting these in their mouth!

Nell Kittrell, NC

Nice blocks

At first I thought these would be a dud, but as my son has gotten older, he has started enjoying them more. He is now 5 months and plays with them by kicking them and picking them up, holding and turning them. The large shape is, I think, helping him learn how to grasp better. He also likes the sounds they make and the different textures. They are very light, though, so it is easy for him to kick or knock them out of his reach (he is not to mobile yet).

Reyna Brooks, MN

Happy baby!

My daughter loves them! She is now almost 11 months and has played with them since she was born…and isn’t tired of them yet!

Lynnette Martell, NE

One of my baby’s favorite toys

My baby loves these and it was on of the first toys he was able to grip. He grabs the side of the cubes and shakes them.

Kara Okeechobee, FL


I bought these for my first child before she was born and have been playing with them almost every day – wonderful for exposure to colors, textures and sounds. Love them!

Willa Rainelle, WV

Wonderful Tactile/Visual Stimulation

My daughter is 6 mos old and is well-entertained by these blocks. They offer great stimulation, both tactile and visual. There are a variety of textures, sounds, pictures, and even the green block vibrates when the frog’s leg is pulled; also promotes stacking and sorting abilities. These soft blocks offer a variety of activity development as the baby grows and develops. A great toy for an even better price!

Leona Slaton, TX